Parents Fear of Children Being Traumatized

Illinois Public Media
(September 10, 2019)

A Champaign Illinois school district is allowing students to be excused from school to avoid experiencing “active shooter drills” held on school grounds.

“The Champaign Unit 4 Board of Education clarified how parents can opt their students out of active shooter drills” at a September 9 meeting, Illinois Public Media reports

A new state law requires students participate in at least one active shooter drill during the first 90 days of the school year. The law allows school staff to exempt certain students from the drill at their discretion. 

Unit 4 board members opted to take the advice of the district’s legal counsel, and allow parents to take their children out of school during the drills, exempt students who are already exempted from fire and tornado drills, and provide accommodations for students with individualized education plans.

Parents at the meeting expressed concerns that the drills could traumatize both students and staff. Dianne Gordon, a Unit 4 parent, told board members that her seven-year-old daughter was “hysterical” following a hard lockdown drill at her elementary school last year. 

Orlando Thomas, director of achievement and student services at Unit 4, explained that parents would be informed ahead of time when the drills would occur at each school building. 

“I think we’ve done a lot to try to help the adults ease their reservation about the training,” Thomas said.


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5 thought on “Illinois School District Allows Students to Opt Out of “Active Shooter Drills””
  1. This country is too pathetic for words. 40,000 people die in car crashes every year. No one thinks twice about getting in their car after each and every funeral. Depending on who you ask, 40,000 up to a quarter million die from medical errors. Yet very few would hesitate going to the hospital ER. The chances of dying in a school shooting are minuscule. But there’s a disproportionate response to the threat, even if you believe all school shootings are real and not staged. Something sinister has been done to our population. Seems like less than 1% of us doubt what the NEWS reports, even after they have proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy with the weapons of mass deception story. That whopper qualifies as a gargantuan lie of epic proportions. Nearly everyone knows it was a lie unlike the 911 fairy tale still embraced by most of the population. They know they were lied to – to legitimize the invasion and occupation of Iraq. But some how they still trust the NEWS on school shootings. I tried to point out the laughing witnesses to the Stem School shooting on how inappropriate that is. Immediately the gap in logic is spackled over. They can’t even consider the obvious… these people were no near the trauma and carnage and their testimony is simulated bystander testimony with all the validity the claim of 4 out of 5 doctors recommend Trident for their patients that chew gum.

  2. I’m a former high-school teacher, and can confirm that these sorts of “drills” do little more than frighten students. They don’t do a lot for the faculty, either! I always wondered if they might actually give potential troublemaker-students ideas…

  3. These are excellent and perceptive comments above especially by Dave Kraft. But let’s give credit where it is due: Professor James Tracy, Ph.D. approved the comments for publication didn’t he? If these same comments had been sent to the editors of the Sun Sentinel or Palm Beach Post above they would never have seen the light of day because they would have been censored from publication by the lying, cheating editors in secret. This
    open minded honest attitude by Professor Tracy is among the reasons why they hate him so. They can’t control him can they like they can control most of the other 1000 or so gutless cowards many with Ph.D. degrees on the faculty at FAU. If these faculty members were doing their jobs, they would stand behind Professor Tracy and go on a strike until their colleague is restored to his former position, promoted to full professor, and given a large monetary award of the order of say $10 million by the corrupt criminals running the cesspool FAU beginning with its worthless coward President Kelly. Anti Trust Laws don’t apply to news media do they? If they did these corrupt news organizations would be broken up and no longer controlled by the multi billionaires who can fire any lowly journalist on a whim if the owners do not like the way he or she parts their hair. This is the problem today. This is no longer journalism but lying, cheating propaganda. These scoundrels promote the Sandy Hook Lies because again who are the beneficiaries making so much good easy money from
    Go Fund Me? These lying scoundrels are protecting them while remaining silent about the Epstein scandal aren’t they? They fear all H will break loose if the truth about the Sandy Hook Con is revealed and we are getting closer to it now. This is what they fear the power of TRUTH! The media today are professional liars just like Nazi, Germany they learned how to lie from. They idolized Adolph Hitler and do today. Shame on these worthless gutless cowards who have gang raped the former profession of journalism which has now taken its place in the whore house formerly called Journalism. Shame on all involved. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

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