Editor’s Note: Independent researcher Dan Hennen has over the past few years published several informative video presentations delving into the 2014 death of filmmaker-activist David Crowley and his wife and daughter in what authorities deemed a “murder-suicide.” At the time of Crowley’s death he was working on a feature length film, Gray State, concerning a martial law scenario unfolding in the United States.

The cause of the Crowley family’s murder is still disputed. Hennen was featured as an “alt-right conspiracy theorist” in A Gray State, a 2017 Werner Herzog-produced documentary centering on filmmaker Crowley and the circumstances leading up to the alleged 2014 murder-suicide. The film also includes interviews with an array of the Crowleys’ family members, acquaintances and business associates.

A Gray State proceeds to intentionally overlook a vast amount of evidence suggesting foul play to bolster the official narrative that Crowley was in fact the sole culprit in the incident due to his personal ennui and estrangement from family and friends. The documentary’s director Erik Nelson deems Crowley “a core sample of American crazy.”

The video below is of particular interest to MHB as Hennen uses his  run-in with one Eric Sayward as an entry point toward a detailed examination of this figure’s background, which includes military service and bids for public office alongside numerous criminal incidents, and apparent connections to Crowley.

MHB readers may recall this is the same Eric Sayward who is an associate of Dr. Kevin Barrett, and who Barrett recommended as a webmaster to MHB in late 2016. After MHB commissioned Sayward’s services the individual proceeded to sabotage MemoryHoleBlog.com by placing it on a malicious server, refusing to complete additional work as promised, and ceasing further communications with the blog’s editor. To this day Mr. Sayward will not respond to our queries and demands that the the site url to its rightful owner, suggesting such actions were more than mere negligence.

Dan Hennen


From the video description:

Dan Hennen reviews the strange and bizarre background of Eric J. Sayward. Mr. Sayward was connected to the Gray State, Sean Wright, the “Gerson for Congress” campaign and a noteworthy criminal. Should he also be added to the suspect list for the triple homicide of the Crowley family in Minnesota?

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5 thought on “The Curious Case of Eric Sayward (Video)”
  1. Big clue here…

    ” A Gray State, a 2017 Werner Herzog-produced documentary”


    “Eric Sayward who is an associate of Dr. Kevin Barrett, and who Barrett recommended as a webmaster to MHB in late 2016”

    Surely, Dr. Kevin Barrett knew of the character and integrity of Eric Sayward, yet recommended him to Dr. Tracy, which caused great injury to Dr. Tracy.

    I did not watch the videos associated with this blog post but I have witnessed this almost exact scenario perpetrated on other researchers of false events over the years. I always file these kind of manipulation and deception stories in my “Cass Sunstein” file.

    Dr. James Fetzer had his original “Scholars for 9-11 Truth” organization and website sabotaged by operatives of physicist Steven Jones et al. , now operating under the url,
    Dr. Jones has disappeared from the scene of his crimes and has comfortably retired in full good standing with his university and no longer participates in efforts of ae911truth, after a brief theatrical scene where we were led to believe that Professor Jones was about to lose his professorship for his participation in 9-11 “truth seeking.” Architect Richard Gage has taken over ae911truth, last I heard.

    Dr. Fetzer had to change the name of his website to
    911scholars.ning.com, and the formal organization of scholars Dr. Fetzer started eventually dissolved.

    Dr. Keven Barrett almost lost his academic position for becoming a registered member of Scholars for 9-11 Truth, and did eventually lose his position.

    Two big questions remain in my mind about this incident, which incident I will also file under “Cass Sunstein.”

    Why did Dr. Keven Barrett seem to steadfastly support the work and ideas regarding 9-11 of Dr. Steven Jones and associates?

    Why did Dr. James Fetzer not launch a stronger legal attack on Dr. Steven Jones et al. for their obviously scurrilous and illegal appearing sabotaging of Dr. Fetzer’s Scholars for 9-11 Truth organization and website?

    1. Good questions.

      I’d like to know what Barrett says about Wayward too, even as I don’t follow him.

      I have strongly suspected that the Crowley affairvwas a psy op from the start. Movies dont get picked up by producers as trailers almost ever. A script always comes first.

      1. “Movies dont get picked up by producers as trailers almost ever. A script always comes first.”

        Not true. Often, when looking for production financing, a treatment comes first. Some writers don’t want to spend energy on a final script when they’ll probably have to rewrite it a million times anyway.

        A trailer can act as a treatment. There were a couple of guys at Cannon films, Golan and Globus, who successfully sold projects by making trailers for unmade films and showing them to buyers at Cannes.

        Cannon is a big operation, but there’s no reason to think a small documentary filmmaker couldn’t use the same business practice to attract financing, which it appears Crowley did.

        The trailer featured in the post, however, is for the Herzog film, which discredits both Crowley and Hennen. So that trailer is part of the psyop.

        The bigger question for me is, WTF with Barrett? Is he interested in tracking down this Sayward guy, or what? You’d think he’d take a personal interest in an “associate” who wreaks havoc on a colleague, not to mention the behavior of your “associate” in the wake of the slaughter of a dissident thinker in your own neck of the woods. Sayward’s an obvious operative.

        Minnesota, man. Who’d a thunk?

        The Crowley family tragedy reminds me of the deaths of the natural health doctors. You can’t believe a little independent thought could be so threatening to the mammoth existence of entrenched power.

        But then, of course it is. One need only look to the closer example of James Tracy.

        1. Can’t agree with you there, Toni. When the Crowley ‘suicides’ occurred, I double-checked on this point of shopping trailers with an old prof of mine from NYC’s film schools. He concurred that it was bizarre and mostly unheard of to shop a trailer in Hollywood; he had commercial credits and connections alongside his teaching gigs. I don’t mention his name for privacy reasons.

          Never heard of Cannon films, but there’s a vast difference between a treatment and a trailer. While writers with established credentials might shop a treatment (although it would be more likely that a producer would use one to attract talent both acting and writing), its viability would still be determined by its auteur’s writing bona fides. Crowley had none and further, his trailer budget would have been both astronomical and politically improbable given what I’ve read – military equipment was allegedly used in the making of his trailer. Why would the military support Crowley’s thesis and where did the money come from to finance such a slick production? I sat in a film class with the prof I mentioned who taught directing, cinematography, etc. You’d be shocked at how easy it is these days to produce some short with high gloss camera work and editing. It’s still hard, though, to produce a good story and the people financing movies know it. Stories are what keep and bring bodies into seats. So while you touch on some aspects of the digital (35 mm film is very expensive and less likely to have been thrown around cavalierly) revolution’s impact on how films get made and green lighted, I remain unconvinced that Crowley’s trailer fit into any such new modality. To me it looked downright hokey, cliched and sophomoric. It may have had more populist appeal I just didn’t ‘get.’ But it certainly lacked any elements of a cogent story and relied heavily on what any rich kid film student could theoretically tack together.

          There are other elements of the Crowley case that signal psy op to me but this is the most critical, in my view.

  2. Eric Sayward’s raging response to Dan Hennen’s inquiry into his background and connection to the David Crowley says it all…the guy is practically foaming at the mouth! He swears so much and makes threats against Hennen that it’s obvious Sayward is a real danger. Wouldn’t put anything past him.

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