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Independent Media Solidarity presents the second preview of our new feature-length film, The Conspiracy Theorist: What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You. Nationally recognized school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig gives one of his best interviews for the project. This preview features great clips from that interview.

Tracy was a distinguished tenured faculty member in Florida Atlantic University’s School of Communications and Multimedia Studies, where he researched and taught courses in journalism history, communication theory, and the media’s coverage of conspiracy theories.

Tracy received awards for his work, regularly earned excellent reviews, and was a former president of the FAU faculty union.
Despite Tracy’s outstanding academic record, FAU fired Tracy in retaliation for controversial posts he made on his personal blog questioning the press coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

In January 2016, FAU terminated Tracy’s tenured professorship, falsely claiming he had been “insubordinate” for failing to disclose his blogging activity under its conflict of interest outside activity Policy.

There are exciting developments in this ongoing saga. In the continuing civil rights action James Tracy brought against FAU, Tracy has filed a reply brief in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. The brief is authored by attorneys at the nationally-recognized Carlton Fields law firm, who recognize the constitutional significance of the case as it relates to the First Amendment and pride themselves on being both lawyers and citizens. The reply stands out as sound and powerful in comparison to the backtracking and, frankly weak response brief filed by Appellee, Florida Atlantic University.

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