The CIA used a mind-controlled assassin to kill the most politically-outspoken recording artist in modern music history. This is the claim of attorney and UK legal reporter Fenton Bresler, who spent eight years investigating the December 8, 1980 murder of John Lennon by Mark David Chapman.

At the time of his death Lennon was poised to secure US citizenship and in the process of launching a comeback with chart-topping albums. At the same time the former Beatle’s political views were at sharp variance with the election of Republican Ronald Reagan to the US presidency that took place one month before Lennon’s assassination.

Bresler argues in his 1989 book Who Killed John Lennon? that the CIA oversaw Lennon’s murder by collaborating with Atlanta police intelligence to train Chapman as the assassin. Author Phil Strongman reached a similar conclusion after his detailed study of Lennon’s death. Atlanta police officer Dana Reeves was Chapman’s handler, “guid[ing] Chapman through his path of becoming a drugged and hypnotized CIA tool, in the way other investigators believed had been done with Robert Kennedy’s assassin, Sirhan Sirhan,” according to historian John L. Potash.

Dana Reeves was working as a Dekalb County sheriff’s officer in the Atlanta area, where he developed a close relationship and extreme control over Chapman by the time he was nineteen years old. Chapman’s parents feared Reeve’s involvement with their son, and said the police officer changed their son’s personality. For example, the parents and others described Chapman as anti-gun throughout his teens, but Reeves turned Chapman on to guns, training him to be a very competent shooter. Chapman had worked at a regular YMCA summer camp in Atlanta. In 1975, Chapman applied for exotic positions in YMCA’s abroad program, first unsuccessfully in the Soviet Union, despite not speaking Russian, and then working in Beirut, Lebanon in June 1975.

Reportedly a hotbed of CIA-backed terrorist activity in the mid-1970s, Chapman was “blooded” (desensitized to violence) in Beirut before returning to the US to work as an armed security guard. In early 1977 he moved to Hawaii where he was eventually treated for clinical depression at Castle Memorial Hospital., a Seventh Day Adventist institution. Bresler argues that at Castle Memorial and several other locations Chapman underwent “CIA-developed behavior modification” as he was honed as a mind-controlled assassin.

In the remaining period leading up to late 1980 Chapman, who continued employment as a security guard, allegedly received a loan from Castle Memorial to tour the world, visiting a dozen countries where he sometimes lodged at luxurious hotels Such an excursion would have been difficult on his modest security guard salary.

After Chapman shot Lennon with a .38 caliber revolver at the entrance of the musician’s residence on the night of December 8, 1980, instead of fleeing the scene the assailant calmly took out a copy of J.D. Salinger’s A Catcher in the Rye and waited for law enforcement to arrive.

Lieutenant Arthur O’Connor, a police officer who oversaw the murder investigation, informed Bresler “that someone could have programmed Chapman for the murder of Lennon. ‘I studied him intensely,'” O’Connor said.

“[Chapman] looked like he could have been programmed, and I know what you are going to make of that word! that was the way he looked and that was the way he talked.” He was the second police officer to make that assessment. After Chapman was arrested for killing Lennon, his bizarre behavior was never checked with a drug test.

John L. Potash, Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac, and Other Activists, Walterville OR: 2015, 208-213.



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  1. Duped Americans have been told the lies that the secret Central Intelligence Agency and its predecessor the secret Office of Security Services in WWII, run by the terrorist criminal General Donovan, were necessary for “National Security”. We are also lied to that this is why they must operate clandestinely hidden behind closed doors. While Congress gives its approval to this most anti American criminal enterprise the CIA I am not sure who, if anyone other than president Roosevelt, approved the earlier O.S.S. Just try to imagine in your mind’s eye, what would have transpired in America if, instead of operating in secret, protected by the full military armed force of government at the time, if say General Donovan announced publicly he had paid a military assassin $10,000.00 to murder General Patton in 1945 and even allowed media to provide progress reports as this evil plot developed. What if he even announced Ike and his cronies were in on this plot? Or what if the CIA announced its plans to murder president Jack Kennedy or murder John Lennon or murder Dr. Martin Luther King ? What would have transpired in the general population if these terrorist evil criminal activities had not been hidden behind the veil of secrecy behind closed doors? All these unfortunate victims were very very high profile and either highly loved or highly hated national figures. Wouldn’t public exposure of these unspeakable inhumane acts in secret possibly have led to mayhem everywhere and possibly a full revolution against these totally criminal terrorist outlaw agencies and those who ran them and their employees including the U.S. Government itself? Couldn’t current contemporary disclosures have even led to lynch mobs to insure that justice was “sure and swift” for these terrorist criminals engaged in crimes against Americans? Yet years and decades later, when these terrorist criminals in the OSS and CIA have been exposed, there is little indignation in our population. The attitude seems to be “business as usual”. Or, “just another day at the plant”. Yet won’t they continue down the same evil pathway today committing horrible unspeakable inhumane acts in our good names to a new crop of unwitting victims? Obviously America has been broken and continues to be broken. Horrible inhumane acts against others are done in secret, because if they were not secret, all anarchy would break loose. Doesn’t all this illustrate why these evil agencies must be abolished immediately, pronto by the cowards in Congress?
    What happened to the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others as You Would have them Do Unto YOU?”
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. I think a better book would have been how Reagan covered up the murder of 7 astronauts in the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster in 1986 which was totally predicted by top mechanical engineer Roger Boisjoly, M.E. and associates but overruled by managers at Morton Thiokol and cowards at NASA who all should have been prosecuted for manslaughter.

