An unusual situation has developed over the past few days in Broward County that calls the ensuing “Florida recount” into further question. “Provisional Ballot Boxes” were found in the trunk of a rental car returned to the Fort Lauderdale Airport. The car was last driven by one of Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes’ employees, more of which below.

Shortly after an Avis employee tipped off independent journalist Laura Loomer, a bomb scare was apparently telephoned in to airport officials.

Tom Lifson at American Thinker reports:

More suspicious voting shenanigans from Broward County came to light last night. Independent journalist Laura Loomer, acting on a tip, learned that an employee of Avis Car Rentals at Fort Lauderdale Airport discovered two boxes apparently belonging to Benda Snipes’s office in the trunk of a rental car that had been returned Sunday night. The driver who returned the car works for Snipes’s organization.

Compounding the suspicious situation, shortly afterward, Fort Lauderdale Airport was closed down for a couple hours by Broward County Sheriff Steve Israel, after an alleged bomb threat was phoned in, preventing journalists and GOP representatives from access to the handling of the “votes.”

The best way to follow the situation is to read the many tweets Loomer posted to her Twitter account, here. Here’s her latest:

NBC News spoke to election officials, who asserted the ballot boxes were merely filled with office supplies.

Elections officials say boxes labeled with the words “provisional ballots” that have shown up around Broward County contain offices supplies used on Election Day and are not used to collect actual filled-out ballots.

Broward supervisor of elections attorney Eugene Pettis says the boxes contain office supplies and a red envelope for polling places to use for any provisional ballots. Provisional ballots are cast when someone votes without identification or their eligibility cannot immediately be verified by elections officials.

The Broward Supervisor of Elections office apparently couldn’t get its story straight because at the same time another spokesperson admitted  that the boxes did in fact contain blank ballots–ballots that if found could have been filled out and submitted by any random individual.

Loomer’s in-depth report reveals that the rental car where the ballots boxes were found was last driven by one Noah Holloman Jr., an Andrew Gillum supporter and Democratic activist whose relations have made financial contributions to Gillum’s campaign for Florida governor.

The above is but one of numerous examples illustrating the three-ring circus presided over by the Broward Supervisor of Elections, further suggesting how Snipes is incapable of overseeing such important processes. Yet since Broward County is one of the most corrupt areas in the nation it’s fitting she occupies the position she does.




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4 thought on “Ballot Boxes Marked ‘Provisional’ Discovered in Rental Car at Ft. Lauderdale Airport”
  1. No surprise here. The only way Democrats win elections is by lying, stealing, and cheating. I’m convinced that many of the party’s leaders are sociopathic personalities. Very brazen individuals who ignore the rule of law.

  2. Hey, no worries, in New Jersey, it is so corrupt that an admitted pedophile Senator Menendez who had to return money to his corrupt and convicted and jailed eye doctor donor GETS REELECTED.
    Even though Project Veritas got undercover bids showing how election “officials” tell undecided voters to vote for Menendez instead of GOP Buying or other choices…

    Top that one Florida!!!

  3. Thought this was a very well done ten-minute video giving an overview of the gross incompetency and corruption in Broward County, Florida, over the last several decades.

    History Of Corruption in Broward County and Election Fraud

    The Truth Factory
    Published on Nov 18, 2018

    Extensive source references given in description area under this YT video.
    This channel is also on BitChute.

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