Florida Atlantic University Fired James Tracy After Contact With Connecticut Police Agent

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Claimed to Work With “Sandy Hook Families”

Updated 11/14/18

Documents obtained by James Tracy’s attorneys in the discovery process of his federal civil rights lawsuit against Florida Atlantic University (FAU) now on appeal reveal that FAU administrators moved to terminate the tenured professor’s employment in December 2015 following direct communication with an agent from the criminal intelligence unit of the New Haven Police Department.

Misty Fitch, presently a Criminal Intelligence Analyst at the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), was employed as a crime analyst at the New Haven and Waterbury Connecticut Police Departments between 2006 and 2016.

Fitch contacted Tracy’s supervisor, FAU College of Arts and Letters Dean Heather Coltman, and pleaded with the university administrator to fire Tracy because of his alleged harassment of the Soto and Pozner families.

“I am writing to let you know that I am appalled that your university continues to employ James Tracy,” Fitch wrote in an email dated December 11, 2015, the day following the Hartford Courant and South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s joint publication of an opinion piece “targeting” James Tracy.

As a resident of Connecticut who was directly affected by the Sandy Hook School shooting I find it hard to believe that anyone would deny this horrible event happened. To allow a professor, who represents your university, to continually harass family members who lost loved ones that day is not only an embarrassment to your school but bordering on criminal behavior.

While I support free speech, his consistent contact with both the Pozner family and Soto family is disturbing and by any legal definition would be called stalking. Is this really how you want the outside world to view members of your university staff?

Fitch includes a link to the defamatory opinion piece attributed to “the parents of Noah Pozner” that left FAU administrators scrambling in search of a pretext to get rid of Tracy.

[Click to enlarge]

The police intelligence agent then offers to put Coltman “directly in touch with the Soto family or any other Newtown family that may help enlighten you about Mr. Tracy’s intrusion into their personal grief.”

In the above email communication with Coltman, Fitch makes no mention of the fact that she is employed by a law enforcement agency. Rather, with no evidence, she seeks to reinforce the false and defamatory op-ed by convincing the FAU Dean that Tracy was likely guilty of criminal stalking, harassment, and overall extracurricular misconduct that warranted his firing.[1]

Instead of contacting Tracy to request an explanation of the allegations Coltman was evidently so persuaded by the whole affair, including Fitch’s email, that she instead reached out to Fitch for additional information. Coltman testified in May 2017 that she in fact spoke to Fitch via telephone “sometime in December 2015.”

In speaking to an unconfirmed party concerning Tracy’s pending termination and alleged extramural actions Coltman admittedly violated a 2013 administrative directive of previous FAU President Mary Jane Saunders on outside communication concerning James Tracy’s constitutionally-protected speech.

Email documents released during discovery in the TracyvFAU case also reveal that even the chairman of Florida Atlantic University’s Board of Trustees, real estate magnate Anthony K. G. Barbar, encouraged the university’s president John Kelly to “personally” reach out to other “parents” of a Sandy Hook “child” whose representatives contacted the administration on the same date, December 11.

Exhibit AQ

While there is more than one “Misty Fitch” in the US, this party’s email identification, “wpdanalyst,” confirms that she was employed by and working for Connecticut police intelligence while reaching out to Coltman. Fitch’s LinkedIn profile shows her employment “Crime Analyst” in the Waterbury Connecticut Police Department (“WPD”) between March 2006 and June 2012, at which time she joined the New Haven Police Criminal Intelligence Unit. Fitch joined the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in 2016.

According to her LinkedIn profile and a press release from the US Attorney’s Office in Connecticut Fitch appears to work for the ATF out of the New Haven Police Department. It is not clear how long she has been affiliated with the ATF.

Fitch’s LinkedIn profile also indicates that she is employed by Post University, a for-profit online institution, as an “Associate Professor,” with a “demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry,” Given this background she may have been tasked by her superiors to reach out to FAU.

Further, given Fitch’s federal ties and intelligence background it is not unreasonable to suggest that she may have been aware of Tracy’s 2015 dispute with FAU’s unconstitutional “Outside Activities Policy.” FAU administrators employed the policy as a pretext to fire Tracy.

A dormant Twitter account of Fitch’s was set up shortly after the Sandy Hook massacre with the handle, “NHPDanalyst,” referencing to her employment with the New Haven Police Department.

The few Tweets suggest that Fitch was involved in “26 Acts of Kindness,” a public relations exercise headed up by broadcast journalist Ann Curry in the wake of the December 14 incident.

A Connecticut-based law enforcement agent, Fitch appears to have misrepresented herself as a lay member of the public in an effort to hasten FAU’s termination of Tracy’s employment. In light of her law and criminal intelligence expertise (and self-avowed knowledge of the Sandy Hook event) it further looks as if Fitch knowingly lied to Coltman by attempting to convince her that Tracy was guilty of criminal harassment, when the facts clearly dictated otherwise.

