Ignores How FAU is Imposing an Unconstitutional Prior Restraint on Its Faculty

Editor’s Note: As we have noted (e.g. here, here, and here), the Palm Beach Post and South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s TracyvFAU coverage suggests how their editorial boards live in a parallel universe when it comes to accurately reporting on such a significant First Amendment case. One exhibit is the excerpted August 6 article below, the spin of which denigrates Tracy while defending major media’s dubious narrative of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre event.  

In this instance we acknowledge that court reporter Jane Musgrave must have in fact read the entire appellate brief (or larger portions thereof) than a previous story suggests since she accurately references the name of its principal author.

However, the report fundamentally misses the crux of the case itself. The TracyvFAU appeal does not simply involve “former Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy[‘s] … right to call Sandy Hook a hoax,” or his “ongoing quest to get his job back,” as Musgrave’s simplistic storyline suggests. 

Rather, the case and appeal encompass the guaranteed free speech rights of every university faculty member at FAU and throughout the United States. In fact, the newspaper disregards what we make perfectly clear in last week’s public statement on the appeal:

Here’s what the Post’s overall coverage of TracyvFAU (perhaps intentionally) overlooksFAU is using a policy derived from Florida State Statute as a prior restraint that intimidates with the threat of formal discipline all FAU faculty and staff members from commenting on matters of public concern, or making practically any public remark that could potentially displease FAU administrators and/or trustees, State University System of Florida officials, or the Governor of Florida himself.

Academic freedom and free speech at American universities should not resemble that of Communist China’s. Yet it would be difficult to conceive of a policy that is more openly hostile to the fundamental academic freedom and free speech tenets of any self-respecting US university.

Fired FAU professor declares it’s his right to call Sandy Hook a hoax

Jane Musgrave
Palm Beach Post
(August 6, 2018)

Lashing out at his former bosses and a federal judge, former Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy is back in court, again claiming he was wrongfully fired for publicly and repeatedly proclaiming that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax.

In his ongoing quest to get his job back, Tracy insists a federal jury got it wrong in December when it decided the university fired him for insubordination, rather than for his conspiracy theories about the 2012 Connecticut school shootingthat left 26 children and teachers dead.

“FAU fired Tracy in retaliation for controversial posts he made on his personal blog regarding the legitimacy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre,” attorney Richard Ovelmen wrote in a 63-page appeal filed last week with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal.

The university’s claims that it fired Tracy because he failed to report his work on his controversial blog, Memory Hole, are nothing more than a ruse, Ovelmen told the Atlanta-based appeals court.

As proof, Ovelmen points out that at least 20 other FAU professors regularly post their views on social media. None has been required to report their activity to school officials, much less been disciplined, he wrote.

FAU administrators targeted Tracy after news of his blog ignited a firestorm of protest with scores of letters and phone calls streaming into the Boca Raton-based school, demanding his ouster.


