Attended Drill, Spoke With Gazette Editor Minutes Before Shooting

This morning Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley pointed to the fact that there was an active shooter drill conducted by the city’s first responders less than one week before the Capital Gazette shooting, on June 22.

In a somewhat uncomfortable exchange on Fox&Friends, Annapolis’ mayor repeatedly glanced downward and stumbled through what appear to be a set of canned statements. He pointed to the fact that he conversed with the Capital Gazette‘s editor minutes before the event transpired, and further noted how he was present as the city’s police and fire departments rehearsed such a scenario one week ago.

“So many resources were thrown at this,” Buckley explained. “The fact that we had done … a drill … less than a week beforehand. And I had watched these guys come in and practice … Little did they know they would actually be doing that a week later.”

Buckley goes on to plead for mental health and gun control measures, in addition to the purported role social media (i.e. independent and uncensored information) may have played in the shooting.

These specific passages of the interview are transcribed verbatim below.

Fox&Friends: Joining us now is a mayor that probably didn’t get very much sleep last night, Gavin Buckley. Mr. Mayor sorry you’re going through this. Uh, what did you find when you got on the scene, and what could you tell our listeners and everybody—our viewers and everyone around the world, uh, what’s the latest with the shooter?

Buckley: So, uhm, we uh … I was speaking to the editor of the the Capital probably 20 minutes beforehand. That editor was not in the building when the shooter came in or he would have been dead I’m sure.

Uhm, he doesn’t go away very often. He works really hard. The journalists that lost their lives—all those journalists are like his children. He, uh, it’s going to be along time for his—him to recover.

Uh, we got the news, uh, we came straight to the scene. There were, uh, what felt like a hundred, uh, uh, em-em—emergency vehicles here.Uh, the situation was being addressed.

Th—so many resources were thrown at this. I don’t think there’s anything more but … I’m so proud of first responders, because I know, uh, that what they did saved lives.

And the fact that they got in there as fast as they did. The fact that we had done, uhm, a drill, uhm, less than a week beforehand. And I had watched these guys come in and practice. They stepped over simulated, uhm, victims, ah, headshots and, uhm, chest-shots and, and, and flesh wounds. They had to walk through—past those simulated victims, and had to go to the shooter and take the shooter down. Little did they know they would actually be doing that a week later.

Buckley repeated the usual litany of topics covered by public officials in the wake of most every mass shooting event over the past several years, while asking the public to empathize with local news outlets like the Gazette.

Buckley: We have to do something about these guys. We have to do something about mental health. We have to do something about gun control. We have to do something that stops, uh, society being so t–tightly wound.

This paper is not a left wing paper. It’s not a right wing paper. It’s a local paper that reports on local things. It reports on our kids sports teams. [It] reports on all the things that matter to us locally. There’s nothing this paper does that would offend you that much that you’d want to kill people.

Shortly thereafter Fox steered Buckley toward the alleged impact that commentary on social media has in precipitating such events.

Fox&Friends: But the thing is with the social media postings. Are you going to be part of a process that maybe reevaluates the threats that are online locally? Is there a way to do that? Is that something you’re going to focus on?

Buckley: I think it has to be, uh, definitely something we look into, because, uh, Chief Altamari’s talking about increasing resources to, uh, public safety for such things. We have to, uh, reevaluate how we, uh, prepare for these things. We have to be vigilant. We-we have to, uh, look for tell-tale signs and, you know, I think that what people, uh, uh, [are] so isolated now. They-they live in their silos and they sit in front of their screens, and they don’t get out there so you can’t tell [sic].

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14 thought on “Annapolis Shooting: Mayor Discusses Active Shooter Simulation on National Television”
  1. “This paper is not a left wing paper. It’s not a right wing paper. It’s a local paper that reports on local things…There’s nothing this paper does that would offend you that much that you’d want to kill people.”

    This paper is owned by Tronc, the media conglomerate that also owns the Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Orlando Sentinel, and the Hartford Courant, which are among those most heavily involved and compliant with the fake-shooting agenda.

    1. Thanks for that information, Vivian Lee.

      I’m noticing a seemingly new element to the narrative that evolves as the media and LE wage their gas lighting campaign. The perpetrator of this one escaped the criminal justice or psych system because he didn’t tweet direct threats or even directly at all to his targets. Also, he ‘went quiet’ for two years completely after behaving belligerently in court while trying to bring a belligerent lawsuit against the paper that the judge dismissed.

      I think they’re trying to now establish that a period of ‘quiet’ will not be enough for the system to require interning some citizens. This might be being done to scare americans off social media sooner than later, or to truly condition us to believe that some lone wolf’s latency doesn’t indicate a lack of ‘dangerous to others/society.’ Or both.

      1. I meant to write that a period of quiet may not be enough to avoid the system needing to intern some former critic of whichever corporate or state organ or identity group.