Fitch also concludes her email to Coltman with “Danbury CT,” a community in relatively close proximity to Newtown, giving the impression of colloquialness and in contrast to her real-life credentials.

Fitch promises that she can put Coltman in direct communication with “the Soto family or any other Newtown family” presumably involved in Sandy Hook, thus revealing an ongoing relationship with the individuals that collectively generated tens of millions and built careers in the non-profit sector as a result of the event.

The above clearly suggests that Fitch was intentionally seeking to give the false impression that she is merely a Connecticut resident rather than a police intelligence officer. She is doing this while declaring a close association with and effectively acting as the Sandy Hook families’ liaison.

Fitch now fittingly works in the ATF’s “Gun Intelligence Centers.” In November 2012 U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy announced Project Longevity, at a press conference in New Haven Connecticut. The operation was carried out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ATF, and described by one law enforcement official as “a statewide approach that targets repeat criminals, creates alternatives for potential gang members and rallies neighborhoods against violence.”

The ATF stood to gain the most from the  Sandy Hook massacre via an infusion of resources to oversee the creation and enforcement of a national gun registry. “Advocates for increased gun regulation,” the New York Times noted just days after the December 14, 2012 shooting,

contend that in a country plagued by gun violence, a central registry could help keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and allow law enforcement officials to act more effectively to prevent gun crime.

Fitch’s email was but one in a flurry of communications directed to FAU in December 2015 in the wake of the Pozner’s false claims. In light of the above one is left to ponder how many of those communications were genuine and how many were scripted and feigned outrage to fulfill professional assignments.

Further, since Fitch expressed her close relationship with the Pozner and Soto families, are those families (or individuals claiming to comprise them) working with state and/or federal law enforcement?

What seems clear at this point is that Fitch’s law enforcement background combined with her misleading non-disclosure tactics and manipulation of FAU administrators’ emotions contributed to the overwhelming success of what might be termed “Operation Terminate Tracy”–an exercise that endures three years later with the aid of FAU and the State of Florida.


[1] As we have repeatedly declared, Tracy never stalked or harassed any Sandy Hook residents. Rather, he sent Pozner’s “HONR Network” organization a certified letter requesting evidence to substantiate a copyright infringement claim that Pozner had erroneously filed against MemoryHoleBlog. There was no contact with the “Pozner family,” much less the family of “Victoria Soto.” These are libelous and wholly  unfounded allegations.

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12 thoughts on “Florida Atlantic University Fired James Tracy After Contact With Connecticut Police Agent”

  1. https://jennifermarohasy.com/2018/05/university-professor-sacked-telling-truth/
    Australian professor Peter Ridd sacked because he dared critisise misleading info about the coral reefs

    “..Imaginatively, this shift from ‘increasing’ to ‘decreasing’ seems to be based on an insignificant fall in the calcification rate in some of the mid-shelf reefs in the last two years of the 65-year dataset.

    Why did the authors concentrate on this when their data shows that the reef is growing about 10% faster than it did in the 1940s?”

    James Cook university could have used the chapter as an opportunity to start a much-needed discussion about policy, funding and the critical importance of the scientific method. Instead, Peter was first censored by the University – and now he has been fired.

    Jennifer Marohasy is working on rainforecasting using artificial intel algorithms where reliable statistics are important.
    The following document overviews the edits and deletions in official data used to exaggerate temperature changes over a century in Australia ten times.


    Video lecture by Dr Jennifer Maharosy “Climate tricks continue”

  2. I just want to point out that I tried to post info about another academic who was fired after speaking the truth about scientific matters. It concerned the coral reefs. And he pointed out that the overall picture was that they grew and that the official narrative singled out those parts which were receeding. Maybe the comment was removed by the spamfilter?

  3. Thank you, Peter Grafström, for your relevant and helpful postings. I have been reading newspaper and journal articles and listening to online interviews of brave and courageous professionals in every discipline for over twenty years who have experienced like outcomes for their careers.

    Here is the crucial issue…
    “James Cook university could have used the chapter as an opportunity to start a much-needed discussion about policy, funding and the critical importance of the scientific method. Instead, Peter was first censored by the University – and now he has been fired.”

    Funding is making a mockery of the scientific method.

    This is being reaching its fullest logical conclusion in the destruction of journalism, science, academia, and government , justice, and rule of law.

