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The “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” has reached a new nadir under corporate police state control. Walmart is among the entities behind a program to equip public schools with five gallon capacity “safety” or “lockdown” buckets for readiness in the event the facility’s inhabitants undergo martial law for an extended period of time. Taking a page from “preppers” often lampooned in major media, the vessels will be stocked with first aid supplies and foodstuffs, and can even be used as latrines.

The idea of “shelter in place buckets” was floated shortly after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland Florida on February 14, 2018, as the video below suggests.

Louisiana’s WAFB carries the syndicated story attributed to CNN:

With classroom shootings on the minds of many, one Michigan high school is trying to make their students feel safer.

Heidi Hummel and her classmates are gearing up for their senior year at Clio High School, but back-to-school prep has taken a more somber tone after recent school shootings.

This year at Clio, every classroom will have what’s called a “safety bucket.”

“We are unloading them and using them in the event, if we ever needed them, for a lock down,” Hummel said. “And we can have them for food and supplies if we were ever locked down for a long time.”

The buckets will go into every classroom in the school district. Assistant Principal Kevin Ayre said the school needs the public’s help to fill the buckets with potentially life-saving supplies.

“They’re going to be filled with gauze, bandages, water – you know, necessities in the situation where we have to be in a long-term lockdown,” Ayre said.

Walmart donated at least 144 of the buckets, and students and faculty said they’re great because in the case of an emergency they could use them as bathrooms as well.

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  1. “Mom and Dad” was a 2017 film starring Nicolas Cage. The film accurately portrays the majority of large city, public schools, that are actually gated lock down facilities. Its theme is savaging, or infanticide practiced by pigs and other animals, thought to be a reaction to inhumane living conditions. The plot of the film is about human infanticide. The metaphor to mobbing in human populations is clear. The film grossed only $169,209, at the box office, despite having positive reviews:

  2. What about the constant threat of more wars for the selfish interests of Israel? Many countries today even have legal or illegal nukes. Israel has illegal ones and has threatened the world they will use them too. Since some folks in Israel are bad losers and expect to be able to violate all the norms of civilization; killing Palestinians and treating them like garbage, stealing lands of Palestinians and others with impunity, building illegal settlements on illegally stolen lands, giving the rule of law their middle finger every day, are not they a very real threat to all peace loving peoples on the planet since they possess illegal nukes and have shown no propensity to comply with the rules of law? They refuse international inspections and refuse to sign the non proliferation treaty. Shouldn’t Americans be instructed to build fall out shelters as a defense against a rogue country of gangsters and criminals who threaten all of civilization and the earth itself? Does not our government have a duty to warn all of us lowly citizens of this potential danger to our health from the thugs in Israel? Why do we support them and give them our hard earned money when they already have plenty of money anyway? Have we been warned? Were we warned when Israel did 9/11/01 which the phony government report lied about, but which has been clearly demonstrated? Since our government is a pathological liar how can we citizens rely on anything our government says or recommends today? Isn’t it every man and woman for themselves today in the U.S.A.? Don’t the big shots in our corrupt government have well stocked bunkers prepared for them to go if Israel attacks again with nukes?
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

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