Editor’s Note: South Florida-based independent researcher Tony Mead completed this research on the shadowy Nexus Services Inc. last spring, shortly after the entity came forward to provide legal representation to the brother of alleged Parkland shooting gunman Nikolas Cruz. 

This week Nexus Services was again in the news as the group sponsoring a lawsuit against the Trump administration filed by several non-US citizen members of the Central American “migrant caravan” making its way to the US southern border on cue with the 2018 midterm election season. 

While it has been difficult to ascertain exactly what parties are behind Nexus, at this point and especially after its action on behalf of the migrant caravan participants we believe that one can safely conclude it to be the usual far-left philanthropic suspects, including George Soros, who is now moving to openly finance the migrant caravan with cash subsidies.

By Tony Mead

One day after Nikolas Cruz allegedly opened fire on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland FL, his brother Zachary was taken into custody due to a report filed by Rocxanne DeChamps who had been charged with caring for Zachary after the death of his mother in November 2017. She reported that he was showing signs of depression and could be a danger to himself or others. The Baker Act of Florida allows for the detention of anyone who meets that criteria for a period of 72 hours where they can undergo a mental health evaluation before being released.

On that very same day, Rocxanne filed to re-open the estate of the late Roger Cruz, who had died in 2005, reportedly leaving a large inheritance. As the “caretaker” of the boys, she felt she was entitled to the money.

Several weeks after Zachary’s release he was arrested once again. This time for “skateboarding” on school property. Reportedly he decided to skateboard at the school so that he could kind of “Just wanted to take it all in”, despite being warned that he needed to stay away from the school.

Many people who had been following the case with a skeptical mind were aghast at this latest development. Surely this kid wouldn’t be so stupid as to put himself at risk. The school was guarded by police officers at every entrance and included a Broward Sheriff’s Office “crow’s nest” in the parking lot that could observe every activity for hundreds of yards! It would be difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE for this kid to be on school property!

In fact, this police dash cam video clearly shows that at the time of his arrest, he isn’t anywhere near school property. But this time Zachary was to be dealt with more harshly, with the Judge reportedly set his bond at $500,000. This made no sense to me and of course I investigated further.

It appears (according to the court documents) that Zachary was bonded out for $25.

So why were we told that he had a $500,000 bond? I mean, everyone knows that whether or not you’re the brother of a mass murderer or not, a $500,000 bond for trespassing is not only preposterous, but also in violation of one’s Civil Rights.

Then, on April 28, Zachary was arrested again for driving near a school without a license. So, not only did he commit a crime, but he had also violated his terms of probation by being near a school that he did not attend. Police had been tipped off about his actions once again by Rocxanne DeChamps. It still remains a mystery as to how she became the caretaker of the two boys.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, appears Nexus Services Inc., a company based out of Verona Virginia, that has stepped forward to advocate on behalf of Zachary Cruz, claiming that his Civil Rights have been violated by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and the entire Broward County Court System.


Nexus claimed that Zachary was mistreated while incarcerated by being forced to wear a restraint vest, and was subjected to sleep deprivation and ridicule. The group, which reportedly helps people that are “detained”, traveled from Virginia to file a lawsuit on behalf of Zachary due to these violations.

Many people were excited to hear of this news. But what was this “group” and how did they wind up getting involved with this case in Florida? After all, Zachary is an 18 year old boy likely incapable of understanding the intricacies of federal civil rights laws. And, even if he was aware, how would he be able to reach out to Nexus?

Perhaps Nexus had been watching this case closely and saw an opportunity to get involved. But, how would they know of the mistreatment encountered by Zachary? It certainly hadn’t been reported in the News.


As I watched the news conference held by this “Nexus Services Inc.” I began to wonder who were they ? And how were they funded? What is it that they really do? Do they just go around the country trying to find prisoners who have had their Civil Rights violated so that they can help out? They do it pro-bono, which means that somebody is funding them – but who?

Zachary Cruz (right) and a Nexus Service Inc. CEO Mike Donovan in May 2018. Image Credit: WPTV

As I researched Nexus more it became apparent that there are literally thousands of businesses going by“Nexus”.

The dictionary definition of Nexus is: “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.” I set about to uncover some of these connections.

