Less than one day after launching TracyvFAU documentary The Conspiracy Theorist Facebook abruptly withdrew MemoryHoleBlog’s posting privileges. The reason? A 30 month old post to the social media platform included the email of Sandy Hook Parent “Lenny Pozner” (AKA Reuben Vabner).

In March 2016 MHB shared an article on its Facebook page written by Independent Media Solidarity’s Peter Klein describing how a party using Pozner’s email broke into IMS’s Google Drive. The lead paragraph to that piece included the party’s “personal information,” blacked out above.

Unlike Facebook’s purge of several hundred alternative news sites, this merely represents a “slap on the wrist.” Still, the instance represents the type of targeted harassment that has plagued countless citizen journalists and researchers who’ve sought to more closely examine the 2012 event.

On or around October 11 Facebook summarily eliminated 800 pages for allegedly exhibiting “inauthentic behaviour” and violating Facebook’s policy against spam. Twitter followed suit on accounts of writers for prominent alt-news outlets including The Anti-Media and Dan Dicks’ Press For Truth.

As New Zealand based attorney Darius Shahtahmasebi observes,

The first thing you need to know about this purge is that we can be relatively sure who is behind it. Facebook openlyannounced it was working with the NATO-funded Atlantic Council to prevent Facebook’s service “from being abused during elections” (what’s that I hear about the midterms coming up?) The Atlantic Council directors list is no less than a who’s who of well-established war criminals, including Henry Kissinger.

But it gets even better than that. Most of the 800 pages removed by Facebook last Thursday were honourable mentions in a blacklist published by the Washington Post in November 2016, including and especially The Anti-Media. The Post relied upon the findings of a shadowy and questionable outfit known as PropOrNot, which compiled a list of media organizations it claimed were part of a “sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign.”

MemoryHoleBlog.com was one of the sites included on “ProporNot’s” 2016 Orwellian list, perhaps because we periodically repost and reTweet articles from RT and Sputnik. A few weeks after ProporNot’s list was published BlueHost and WordPress.com shutdown MHB, and a few weeks after that (December 22) our residence  was burglarized.

There is an outright campaign to censor truth-tellers in the US that has grown to a crescendo after Donald Trump’s election, the phony Russia-meddling-in-US-elections propaganda campaign to destabilize the Trump administration, and the imminent 2018 midterm elections that provides the possibility for the opposition party to retake some national power.

Yet the seeds for the present era of “fake news” and untruths were sown long ago. Major media’s failure to honestly come to terms with the 9/11 massacre and subsequent “war on terror” have rendered severe blows to the nation’s collective psyche and conscience, allowing for the broader public to rationalize and ultimately accept the type of censorship that was forbidden over two centuries ago in its own government charter.


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6 thought on “Facebook Temporarily Blocks MemoryHoleBlog Page”
  1. I don’t mean to detract from the issue. This is horrible. But personally my contempt for Facebook knows no bounds. They ARE DARPA. The maggots that run all these social media megaliths wormed their way out of defense work in silicon valley. Furthermore this colony is corrupt to the bone on a social/historical level. To name one, that archfiend Ernst Rudin – “father of psychiatric genetics (read: eugenics),” author of Hitler’s racial hygiene laws, Rockefeller darling who directed Kaiser Wilhelm Institute’s brain research and psychiatry which they built and funded (where the brains of children of defectives (such as alcoholics and manic depressives) murdered in the German purge were stored) and author of more crime against humanity than Hitler by far – went unmentioned during Nuremberg. He was Swiss, which should put the lie to the fallacy that the Nazis were only German at the uppermost levels. Only Germans were tried. Rudin was interned in the US when his native Switzerland revoked his citizenship and in 1947 released to “practice psychiatry” in the US until his alleged death in 1952. These are the kinds of fiends who masterminded the broader social strata of post-war US society. Eugenics started out in the US, check it out one and all. You should all know this, you who seek truth. And Facebook is nothing but a continuation of that psychic abyss. I was gang-stalked and targeted as a child, and now in adulthood I can’t even post my paintings on Facebook though collectors pay serious money for them. I can’t put simple ads on Craigslist. They are ghost-banned until weeks later. This is the kind of madhouse this country is. It stinks to the foundation. Yet you who are ferreting out the truth are my living answer to prayer. That this all be exposed. Maybe the good upshot of Facebook raking jackboots over the face of the truth is that they will finally be identified as the sewage-laced backwash of the Nazi/eugenics movement they are.

  2. I notice MHB posting here…

    The Conspiracy Theorist: What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You
    October 14, 2018 MHB Admin 3 Comments
    Preview of New Documentary on TracyvFAU Federal Civil Rights Case Now on Appeal

    no longer appears on the main page of this blog in sequence with the other articles, however it still is accessible but only by clicking on one of the article comments posted along the right side of the MHB home page.

      1. It appears that the regular listing of the article on your main page was deleted. When the comments on that particular important article scroll off the main page comments section on the upper right of the main page, the article will no longer be accessible by title. I have not tried to do a google or duckduckgo search of the article by article title and it would be interesting to know if the article is still accessible by main search engines. However, the title of the article …

        The Conspiracy Theorist: What Happened to James Tracy Could Happen to You
        October 14, 2018

        will no longer be available to Internet readers after comments on that article scroll off the main page.

  3. My Dear James: I got a 48 hour ban from fed book for some post I can’t even remember. When I was first asked to join fed book, it was from a childhood friend who’s dad worked at NSA his whole career. When i told Steve it was gov’t wet dream to get us to surveil ourselves in ways never dreamed of before… he didn’t hestitiate with “yeah I know, do it anyway, f*&k big brother”. Who can argue with logic like that so I joined. FedBook is shooting themselves in the foot with their AI censorship. After returning to fed book, I resumed posting even more controversial content and nothing happened. I have heard enough about Sandy Hoax, I know the whole thing is amateur theater to scare us into begging for even more enslavement like everything else they do. My latest focus is on the Directed Energy Attacks mostly in California. But it’s happening far and wide. The latest photos show a classic car collection burned down to pools of re-solidified molten metal. Only problem with the pictures, it’s surrounded by untouched woods. We should be more very alarmed about this engineered population displacement by “wildfires” and “hurricanes” in the red state capitol of Florida. It lines right up with the plans in Agenda 21 and yet so many people still have never heard about it. Pacific Gas and Electric just recently shut off power to 17,000 customers due to potential wildfire danger. The town of Calistoga was literally put out of business by PG&E with the blackout. The weather conditions when they did this? 78 degrees and 8mph winds and no lightning expected. The current cover of the Economist? it just has “2019” on it with a black background. Jamie Lee has lived in the area his whole life and says they are just making up new words and Phraseology like Diablo Winds to explain the shocking fire anomalies like 170 fires ignited all at once in the middle of the night without a single lightning strike. There is an attempt to lay it all at the power company’s doorstep and it’s balderdash. I urge all of you to watch Jamie’s youtube channel “aplanetruth”. There’s another guy called “mental boost” that has a lot of drone footage of the insane damage in California. This new breed of “wildfire” has an insatiable hunger for man made objects like cars and houses, while sparing the woods. The cars are toasted and melted and houses are turned to a light gray ash. Meanwhile the woods next this carnage is as cool as a room full of Fonzies. I have tried to tell people about it and they fill in the canyons devoid of logic with non-sensical explanations that allow them to go on with their day unscathed by the frightening revelations. We see a lot of that these days. Check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0DkAcylFSI

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