Editor’s Note: Revisionist historian Mike King’s provocative new title, Saint Joseph of Wisconsin: The Heroic True Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy that Fake News and Fake Historians Don’t Want You to Know, seeks to redeem trailblazing Irish Catholic Senator “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy from the prison house of calumny to which he’s been condemned for the past seventy years. As demonstrated in his numerous works, King uses an engaging mix of facts, humor, and subtle diatribe to argue often unorthodox yet illuminating perspectives on Western political history long jettisoned by PC-infused academic orthodoxy.

While Saint Joseph of Wisconsin’s general thesis on McCarthy is not new (see, for example M. Stanton Evans’ Blacklisted By History: The Untold Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies, 2007), its presentation is certainly the most entertaining. King’s well-known title, The Bad War: The Real Story of World War II, received the noble distinction of banishment on Amazon.com in 2017.

By Mike King

To American liberals and Democrats, the Kennedy Dynasty is like American royalty. Though today’s descendants of the original Kennedy clan are generally as leftist as Karl Marx ever was; the Patriarch, Joseph Kennedy, hated Communists and also disliked what he once referred to as “those Jews around Roosevelt.” During his tumultuous time as U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain, Papa Kennedy fought with the State Department, as well as FDR. Actually, the only reason FDR had even appointed Kennedy was to win and maintain the Irish-Catholic vote.

Kennedy was dead-set against the Globalists’ drive to World War 2 in general, and U.S. involvement in particular. During the build-up years to the war, Ambassador Kennedy, on his own, directly communicated with the German ambassador to Great Britain for the purpose of arranging a meeting with Hitler himself. When FDR and the Reds at State learned of this, Kennedy was kept “out of the loop” for future policy discussions.

Kennedy resigned in disgust in October, 1940, but not before making further unauthorized attempts to end the war which had started in September of 1939 when Poland – openly prodded on by the Globalist warmonger faction of Britain and France, and secretly by FDR — picked a fight against Germany. (True story — Refer to “The Bad War,” by yours truly).

During the war, Joseph Kennedy’s eldest son, Joe Kennedy Jr. was killed in a mysterious plane explosion while on a “secret mission.” Another son, future President John F. Kennedy, was very nearly killed in another strange incident. And in 1948, another child of Kennedy’s, daughter Kathleen was killed in a small plane crash in Europe. Were these three strange events part of a “message” being sent to the Kennedy Patriarch who had such high ambitions for his sons? These Globalist bastards were, and still are, are indeed capable of anything.

Joe Kennedy (l) with Hitler’s Foreign Minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop. Papa Joe tried to prevent the war and the Globalists never forgave him for it.
Son Joe Jr. was killed in a strange “accident” — and son JFK barely survived an equally strange incident.

Fast forward to December 1952 — Joseph Kennedy asked fellow Irish-Catholic and family friend Joseph McCarthy to take on his son, Robert, as assistant counsel of the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, on which McCarthy served and would later chair.  Bobby resigned in July 1953 due to conflicts with Roy Cohn. But in February 1954, he rejoined the Senate committee staff as chief counsel for the Democratic minority.  For his work on the McCarthy committee, Kennedy was included in a list of Ten Outstanding Young Men of 1954, created by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce. Papa Joe had arranged the nomination.

Like Papa Joe and Bobby, John F Kennedy also liked McCarthy and hated the elitist Anglo and Jewish Reds in the State Department. Before anyone had even heard of Joe McCarthy, young JFK had already aligned himself with the anti-Communists who blamed the Truman State Department for the loss of China — declaring on the House floor in January 1949:

“The responsibility for the failure of our foreign policy in the Far East rests squarely with the White House and the Department of State.” 

There had been other personal bonds between JFK and McCarthy by the time McCarthy was to reach the peak of his influence and popularity in 1952 and 1953. McCarthy was a frequent guest at the now-legendary Kennedy compound in Hyannis, MA. He had also dated two Kennedy sisters, first Eunice and then Pat. McCarthy was even invited to Eunice’s wedding reception, and presented her with a silver cigarette case inscribed, “To Eunice and Bob from one who lost.” 

Despite RFK’s falling out with Roy Cohn, he would maintain a personal loyalty to McCarthy — making him Godfather of his first child, Kathleen in 1951. 

McCarthy with Robert F Kennedy
Former Maryland Attorney General Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is McCarthy’s Godchild.

In 1955, even after the Senator’s unjust fall into disgrace, Bobby displayed his loyalty to McCarthy at a dinner meeting described by the Kennedy Clan court-historian, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr:

“Still his Irish conception of loyalty turned him against some he felt had treated McCarthy unfairly. In January 1955, Edward R. Murrow [who had issued a famous anti-McCarthy telecast the previous year] spoke at the banquet honoring those, Kennedy among them, who had been selected by the Junior Chamber of Commerce as the Ten Outstanding Young Men of 1954. Kennedy grimly walked out. 

JFK’s affection for McCarthy had led him to make a similar gesture in 1954. At a Harvard Spree Club dinner, when a speaker had likened McCarthy to the convicted Soviet spy Alger Hiss, JFK rose to his feet and declared:

“How dare you couple the name of a great American patriot with that of a traitor!” and walked out.

The incident has never been denied by anyone who was present that evening, and is accepted by JFK biographers and “official historians” alike.

JFK likewise considered McCarthy a supporter. So much so that in 1952, when he took on Henry Cabot Lodge for one of Massachusetts’ Senate seats, McCarthy privately supported JFK by “standing down.” Because he already had an intense dislike of Lodge and had such a good rapport with the Kennedys, the decision was easy for him. Lodge would be the only Republican Senate candidate that McCarthy made no active attempt to campaign for.

In 1954, when the Senate voted to censure McCarthy; JFK would be the only Democratic Senator not to publicly declare support for the censure of McCarthy. He would not even be present for the humiliating vote, having conveniently scheduled a surgery for that day. It was not until 1956 that JFK would issue a vague public statement supporting McCarthy’s censure, and that was only because his political future dictated it.

JFK’s late, mild, and certainly insincere conversion to anti-McCarthyism did not impress the far left crazies of the Democrat Party. Eleanor Roosevelt, the beloved bigmouth hag of the Communists and their libtard dupes, openly confronted JFK at the 1956 Democratic Convention for not having taken a stand against McCarthy – which may have been the reason why he was not selected for the Vice Presidential spot that year.

The Communists and their unseen Globalist bosses hated the “Hitler lover” Joe Kennedy, and never really liked his sons either — facts which should be closely considered when analyzing the respective “lone gunman” assassinations of President JFK (1963), and destined-to-be-President RFK (1968), as well as the strange plane “accident” which killed destined-to-be-President  JFK Jr. (1999) — but we digress.

There can be no historical doubt. The Kennedy Family loved Joe McCarthy, believed in what he was trying to do, and openly supported his investigation until later events and political realities forced them to tone down their open “McCarthyism” and “get with the program.”

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  1. The organized efforts of many sincere American patriots, mostly right wing but many left wing also, operate as controlled opposition and the controllers are Jewish mafia types. I would not be surprised if it was not “chief counsel” Roy Cohn who engineered the failure of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

    This video interview was interesting
    @ 27:50 to 34:25.

    There is a short extremely hard to obtain pamphlet size book I have in pdf format titled

    The John Birch Society
    An Enigma

    An expose of one of the foremost anti-Communist organizations

    James E. Braddock, Esq.

    Communism from its beginnings was the Hegelian dialectic operation rigged by the atheist murderous “Zionists” from the beginning. This subversive operation is alive and well in the USA and Russia and is still intent upon setting up a one world death and slavery system for all.

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