Nexus Services Inc. is housed at 113 Mill Place Parkway in Verona, Virginia. There are 14 different businesses named Nexus with addresses at the same office park. Their various businesses are involved in legal aid, financing, real estate, advocating for illegal aliens, bailing out immigrants in detention, and basically fighting against the repeal of the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” which is the immigration policy instituted by Barack Obama to allow illegal immigrant children the right to stay in America. They will actually bond out illegals, arrange for their “house arrest monitoring” (ankle bracelets), and sponsor their housing and gradual dissemination into the population.

“Nexus Services, Inc. is a leading provider of immigrant bail securitization and electronic monitoring, in order to secure immigrant’s release from incarceration. The organization funds Nexus Caridades Attorneys, Inc. and Nexus Derechos Humanos Attorneys Inc. as part of its corporate giving and in an effort to increase access to justice for disadvantaged people across the United States.”

As noted, Bizapedia lists 14 Nexus businesses at 113 Mill Place Parkway and another 39 limited liability corporations that appear to be properties purchased by Nexus to house immigrants. There is surely a lot of funding involved as many of these services are provided free of charge.

Where does all the money come from?

Immediately following the Parkland School Shooting, political advocates were in place to further promote the gun control agenda. Millions of dollars were raised to promote the “March for Our Lives”, as many people questioned how so much money was raised so quickly and how permits were granted for an event that boasted participants numbering in the hundreds of thousands. This “grass roots”, student inspired movement sure had the look of a professionally planned event.

And rightfully so. Apparently, the explanation given for the exception to the permit process (it takes a minimum of 90 days to approve a permit for an event of such magnitude), was that a permit granted to the Women’s March on Washington had been re-appropriated to the #NeverAgain kids! In fact, Deena Katz, who had co-founded the Women’s March, was suddenly working hand in hand with David Hogg (the front man of the Parkland movement).

As I looked into the Women’s March, I was surprised to see that their goals were so closely aligned with that of the March for Our Lives!


Well then, no wonder Deena Katz was so excited to be involved with this anti-gun rally. It was right up her alley. But how does this relate to Nexus? Well, we can’t be sure, but apparently Nexus was out in full force to support the #NeverAgain movement.

What?! Do you mean to tell me that the very same Nexus that bonded out Zachary Cruz is also involved in protesting gun violence? Well, it certainly looks that way.

But Nexus isn’t just some small civil rights group advocating for the indigent masses. In fact, Nexus Global is comprised of some of the most highly-credentialed intellectuals in the world coupled with some of the wealthiest people to advocate political and social change.

Co-founder Rachel Gorrel, for example, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and was named “one of the most influential policy leaders” in the world.


Rachel Cohen Gerrol is Co-Founder & Curator of the Nexus Global Youth Summit on Innovative

Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, an international network of young influencers who collaborate on ways to advance the potential of next generation leadership across nations and sectors.

Summit delegates gather at the United Nations from more than 60 countries, representing families with a combined net worth of more than US $100 billion.

Nexus Global is all about uniting “next generation philanthropists with Social Entrepreneurs” which means getting the rich young kids connected to the right political objectives.

As I watched their introductory video, I couldn’t help thinking of how the empowerment of children over adults reflected the theme of David Hogg as he screamed that they were going to accomplish what his parents’ generation could not.

All this talk of “philanthropy” reminds me of one of Donald Trump’s biggest adversaries, Open Society Foundations creator George Soros. In fact, many of Open Society Foundations’ objectives parallel that of the aforementioned political movements and even Nexus itself.

According to the Open Society Foundations’ website, 1993–2014 expenditures included:

  • $2.9 billion to defend human rights, especially the rights of women; ethnic, racial, and religious minorities; drug users; sex workers; and LGBTQ communities;
  • $2.1 billion for education;
  • $1.6 billion on developing democracy in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union;
  • $1.5 billion in the United States to promote reform in criminal justice, drug policy, palliativecare, education, immigration, equal rights, and democratic governance;
  • $737 million for public health issues such as HIV and AIDS, TB, palliative care, harmreduction, and patients’ rights;
  • $214 million to advance the rights of Roma communities in Europe.

It should come as no surprise that George Soros reportedly funded the Women’s March of 2017 to the tune of $246,,000.