  4. Dear James: You are fighting a small battle in the larger war on humanity. I pray you prevail. Looks like you got the smoking gun that proves the skullduggery. I had someone try to get me fired once upon a time… to satisfy their personal vendetta. Fortunately my Boss asks me about the incident and stood by me when I explained what happened. You received no such benefit of the doubt. When I see how they have bled Wolf dry with their evil shenanigans, I hate to see the same thing happen to you. I was working on a note to a friend today. I have been trying to shine a light on the mass shootings. It’s weird, he knows CNN and their interviews at mass shootings are bunk. But he still believes the event happened. He speaks of not wanting to disrespect the victims. When I ask him, what if their are no victims?…. except for the people that swallow the idea no place is safe… school, flying, going to the mall, church even baseball games now have high level security screening. I missed two innings of a Rockies Game because of the security line. A paper clip in the dark recesses of a pocket delayed me even more. I was furious to miss 22% of the game because they have fundamentally changed the way we do business. Look what has been done to flying. It was once a glorious mode of travel and wondrous. The PTB managed to transform that amazing experience into a dystopian horror. We accepted the piece meal dismantling of the Bill of Rights to keep us safe from fictional boogie men. We are so screwed

  5. “what if their are no victims?”

    That is the question no one is allowed to ask.

    The phrase is “no victims” and “nobody died” is now hate speech.

    Emotions expressed in any way can be deemed “hate speech.”

    When beginning to analyze and discuss what appears to be a false event, one way of analyzing is to look at it as if it at face value, that is, that there really were victims who really died.
    But there are many other perspectives from which to analyze and discussing events and face value is only one. When you see that the whole official story does not make sense at all even when taken at face value, you move on to other perspectives for analysis. Many are afraid to move on in true courage for justice and truth.

    Unfortunately, it has become the “only one” perspective in the wrong sense of the term. It is the only perspective allowed under “law.”

    Asking questions on any subject is almost not allowed at this point.

    I do not question asking questions
    but I do question the definition of “authority.”

    1. In civil law, a tort is an act that brings harm to someone — one that infringes on the rights of others. The adjective tortious therefore describes something related to a tort. Tortious interference occurs when you intentionally harm someone’s business.
      tortious – Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com

      (DachsieLady questions the “intentionally” word here as Torts include all negligence cases as well as intentional wrongs)

    2. Yes, tortious interference with contractual relationships is exactly what this is, and you could sue her for it, James.

      I have half a mind to call her up and ask her who put her up to this. I think I will. Better yet, I will call the head of ATF. It makes me furious to see the power this brown-nosing witch had over you, to the point your employer did not even let you know the communication had taken place, and gave weight to her lies without bothering to let you respond. The amazing thing is that you actually got this email in discovery. This is the sort of thing which is usually withheld.

      For the record, since in the promo to the upcoming film about what they did to you the filmmakers say, “It could happen to you!” I note that it did happen to me, and more than once, in my law practice. Lawyers who stand up for truth and justice are much more vulnerable than you might think. I was retaliated against for 20 years as a lawyer in Colorado, and ultimately stripped of my good name and reputation and ability to earn a living, for doing just that. I know there are emails among my litigation opponents and the corrupt judges on my cases, including in the Colorado Supreme Court–there is abundant circumstantial evidence that the siege against me was concerted–but they will not produce them, in violation of the Court’s own rules. I’ve been trying to get them for ten years.

  6. The Bolshevik are burning ,looting and raping the world. And they’re the ones who coined the hate speech concept.
    Until we as humans unite and stop their plundering,we’re all doomed.

  7. How a Criminal Intelligence Analyst can describe Dr. Tracy’s activities or communications as “…bordering on criminal…” is beyond me. That’s a sign that her intent was more likely to inflame than inform.

    Regarding Ms. Fitch’s credentials, the whole affair puts a new meaning to “Theoretical Criminology.” What the heck is that anyway?! I can almost understand “Theoretical Physics,” but “Theoretical Criminology” must be a soft-soft science.

  8. Just wanted to share another stunning, irrefutable, undeniable piece of evidence regarding Sandy Hook (event date Dec. 14, 2012) alleged victim, Victoria Soto, and her alleged mother, Donna Soto.

    Turns out the Donna Soto person/crisis actor who played the role of the mother of Victoria Soto is THE SAME CRISIS ACTOR PERSON who played the role of the mother of alleged Charlottesville, Virginia “Car Attack” “victim” Heather Heyer (event date August 12, 2017).

    I just learned about this by listening to an October 30, 2018 interview of Dr. James Fetzer on video at 0:12:25 here…


    The article on JamesFetzer.org


    the image location…


    Wish I could post this bombshell photo.

    “Crisis Actor made her Debut in Sandy Hook
    Mr. President,
    While you correctly condemned racism on display in Charlottesville, you may not know that the whole event was political theater, an orchestrated event with crisis actors, the most conspicuous of whom, Susan Bro, said to be the mother of the woman, Heather Heyer, victim of a mock car crash, debuted as “Donna Soto”, the mother of Victoria Soto, a teacher reported to have died at Sandy Hook. There are multiple videos about her performance, where Suzi Goldberg created the image shown above. Here is the result of a superposition that leaves no doubt about it:”

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