Certainly worth a look … before Part 6 is censored too!


Part 6 – SandyHook and the Illusion of Facts from ZeeRoe3 on Vimeo.

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12 thought on “Sandy Hook and the Illusion of Facts (Part 6 of Censored Video Series)”
  1. Very good. Will have to search out the remainder of this video series on Vimeo.

    Would offer the opinion that the individual shown at 7:32 through 7:35 is a fake, body-double Hillary Clinton, not the real person.

    That is a serious drawback to message of this video if it is not intentional.

  2. It’s already gone.

    Maybe slightly OT – or not – but it seems most of my email on Gmail is getting thwarted. Lots of problems. One recipient of my email was attaching her laptop to her printer when the email totally disappeared. Can’t contact numerous people within the “truth” movement. Plan on getting another server but there you go. They are really out for blood now.

  3. ” They are really out for blood now.”

    So true, and in many ways and all fronts and the Internet is on its death bed as far as allowing we the people to find out what is happening in our country and getting a few shreds of facts and truth.

  4. How can we get the video now that it has been taken down? And how are you still on facebook?! Cynthia Mckinney was recently disappeared from facebook so i just assumed they got you already!

    1. I would like to know myself. I have emphasized with the party that passed along the video that it’s necessary to place material on alternate video platforms as well.

      As far as Facebook goes we don’t know. Cynthia has a far greater reach. They did, however, take away our ability to “boost” videos monetarily a few years ago without explanation.

  5. There ought to be an alternate site where this video still exists as well as the other videos in the series. I do not know who produced this video but it would be very odd if they did not create back-ups.

  6. Please start an account on Brighteon.com (formerly Real.video, from Mike Adams) and post your videos there. They won’t be censored and you can share them confidently with your audience. Thank you for your insight and passion for truth.

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