I never realized that George Soros was so ideologically opposed to Donald Trump. In fact, according to an analysis by Paul Ratner, they appear to be arch rivals

Soros has become the nexus of countless conservative conspiracy theories. He has been blamed for controlling voting machines the U.S., funding protests like the Women’s March, inciting the Ferguson riots, funding Black Lives Matter, meddling in the affairs of European countries, creating the refugee crisis, helping the Muslim takeover of the West and pretty much being both a world-dominating neo- Rothschild and a Nazi at the same time.

Interesting that Ratner refers to Soros as a “Nexus”. Is he really the thing that connects everything together? I guess when you have $25 billion and enough political influence to shape the world, you can become that much of a force as to impact global change. Is George Soros powerful enough to have executed the entire Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, from start to finish?

Marjory Stoneman Douglas’ claim to fame is that she was an environmentalist opposed to “draining the Everglades (swamp)”. It would only be fitting for a name long forgotten to be re-invigorated at a time when the cries of “Drain the Swamp” had been heard throughout the Trump campaign.

Apparently I’m not the only one who suspects George Soros and company of being involved!

Is it just wild speculation on my part to suggest that there is a partnership among the elite to rid us of the second amendment? Am I grasping at straws? Or is Nexus truly the tie that binds all of these things together?

I can’t be sure. I have reached out to Nexus Services Inc. to ask them two simple questions:

1)  Where does the money come from for their pro-bono legal work?

2)  Are they affiliated with Nexus Global?

I thought these were two very simple questions to answer, but instead I got referred to Nexus’ human resources department that refused to provide anything. They were more concerned with finding out who I was and what agency I worked for.

Next I was contacted by an Andre Johnson from the Public Relations department and, once again, he refused to answer my two simple questions. He insisted that I email him the questions with some background on myself, and so I did. I have yet to hear back from Johnson.

On May 4, 2018, Nexus somehow arranged for the removal of Zachary Cruz from Broward County. Only EIGHT DAYS after announcing their involvement, Zachary Cruz has been sentenced and released into their custody and taken back to Virginia, close to where Nexus is based.

They surely wield tremendous power and influence, because before they came along, it appeared as if the Broward County Court System had it in for Zachary. But now, all of a sudden, he has the potential to be an unsung hero as he has renounced any loyalty to his brother and is ready to be at the forefront of an anti-bullying campaign!

“Cruz will have a maintenance job, a free apartment for a year, and receive regular counseling services.” Pretty sweet deal for an 18 year old.


By this point it is characteristic that every family member associated with a “lone gunman” seems to get removed from the situation. Ryan Lanza was arrested on the same day as Adam Lanza and was never heard from again. The Tsarnev brothers’ entire family was immediately deported or ostracized. Just recently we saw Dylann Roof’s sister incarcerated. Perhaps this is just coincidence.

Whatever it is, it certainly gives me pause as I await the future developments in the murder trial of Zach’s brother Nikolas Cruz. Perhaps the ONLY person in the world who would advocate for his innocence has now been removed from the situation entirely. You surely won’t see Nik’s attorney Howard Finkelstein claiming his innocence as he has already repeatedly stated that they will immediately plead GUILTY for 34 consecutive life sentences without the chance of parole. This, despite the fact that there isn’t one single witness who can put Cruz on the scene with a gun, no video evidence, and dozens of kids who can testify that they saw “multiple shooters”!

What kind of a world do we live in when money can buy your innocence, but can also insure your guilt?

P.S. I encourage everyone reading this article to do your own research. I may have only scratched the surface. Indeed, it may take a much more thorough investigation to find the true “nexus” that binds all of this together, and we need as much independent research as possible to discover the truth. We can no longer depend on mainstream media to report anything other than what they have been told to report. We have lost them as an ally to exercise our First Amendment and it appears we are about to lose the Second Amendment as well!

Tony Mead is an independent research journalist and former administrator of the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, which was removed in April 2018. He has written several articles exposing fraud in the Sandy Hook school shooting story and in the Parkland school shooting event.