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6 thought on “Palm Beach Post ‘Spins’ TracyvFAU Appeal”
  1. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/jane/musgrave Quote:
    Jane Musgrave
    “Reporter at The Palm Beach Post
    West Palm Beach, Florida Area
    Writing and Editing
    Current Reporter at The Palm Beach Post
    Education Columbia University – Graduate School of Journalism, Bowling Green State University
    Let us assume that the person above is the same individual who wrote the hit piece on professor Tracy here. I couldn’t find anything but her name on the newspaper website although some others had details of where they came from and where they graduated from school. Evidently reporter Jane Musgrave chooses to believe what is reported in lying media, as opposed to what is available about the fake Sandy Hook shooting based on evidence and facts. This is of course the easy way out and the same reason most Americans believe the government lies because it is easier than spending great amounts of time to discover the truth. This is, of course, why professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., et al wrote a book on the subject “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” filled with evidence and facts that this was a staged hoax event to instill fear in the population to deprive them of their Constitutional Rights with more government control, and in particular, obliterate the right to own guns. Obviously reporter Jane Musgrave has not read this book although it is free. It was even on Amazon for about a month but Jeff Bezos, a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton University, banned or censored the book although he does not censor other published garbage on the flat earth. Obviously the standards for graduation at Princeton are and have been dropping dramatically since professor Fetzer graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1962. Why would any graduate of any reputable institution of “higher” learning advocate book censorship? Who knows if Jane Musgrave even graduated from college, or what courses she took to learn to think critically about vital issues of public concern? Most students hate physics and mathematics courses and avoid them like the plague. I suspect she never had a single class in physics or advanced mathematics like calculus either. She likely needs to return to school before writing hit pieces on professors like professor James Tracy, Ph.D. who very correctly questioned the bizarre reports coming from the propaganda mouths in both Connecticut and the lying media that day December 14, 2012. Professor Tracy had a duty and responsibility to question these nonsensical claims but this ignorant writer just doesn’t get it.
    She blindly believes what she has been told, without proof, by a lying media scam. There is not one iota of scientific or forensic or physical evidence that anyone died at Sandy Hook that day period. She is quite wrong in her hit piece about professor Tracy. Shame on her and her propaganda employer. Here is the dictum and wisdom from one of our great Founders about worthless propaganda newspapers like the Palm Beach Post:
    “Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper”. Thomas Jefferson
    In case the ignorant writer Jane Musgrave and her employer don’t know, Thomas Jefferson was one of the genius level Founders of our country with a very long list of accomplishments behind his good name. Here is a link to the remarkable intellectual qualifications of Professor James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. but I doubt if she will even read them either: http://www.d.umn.edu/~jfetzer/
    If bigot Jane Musgrave has any semblance left of an open mind, she might want to read this current article dated today August 8, 2018 by professor James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. proving that the Sandy Hook Shooting allegedly on December 14, 2012 is nothing but a fake false flag scam event by government to promote gun control: https://phibetaiota.net/2018/08/james-fetzer-in-solidarity-with-alex-jones-how-we-know-sandy-hook-was-a-fema-drill-nobody-died-obama-officials-confirmed-it-was-an-anti-gun-propaganda-exercise/ “James Fetzer: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – How We Know Sandy Hook Was A FEMA Drill, Nobody Died, Obama Officials Confirmed It Was an Anti-Gun Propaganda Exercise”
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., physics

  2. Hey James. The powers that be have a lot invested in sandy hoax. The FBI’s crime index still shows zero murders for Newtown in 2012 now going on 6 years after the fact. Why aren’t there at least 26 ? This is an amazing stat since even in Connecticut’s most populated cities during 2012 , there was less than 26 murders… Hartford had 23 murders, New Haven 22, Bridgeport 17. Waterbury had 5 murders in 2012. There’s only four cities in CT with over a hundred thousand people and none with over 150,000 people. There was one guy I hit with this fact. that said he had no explanation for zero murders listed for Newtown. I might have turned just one person around. I think it’s the in your face admission from the PTB …. no one was murdered in Newtown, not even one person during the entire calendar year. I would love to hear anyone’s explanation for this indisputable fact.

  3. I didn’t see my last comment James. I can’t remember if I included this link to the FBI’s crime stats for all Connecticut towns and cities. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2012/crime-in-the-u.s.-2012/tables/8tabledatadecpdf/table-8-state-cuts/table_8_offenses_known_to_law_enforcement_by_connecticut_by_city_2012.xls

    Instead of just looking at Newtown with zero murders listed for 2012 when there should be 26 since that’s how many the PTB says were murdered at Sandy Hook. Try to find one Connecticut city with at least 26 murders for all of 2012. Guess what? There ain’t a single one. Hartford had just 23 homicides, Bridgeport 22, New Haven 17, Waterbury just 5 murders. You would think Newtown would want this FBI stat corrected, then they could officially lead the state in something, becoming the murder capitol of the state.

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