Involved in MLK Jr. Postmortem, OJ Simpson Defense

Associated Press

NEW YORK — He testified for O.J. Simpson’s defense, helped investigate the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., hosted an HBO show and brought his pathology expertise to bear on celebrity deaths and police killings.

Now Dr. Michael Baden is enmeshed in another high-stakes case, as the private pathologist who observed Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy on his lawyers’ behalf.

The death of the well-connected financier in a jail cell muddied a closely watched sex-trafficking conspiracy case and trained scrutiny on the federal prison system. Epstein’s accusers, the attorney general, politicians and others are demanding answers. But if Baden is stepping into a maelstrom, it’s a familiar spot for a scientist accustomed to the spotlight.

“Even when an autopsy is done, the speculation doesn’t stop” when the well-known die, Baden wrote in his 1990 book “Unnatural Death: Confessions of a Medical Examiner.” But an autopsy, he wrote, is “part of the process of finding the truth.”

Neither Baden nor the New York City medical examiner’s office has released any findings from Epstein’s autopsy, conducted Sunday. Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson, whose office Baden led decades ago, called it “routine practice” for private pathologists to be allowed to observe, if requested.


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3 thought on “Epstein Estate Taps Pathologist Michael Baden, Famed Defender of JFK ‘Lone Assassin’ Theory”
  1. Looks like one, sounds like one, acts like one… is one.

    “It seemed ironic that Lowell Levine and I, who were both Jewish, were going over to identify the remains of a man who was so anti-Semitic.”
    Michael Baden

  2. Science for sale. Look how effective that concept is for Big Pharma. It allowed for the creation of a $1,000 pill. Science for sale allows for the myth of Climate Change to be cemented in the minds of 99% of the population. They can never talk about climate jacking or weather warfare because that destroys the narrative of “we have to radically alter our lifestyles to save the planet”. No one seems too aware of weather warfare ramping up world wide or the 160 patents on weather modification. Replace modification with warfare and you get an idea of what’s going on. Floods of biblical lore devastating Earth simultaneously. Tornados in places that have never heard of them. Wildfires that skip the surrounding forest and burn structures to dust and melt cars no where near a ready flame source. Replace climate change with weather warfare. Why is it being done? To validate the radical plans of agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

    1. Good comments from Dave Kraft. I think the Baden involvement is just an extension of the massive ruse being played out by the [excerpted as potential ‘hate speech’ -ed.] in Israel on this massive scam. Even if they did an autopsy on a dead body, who was that body? This is a high stakes game. Epstein is no good to them dead. Alive he is almost priceless. These crooks waited patiently over ten years for this day. Now they have likely moved him out of Dodge where he can be used to extort some good millions or billions of dollars from rich elitists in the picture album of Epstein while at the same time using this weapon to make Trump do evil deeds for them that even he might not otherwise do. These are why the lying [excerpted as potential ‘hate speech’ -ed.] media is playing us for fools with all the confusing garbage they feed to us as they have a good laugh.

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