He has contributed three chapters to Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2nd ed., 2016)—“The Sandy Hook Psycho-Pharma Connection,” “Surprising Sandy Hook Connections to China & the NOW” and “Sandy Hook’s Disappearing Witnesses”; and another chapter, “Sandy Hook Litmus Test—Freedom of Speech versus Internet Censorship,” to Sandy Hook Truth (2018) edited by Robert David Steele, which can be downloaded for free at tinyurl.com/SH-POTUS. Tony also assisted in the production of the full-length documentary films, We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook and The Life of Adam with Peter Klein, which have been widely praised.

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23 thought on “In Search of NEXUS: The Organization Behind the Parkland Shooting’s Zachary Cruz & Migrant Caravan Lawsuit Against Trump”
  1. Here is the text of a radio political ad, now playing on WLW radio and WKRC radio, by Jim Condit Jr for congress,


    “Go to @RealDonaldTrump on Twitter to see the mind-blowing crowds. —– Meanwhile Democrats can’t fill the foyer to a Pizza Hut. ——- These massive Trump crowds are the real polls, not the fake lying polls put out by the Big TV networks, all controlled by Billionaire Communist Jews.

    “These same anti-American billionaire Communist Jews, like George Soros, also direct the three Computer Election Vendors which have connived their way into counting 95%+ of our votes on their secret computer programs – with no effective checks and balances.

    “Since they can’t confiscate our guns, they fix close elections if they think they can get away with it. If they DARE to publish computer results that pro-life Marsha Blackburn loses in Tennessee, or that Pelosi democrats win congress, ———– you will know it is blatant computer election fraud.

    “See you Sunday night at 10 PM on 55krc. JimForAmerica.com, paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress.”


  2. So I have this negative view of Soros as a sociopath, but can someone tell me what is wrong with the list of above contributions he has been making to good causes?

  3. Amazing article and great research once again, by Tony Mead. Organizations like Nexus are mind-boggling and scary to our society.

    At one time, for some reason I no longer remember, I had looked into Rachel Cohen Gerrol… I think it was mostly because she seemed to hold such powerful positions at such a young age and especially in Jewish organizations, since she is a product of a Jewish father described as ‘unconnected to the Jewish world’ and a Christian mother, according to this article… for whatever it’s worth: https://jewishlouisville.org/gerrols-excitement-about-being-jewish-captivates-crowd/

    If I remember, trying to research her was daunting since her connections just seemed to go on and on, and eventually I gave up. Now I don’t even remember why I was looking into her.

    One thing for sure, that I doubt any thinking person could argue with, is that many of these organizations and foundations, seem to be very adept at brainwashing the young people, all the while getting richer and richer with tax breaks and so-called charitable giving (which I affectionately refer to as selling favors, bribery, and/or extortion, but that’s just my own opinion).

    To my eye, many of these ‘groups’ just lobby for money from major corporations and our government, and then give the money back to other groups/foundations, supposedly for charitable reasons, but mostly the dollars just go around and around in a circle and the foundations and governing bodies, continue to prosper. With the billions of dollars these charitable foundations take in…. because there are a LOT of charitable foundations…. poverty in some areas should be nonexistent. But nothing ever seems to change for poor people; they stay poor and the foundations just grow larger and fatter and more powerful.

    But of course, there is always that other big reason… world domination by the so-called elite who wish to be all things to all people.

    By brainwashing the world’s youth that they must all embrace the same social values that they are taught, and by eliminating people’s ability to rationalize between good and bad, right and wrong for themselves, the elite is creating mindless little human robots who can never, will never question authority.

    Kids will grow up to believe that they are unique, just as long as they are like everyone else.

    1. Indeed Diane. “Charitable foundations” have been with us for quite some time, and yet they fly beyond the radar of many who profess to be concerned with analyzing power relations–those with in the academy and progressive-left especially. After all, who wants to bite the hand that feeds?

      Of course, this is because inevitably such foundations are hiding in plain site. Their “good work and intentions” are heard everyday on the way to work via NPR, then they can be applied to for grants, where they in important respects have veto power by deciding what objects of studies are addressed. It is doubtful, for example, that they would fund a study of a century of massive liberal foundation-funded intellectual activities on a nation. Yet in many ways we are living it.

      Of course, the precedent-setting exercise in philanthropic foundation-like endeavors was John D. Rockefeller’s establishment of the University of Chicago, which Rockefeller considered being a tremendous success and well worth every penny given its effectiveness in salvaging his public image. Shortly thereafter the foundations were not coincidentally provided for in the 1910s tax code.