    2. Here is an expanded list of “everything” currently (June 30, 2018) owned by TRONC according to the current Wikipedia Article linked: Quote:
      Tronc era[edit]
      “On June 2, 2016, the company announced that it would rebrand itself as tronc, short for “Tribune online content”.[3] The rebranding took place on June 20, 2016. Tronc began trading on NASDAQ under the symbol TRNC.[37]

      In June 2018, it was reported that Tronc will rename itself back to Tribune Publishing.[47]
      Current properties[edit]
      • Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)
      • Daily Southtown (Chicago, Illinois)
      • Post-Tribune (Merrillville, Indiana)
      • Naperville Sun (Naperville, Illinois)
      • Elgin Courier-News (Elgin, Illinois)
      • Aurora Beacon (Aurora, Illinois)
      • Lake County News-Sun (Gurnee, Illinois)
      • Pioneer Press
      • Hoy (Chicago, Illinois)
      • The Capital (Annapolis, Maryland)
      • Maryland Gazette
      • Bowie Blade (Bowie, Maryland)
      • Crofton-West County Gazette (Crofton, Maryland)
      • Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, Maryland)
      • Baltimore City Paper (Baltimore, Maryland)
      • Carroll County Times (Westminster, Maryland)
      • Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
      • Boca Times (Boca Raton, Florida; Highland Beach, Florida)
      • El Sentinel del Sur de la Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
      • Florida Jewish Journal (north Palm Beach County; central Palm Beach County; South Palm Beach County, Florida; north Broward County; south Broward County / north Miami-Dade County)
      • Delray Sun (Delray Beach, Florida; Gulf Stream, Florida)
      • Gateway Gazette (Boynton Beach, Florida; Lantana, Florida; Hypoluxo, Florida; Atlantis, Florida; South Palm Beach, Florida; Ocean Ridge, Florida; Manalapan, Florida; Briny Breezes, Florida)
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      • Pier Review (Deerfield Beach, Florida; Pompano Beach, Florida; Lighthouse Point, Florida; Hillsboro Beach, Florida)
      • Riverside Times (Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Oakland Park, Florida; Wilton Manors, Florida; Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida; Sea Ranch Lakes, Florida)
      • Sawgrass Sun (Plantation, Florida; Sunrise, Florida; Lauderhill, Florida; Tamarac, Florida; North Lauderdale, Florida; Lauderdale Lakes, Florida)
      • The Forum (Coral Springs, Florida; Coconut Creek, Florida; Margate, Florida; North Lauderdale, Florida; Parkland, Florida)
      • The Trailblazer (Davie, Florida; Cooper City, Florida; Southwest Ranches, Florida)
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      • ReminderNews
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      • Daily Press (Newport News, Virginia)
      • The Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg, Virginia)
      • The Tidewater Review
      • New York Daily News (New York, New York)
      Commuter tabloids[edit]
      • RedEye (Chicago, Illinois)
      • City & Shore Magazine
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      • Williamsburg Magazine
      • The Daily Meal
      • The Active Times
      • Military News
      • Tribune Content Agency”

    3. “…which are among those most heavily involved and compliant with the fake-shooting agenda.”

      What does that even MEAN, please? How to you define “heavily involved” and “compliant”? And why do you assert that these three are more so than other newspapers? Do you have proof that other newspapers are “less heavily involved and compliant”? Where did you get it? because I’d like to see it.

      It’s a very self-righteous sort of statement, but without clearly defined terms or concrete factual evidence, it doesn’t mean much of anything.

      1. These three papers were heavily complicit in the fake narratives established by the media for the Sandy Hook, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale/Parkland and other staged events, and the Sun-Sentinel is a conspirator in the rigged case against Prof James Tracy. If you research these events, you will understand my point. Which is that the Capital Gazette can fairly come under suspicion in this recent “shooting.”

      2. The Orlando Sentinel’s coverage of the murder (!) trial of George Zimmerman (the ‘white Hispanic’) was some of the most absurd and hysterical of any media outlet — so I’m sort of predisposed to believe the worst about them.

  2. I should add that, as of now, most state laws governing imprisoning citizens labeled ‘mentally ill’ require them to be considered an ‘imminent threat’ as opposed to an eventual one. ‘Imminent danger to oneself or others by dint of mental illness’ is the common clause. ‘Imminent’ means a matter of weeks or maybe a couple of months. Six months would be too long according to how it’s interpreted in my state. A simple label or a ‘diagnosis’ is not enough, theoretically, to justify imprisoning a person. Of course, since psych ‘diagnoses’ can not be proven in any empirical or biological or even due process way no one can disprove they have said ‘disease,’ which leaves any such branded person powerless in the legal system in a whole variety of ways.

    One state that has already adopted a different criteria for involuntary commitment is Virginia, which requires that someone be ‘in need of treatment.’ The law has other more minor stipulations that nod towards the aforementioned one, but it is still a broad step away.

