Burying the Undead: Sandy Hook was Truly Stranger Than Fiction

Cinderella Broom
(September 1, 2018)





Cinderella Broom: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – Burying the Undead: Sandy Hook was Truly Stranger Than Fiction

Mr. President:

The story we’ve been told about Sandy Hook is so laden with anomalies, contradictions and absurdities that, were it proposed as a screenplay, producers would likely reject it as simply ridiculous. One aspect deserving more discussion concerns how the faked deaths involved the fake disposal of bodies. What do you do to cover the disposition of bodies in works of fiction?

A striking case involve the use of a crematorium with a criminal history to handle the remains of the purported shooter, Adam Lanza. In a state with between 200-340 morticians, undertakers and funeral directors, CT settled on an establishment that had been the focus of crime exposés in The Hartford Courant for a solid seven years (2006-13).

Hartford Trade Service, LLC (East Hartford, Connecticut), together with River Bend Funeral Home and Crematorium, LLC, were established by Kevin K. Riley. In 2004, Mr. Riley landed a lucrative contract worth $500K with the state of Connecticut to provide decent burials for people who died with no immediate families to care for them.

Mr. Riley wasted no time in exploiting the opportunity: double-billing, plundering the assets of the dead and using an unlicensed embalmer’s services. The list goes on. He even allowed his bookkeeper, Yolande Faulkner, to sell some of the booty.

In February 2010, Riley was charged with 63 counts of 2nd-degree larceny. He was convicted and pled guilty. Upon sentencing, Riley was forced to surrender his funeral director and embalming licenses, yet the establishment stayed open under the license of yet another “Kevin”—one “Kevin Davidson”. And there is evidence that his co-conspirator, Yolande Faulkner, also convicted, continued in the business.

Despite all of the foregoing, when the State of Connecticut decided to cremate (in secret) the remains of Adam Lanza, Hartford Trade Service was selected for the job. The death certificate of the purported shooter clearly names the funeral facility in Box #33 next to an illegible signature and the license number (#2698) of “Kevin Davidson”.

Ask yourself: Why would Connecticut transport the remains of the alleged Sandy Hook perp to a crematorium of ill repute? Why take such a risk with allegedly the biggest tragedy in the state’s history, an incident with such a high profile that sympathy cards and gifts were flowing in from all over the world?

If things had been on the up-and-up, it wouldn’t have made any sense. But things were never right with the Sandy Hook story, Mr. President, because it was, in my opinion, a fabrication – a fiction story with a supporting cast of shady characters – and not a very convincing one at that.

However, if the Sandy Hook massacre never took place, and Adam Lanza never died (or, as some say, never even existed), what better choice to dispose of his remains than a crematorium with a long rap sheet? A business whose director was an ex-convict would be the perfect candidate to pose as the “funeral facility” for a non-existent corpse. Which appears to be what happened here.

Very Respectfully,
“Cinderella Broom”


Dr. Eowyn, “Sandy Hook: The Curious Case of Adam Lanza’s Ex-Con Funeral Director” (27 April 2016),

Articles by Colin Poitra, Dave Altimari, David Owens and Hilda Munoz that appeared in The Hartford Courant between November 2006 and February 2013 (available upon request).

Cinderella Broom has 30 years of experience as a professional writer, including three books of fiction. She holds a master’s degree in English from a prominent northeastern university. For nearly three years, Ms. Broom authored articles that appeared on her blog, Cinderella’s Broom, until the blog was suspended by WordPress on August 15, 2018 for no stated reason. Research and writings on that blog pertained primarily to the Sandy Hook event on 14 December 2012.

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8 thoughts on “Burying the Undead: Sandy Hook was Truly Stranger Than Fiction”

  1. I wonder if this might have been done in order to give these crooks a reduced fine or sentence in exchange for this “service.”

  2. A compendium of most of the essays on Sandy Hook in solidarity with Alex Jones published here at Memory Hole and at Jim Fetzer’s blog, has been posted on the Washington D.C. TOPIX with now over 5 TOPIX pages and some 86 comments including anonymous trolls. Feel free to add your 2 cents worth.


    Does anyone really believe President Trump has read any of them, or, if he has, will act on them? The appropriate time to act is about 9 days off on September 11, 2018. The fake Sandy Hook Shooting on December 14, 2012 seems to be related to most of the evil machinations going on in Washington, D.C. daily in our lifetimes.

    Here is another bizarre anomaly of Sandy Hook: James Brian Comey, Jr. was born December 14, 1960 according to his Wikipedia article. This fact makes him likely the only FBI director to be a “Sandy Hook Birthday Boy”! He is also reported to have moved to the State of Connecticut today.

    One can bet the farm that he knows all the sordid details of the Sandy Hook Hoax on America that day because he has had plenty of time to read the secret FBI files on the subject, all hidden, behind closed doors, by the full military armed force of the U.S. from us lowly citizens and taxpayers. Are we really the land of “Motherhood and Apple Pie” we have been all brainwashed to believe in lying high school history books? Wouldn’t it be nice if lawyer James Comey would suddenly decide that we lowly citizens should also be privy to the same secrets of Sandy Hook he is privy too?
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  3. Kevin Davidson is a licensed embalmer. According to this document, he is now the owner of Hartford Trade Services, His own record is not so clean. In early 2013, he apparently transported the body of a baby (Baby T) from Hartford Hospital to the crematorium, and stuck the body in the refrigerator for over a year.
    And then in 2014, he didn’t obtain the appropriate certification before cremating the body of another baby (Baby R).
    He was fined and put on suspension, but his record is now clear and he is once again able to do his ‘job’.
    One has to wonder how a baby’s body can remain uninterred for so long without the family questioning where the ashes are, or the proper paperwork turned over to the state? I don’t know what all has to be done but I’m sure once a body has been disposed of, some proof has to be turned in that it was actually done.
    And for God’s sake, why would anyone just keep a baby’s body refrigerated for so long?
    Something smells with this whole thing and it’s not dead bodies.

    1. Good work, Diane. The original research we did on Davidson didn’t turn this up. But the timing on the license switcheroo was pretty telling. On Jan. 4, 2011, Kevin Riley’s license expired for River Bend Funeral Home. And on the same day, Kevin Davidson’s license was granted. Similar timing for Hartford Trade Service: the day Riley’s license expired (Jan. 5, 2011), Davidson’s license was granted. So both businesses never actually went out of business. The two Kevins managed to keep everything afloat. God only knows how. The rest of us can speculate.

  4. The story is an obvious attempt to flesh-out a fictious character. Like every aspect of the criminal charade that was, and is, Sandy Hook, this silly contrivance was never followed up on.

  5. How is this news? It says that the funeral home was for people who couldn’t afford a burial. Apparently his dad and brother didn’t foot the bill and the remains had to be taken care of. Picking an ex-convict for any job doesn’t necessarily make it fraudulent.

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