      I am reminded of the interview with attorney & Reece Committee researcher Norman Dodd conducted almost 40 years ago by G. Edward Griffin (Reese discussion begins at about 14:00), especially his off-the-record discussion with the Ford Foundation’s H. Rowan Gaither.


      The Reece Committee’s investigation of foundations done by Congress in the 1950s not concerted enough to address the problem, and was mercilessly and unsurprisingly attacked by the media until it was disbanded, but its conclusions that foundations were fundamentally against the American Constitution and values.

      1. Excellent historical point. Anthony Sutton pointed this out in his book “How the Order Controls Education” that 90% of these foundations and think tanks was started by secret society boys with the end game of total control over individual freedoms.

  4. “can someone tell me what is wrong with the list of above contributions he has been making to good causes?”

    Cause today’s “good causes” put us on the path to a one world death and slavery system for all.

  5. I cry BS about the caravan story. Again. Look at the outfit patched together in the migrant footage. In the largest group they are posed – stopped still – on a bridge for a group portrait. There are not 500 people in any shot (which all could originate from anywhere at any time – I’ve produced video, I know what a hoodwink the editing process can be). These are mostly very robust to overweight people. Wearing flimsy urban shoes which would long since have worn to shreds in a long trek. Not to mention they would have lost some weight. Their clothes are clean. What, they all have a mobile laundry service? They wave at the camera on cue. Stop the video, look at most of the participants (a few lean dark-skinned sorts in cowboy or straw hats for accents) and tell me you can imagine any of them having walked even 20 miles. This is fakery.

    1. I challenge all readers: look at the people in this caravan video. America, go out and walk 20 miles in one day. See what it does for you, your metabolism, your attitude, and your cheap shoes. You won’t be stepping lively, smirking, bouncing energetically along like most of the people in these videos. Multiply that by “hundreds of miles” the media claim they have walked. Some of the participants in the video shots would have had cardiac arrest after two miles in the hot sun. Look at their foot gear. Sneakers with no socks? Walk several miles like that and watch the skin come off your feet. Or does anyone even walk anymore? This whole thing is utterly ridiculous And a hideous index of wickedness, that people even want to believe this is true and hate their neighbor Mexico without cause. Where after living many years, we can guarantee that neither the authorities nor the roads would ever give rise to this pantomime. A point I can’t prove here. But most of the individuals portrayed seem to have had a good night’s sleep, plenty to eat and little trouble with perspiration. Lots of men, mostly, and some with shirts draped over their heads to make themselves look “Moslem.” Or try carrying a child of walking age just one mile as so many do in this silly footage. Oh that this farce would be seen for what it is. There are so many things wrong with the footage – let alone the story – I could lampoon it for hours. All of this charade could be accomplished by busing in lots of people for a number of shots. Unfortunately the world is full of people low enough to do it for a handful of cash.

      1. Agreed Horsegirl !! As a old Marine Corp Doc, (FMF/MARSOC) I’ve marched and hiked many miles and even did the JFK 50. I’ve seen many of extremely fit jarhead pass it after 4 Miles of walking in full battle gear and periodically hydrating. I call pigsh#t ,cause you can grow stuff with horse manure. (Sailor humor here). Even my central American marines brothers are entertained.

  6. I believe that the constant attacks on Donald Trump are not real, that they exist only to distract us from the furtherance of global governance. For example, Agenda 21.
    Donald Trump had to be part of the establishment; it’s quite impossible that he could have gotten those immense real estate loans without being part of the establishment.
    It is heartening that the only way they could get him elected was to paint him as an “outsider”. He’s a fraud:
    Eg., if he were against the global warming fraud, he would say publicly that he is against the local enforcement of the UN’s Agenda 21, which is the local enactment of zoning laws to deny people the right to live in certain areas– and eventually, to deny private houses.
    Please see this video https://www.corbettreport.com/un-agenda-21-exposed-with-rosa-koire-video/

  7. It is helpful to give interesting and objective appearing data that shows that the official story of “the caravan” is something we should not take at face value.

    However, it is another thing to state the following…

    “And a hideous index of wickedness, that people even want to believe this is true and hate their neighbor Mexico without cause.”