    So the notion that two years might pass after some shooter was investigated by police supports this erosion of time limits on when the state can abduct someone and when they would have to free them.

    That the criminal justice system is reported to have ‘worked’ by the letter of the law and due process yet still failed to prevent mass murder is also at issue here. I think the perp is said to have been ordered to take medication by a judge which obviously didn’t work for whatever reason.

    I have come to grasp that americans will not face that soviet-style psych gulags are being established here in the US until it’s simply too late.

  3. Oh gosh headlines blare out that it’s been five years since the shooter was investigated by police, not two. Even I struggle with denial as I ring the alarm bell that feels more like a lament than a prediction. It’s been five years since I began warning a society that refuses to read the increasingly clear and bold writing on the wall.

  4. Hey Jim that’s my home state. Real shooting, staged or synthetic terror…. they will do like they aways do, try to punish the law abiding gun owners for the criminal element’s deeds. I am too exhausted to dig deep into another shooting right now. But I have some thoughts about Maryland, guns and the Black leadership destroying Baltimore’s image as a safe and fun tourist destination. The rural areas are loaded with gun enthusiast sportsman, fisherman and farmers. People that produce your daily bread, salt of the Earth types. They are the quiet majority in terms of total land mass occupied, not population. I guarantee most voted for Trump if they voted at all. But many don’t put signs in their yards to avoid trouble like vandalism. Conservatism has been driven under ground, I don’t know anyone inside Baltimore City limits that would dare put a Trump sign in their yard. They know it’s just asking for trouble. Maryland is so liberal most conservatives hide who they are for safety. Our capitol of Annapolis is a tiny city of 40,000 compared to 600,000 in Baltimore. It has a conservative element because of the Naval Academy being located there.

    My dad used to get on the bus to Baltimore with a shotgun and dead game birds stuffed in his jacket from my grandfather’s farm. This is in the 1950s. No one batted an eye lash at the sight of a firearm. Now hotel housekeepers freak out seeing a single round shotgun in Big Game Hunting epicenter Grand Targhee, Wyoming. I didn’t want to leave my gun in the car, so I put it in my ski bag. It fit with room to spare. When I went skiing, I didn’t think about zipping up the ski bag where everyone owns a high powered rifle. By comparison, my hammer action 12 gauge single shot with lever action breach is about as intimidating as a butter knife in a flamethrower fight. The Hotel Manager seems so alarmed by a 12 gauge single shot and yet completely unaware of his surroundings. It all started with the over reaction of my housekeeper from Hondorous. I had no clue what I did when I failed to zip up my ski bag. Ever since I have had an obsession with zippers being closed on packs; closing them regardless of anything occupying the pocket.

    Last time I was there for a month. I drove onto the set of “The Wire” because of mapquest most direct route. It’a a road called South Monroe. Never had a clue what i was getting into. At stoplights I literally felt naked without a gun. Some little black boy rode up to my Cherokee and said… “Do you want that mountain bike?” referring to the one on my roof rack. I was trapped between cars at a red light. I knew if I made the wrong call, it could have consequences. So I told him… “this bike is a piece of crap kid, the gears barely shift, it’s on it’s last leg”. All true. I am glad the light changed before he climbed on my roof to steal my bike just daring me to stop him.

    Following mapquest could have got me shot if I got out of that car. I felt certain of it. Had my rig not been lifted 4 inches from stock, the boy would have already undone the tie-downs holding my bike in the rack. When stopping at a red light feels like a wagon sunk in a river of piranahs, Houston we have a problem. That problem is female Black leadership that told the hoods of Baltimore… the Police won’t stop wanton destruction by “protestors” … rioting assholes hell bent on destroying the city for sport. The Mayor said space will be given to destroy. And they responded in spades.

    Here’s the Mayor who should have been charged with inciting a riot herself. I shudder to think what would happen if the EBT cards stopped working. There would be blood in the streets.

  5. Now the Alt Right and the League of the South are being linked to the Annapolis shooting:

    The League of the South and the South in general are probably the only places where there is some possibility for an organized defiance against the full installation of a communist plutocracy, however flawed its ethos might be in some ways (the League). This is another non-coincidence. I don’t know for sure but I think the claims about its ideology are distorted pretty wildly.

  6. The “Crab Wrapper” as the paper is called in Annapolis has always had a “Owish Cabal” (Because the word Jewish has no real meaning) editor or writers. Ramos was just a mind control pasty. (His finger prints was supposedly self damaged to avoid identification ??) but his father worked for NSA ! The script writers are still garbage and I`m not fooled.
    I lived in Annapolis for about 11 years and was stationed at the Naval Academy. Annapolis has been and will always be “Spookville’ USA . Annapolis and the surrounding counties has the second highest alphabet agencies retirees compared to Arlington, Va.

    This was just another “false flag” mass casualty drill to propagate an agenda.

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