      York University, Toronto, ON – MA in Science and Technology Studies, 2010

      Centennial College, Toronto, ON – post-graduate certificate in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, 2009
      University of King’s College, Halifax, NS – BAH combined honours in History of Science and Technology and Classics, 2008
      “Six months before the space shuttle Challenger exploded over Florida on Jan. 28, 1986, Roger Boisjoly wrote a portentous memo. He warned that if the weather was too cold, seals connecting sections of the shuttle’s huge rocket boosters could fail.
      “The result could be a catastrophe of the highest order, loss of human life,” he wrote.
      The memo was meant to jolt Morton Thiokol, the company that made the boosters and employed Mr. Boisjoly. In July 1985, a task force had been formed, partly on Mr. Boisjoly’s recommendation, to examine the effect of cold on the boosters. The effort, however, had become mired in paperwork, procurement delays and a rush to launch the shuttle, according to later investigations.
      Meanwhile, his apprehensions only grew. The night before the Challenger’s liftoff, the temperature dipped below freezing. Unusual for Florida, the cold was unprecedented for a shuttle launching, and it prompted Mr. Boisjoly and other engineers to plead that the flight be postponed. Their bosses, under pressure from NASA, rejected the advice.
      The shuttle exploded 73 seconds after launching, killing its seven crew members, including Christa McAuliffe, a high school teacher from Concord, N.H.”
      “After the Challenger explosion, Mr. Boisjoly gave a presidential commission investigating the disaster internal corporate documents. His disclosure of the internal memo he had written six months before the disaster was regarded as a bombshell.
      Mr. Boisjoly was awarded the Prize for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and spoke to more than 300 universities and civic groups about corporate ethics. He became sought after as an expert in forensic engineering.

      Roger Boisjoly worked for a firm making rocket boosters. Credit Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times
      But before then he had paid the stiff price often exacted of whistle-blowers. Thiokol cut him off from space work, and he was shunned by colleagues and managers. A former friend warned him, “If you wreck this company, I’m going to put my kids on your doorstep,” Mr. Boisjoly told The Los Angeles Times in 1987.
      He had headaches, double-vision and depression, he said. He yelled at his dog and his daughters and skipped church to avoid people. He filed two suits against Thiokol; both were dismissed.”

      Mr. Boisjoly’s memo was soon made public. He became widely known as a whistle-blower in a federal investigation of the disaster. And though he was hailed for his action by many, he was also made to suffer for it.”

      JANUARY 25, 2018
      How Groupthink Led to 7 Lives Lost in the Challenger Explosion

      Faulty Decisions
      “To find an answer, the Rogers Commission interviewed engineers and decision-makers at both NASA and Morton Thiokol, the company that built the solid rocket boosters. What it found was a stunning lack of communication—almost as if officials had been playing a game of broken telephone, with the result that incomplete and misleading information reached NASA’s top echelons. And among that ill-translated information were concerns about the O-rings. The issue was completely absent from all the flight-readiness documents.
      That wasn’t the end of it. During a teleconference some 12 hours before launch, Thiokol engineers told NASA management about their concerns over the O-rings. Overnight temperatures were set to drop to 20 degrees, which raised an additional ice concerns. An early morning inspection confirmed that the launch structure was covered in foot-long icicles, and no one knew what would happen if they broke off and became sharp debris. The risks were deemed appropriate for launch.
      The Commission ultimately flagged the root cause of the accident as “a serious flaw in the decision-making process leading up to the launch.” Seven lives could have seen saved if concerns about the O-rings had reached the right people, or if Thiokol had worried more about safety than satisfying its major customer. But this was only part of the accident’s cause. There remained the question of why NASA didn’t delay the launch.”

      This statement above is a totally misleading statement.
      Instead of covering up the crimes of Roger Boisjoly’s supervisors at Morton Thiokol and the corrupt NASA managers, all should have been prosecuted for manslaughter. Our so called “Justice” system is a total joke as illustrated by the corrupt courts dismissing his lawsuits. Roger Boisjoly, M.E. and his associate engineers were complying with their duties to warn and do everything in their power to prevent loss of life. It was their supervisors at Morton Thiokol and corrupt managers at NASA who should have been fired and prosecuted for manslaughter in court and jailed for the rest of their lives. Instead the lying media gives us the sympathy scam to protect these worthless cowards and criminals at NASA and Morton Thiokol. Shame on all of them.
      Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

      1. Since reason failed in this tragic case of corruption in the NASA Space Program and at the corrupt contractor Morton Thiokol and its cowardly corrupt managers, suppose Roger Bosjoli, M.E. and his colleagues acted illegally in a desperate attempt to save the lives of the 7 murdered astronauts. Suppose he and his associates blew up or disabled the shuttle and rocket launcher on the launching pad before the crew had been boarded. This act would have saved the lives of the crew. But he and the others would have undoubtedly been prosecuted for this criminal act. Yet such an act would have saved these 7 lives. On the other hand nothing was done to the cowards and criminals responsible for the deaths of these 7 astronauts. This shows the hypocrisy and total unfairness of our corrupt judicial system and all those corrupt lawyers and politicians engaged in its corrupt evil operations every day. Roger Boisjoly, M.E. was a top engineer and a top United States Citizen and a top member of the Family of Man. He complied with all ethics and laws at all times. Yet he was punished for doing the right ethical things, while other cowards who did all the wrong unethical acts, were rewarded. This horror story will never reach the inside of high school history books will it? This horror story is just another of many failures of the United States of America, all lied about in lying history books never to be corrected or revised with the truth.

        1. Winfield I find much of your content interesting but the format in which you present it makes it somewhat hard to read, especially combined with the lengthiness.

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