    Objectively sharing one’s personal observations and opinions in a free and open discussion has nothing to do with “hate” and certainly not “hate speech.”

  8. DachsieLady
    November 4, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    “can someone tell me what is wrong with the list of above contributions he has been making to good causes?”

    Cause today’s “good causes” put us on the path to a one world death and slavery system for all.

    November 4, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    perhaps you could elaborate on that?
    It is my Catholic Christian duty and privilege to give and help using whatever gifts, assets, God has given me to steward, given me to pass on, not to hoard and use to manipulate people for anti-Christ goals.
    One cannot really give and help where needed effectively unless one has self-discipline. Discipline is the price of freedom. But discipline is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. To me, the New Testament and sacred tradition give us crucial important teaching about matters of helping and giving for “good causes.”

    Over the past several decades giving to good causes in the USA has become big business. It has become ruined and mixed with wrong manipulative mortally sinful actions. “Religion” and “church” has also become big business. That is not how Christ’s church in this world is supposed to work.

    God’s economy is NOT this world’s economy.

    It is about

    I have worked as a social worker for a government agency. It does not work.

    I am not sure the helping professions can work these days, whether in private or government settings. This world’s false values and principles have taken over our culture and our world.

    We have to search for facts and truth in every aspect of life. It takes a very strong Christian to manage personal wealth in a Christ honoring way.

    There is an organization called Catholic Charities. Almost a century ago it operated very admirably and honorably in giving to good causes, no matter what creed or race or ethnicity the worthy recipients were. Now the recipients are angry rebellious demanding militants and the administration of that private corporate charitable organization is just as crooked as George Soros’ Open Borders Foundation, uh er, I mean George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Today, good Christian helping efforts fail to truly give and help because our people have become controlled degenerates because of our corrupt benefactors to “good causes.”

    I could supply video link, from mainstream media news, showing Mexico federal police helping “the caravan people” on to trucks to facilitate their journey to the USA border. That is a wrong action and, in a sense, an act of war against the USA, regardless of any and all descriptions of “the caravan”, unless of course, that video and link are also part of the scripted theatrical play that is “the caravan.”

    I believe in just war concept.
    Today, they say there is no such thing.
    Today, we have
    ordo ab chao

    and the chao is created and used through tools such as “the caravan” and other false events.

    1. Hi,

      By the hateful attitude towards Mexico I don’t mean people on this forum. But I’ve lost three friends in the past year and a half who basically insulted the daylights out of us for living in Mexico. They all three expressed hatred for Mexico – a country none had visited. Then you have the spooks in high executive places lobbing insults at this utterly gracious people south of the border. We lived in southern AZ for four lousy years and you wouldn’t believe the antipathy towards Mexico. It just blows my mind how diametrically opposite from truth the public opinion runs these days.

      I must have left something unclear in my previous comments because I have no problem thus far with commenters on this wonderful forum.

      As for federales helping alleged members of the caravan, don’t forget Hollywood (which has gone global and live time) can come up with uniforms.

      We had to travel and had a surfeit of time during which to marvel at the caravan hoax. There wasn’t one individual featured in the video link who I can believe just walked hundreds of miles. Or even fifty. Walking hundreds of miles has a very humbling effect. But we’re sure that they are going to confect some kind of “invasion.” Probably bringing all kinds of “actors” in by trucks etc.

  9. I wonder if Deena Katz has any connection to Rita Katz the Israeli mouthpiece who, somehow (wink, wink), kept producing those fake ISIS beheading videos.

  10. Tony, having worked there, I can assure you that Nexus Services stops at the end of the Verona, Virginia campus….the two owners are simply two convicted felons who simply found a niche in the immigration system and conned several insurance companies into writing bonds for them. They’re likely not getting money from George Soros, they largely defraud their illegal alien clients and stole from their employee’s retirement and healthcare plans to get much of their money. They’re not related to Nexus Global or any other Nexus except the entities you’ve found in Verona.

    Email me for more information, if you’d like…largely a substantive article.

  11. Terrific depthy article. Great follow up comments. It gives great hope that people are willing to give of themselves the time and effort it takes to expose these foriegn agents and their agendas.
    Keep on shining your lights, Patriots!

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