Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D.

Everyone should contemplate this very disturbing fact: There are certainly hundreds, and possibly thousands, of highly “educated” professors at colleges and universities all over this country. Most hold the “highest” degree, Ph.D. in diverse fields like mathematics, physics, chemistry, forensic sciences, criminal justice, law, and even art or political science or engineering or biology or biochemistry or genetics or geology or philosophy or earth sciences or journalism or investigative journalism or medicine or anthropology, and so on.

Are these the “experts” who are the examples of use of logic and the scientific method to discover and learn from analysis and observations of events and the world around us to discover “truth”? If so, why are they so silent about the official lies about the events at Sandy Hook School on Dec. 14, 2012, or the attacks on 9/11/01, and many others? How many of them have contacted professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D regarding his startling discoveries about Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing, or the many other false flag attacks to promote gun control? How many of these great “teachers” and “searchers for truth” have contacted him about his startling discoveries on who and why and what attacked the U.S. on 9/11/01?

The answer is almost zero! Essentially none, zero of these “courageous” experts even call or question the official narrative of these events. The silence is deafening.

Much of the money for their research support comes from the U.S. Government. Obviously they fear uttering a peep using their true names, although they have lifetime tenured jobs, because they might lose some of that good easy government money, or become persona non grata with the powers that be so their own ox’s might be gored.

What about truth? What about knowledge, truth and understanding? What about being an inspiration to kids to ask rude questions of the powers that be? Are not these thousands of Ph.D.’s little more than gutless cowards who likely would not call 911 if they observed a woman being raped on the sidewalk? What good are these worthless shameful parasites on the public dole?

Let’s end the easy money supply to these worthless cowards of America who set exactly the wrong example to our young who will be the new cowards on the block if something is not done soon to reverse this trend.

In fact, has not America already been destroyed by a bunch of brainwashed fools who can’t distinguish up from down or truth from fiction when Israelis own all the major media and continue a big propaganda lie every day 24/7? Let’s abolish these worthless parasites and the institutions who support them. Never donate one dollar to these useless hypocritical institutions that are destroying America from within by brainwashing its young college-age students and teaching them cowardice instead of instilling in them traits of courage, questioning and honor and truth.

Evidently our colleges are producing graduates who can’t discern truth from fiction. Let’s end these hollow institutions of lower learning and indoctrination today and stop their easy government funding. Put these cowardly professors on the street  where they belong.

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6 thought on “Take America’s Cowardly Professoriate Off the Dole”
  1. No doubt only about one out of four “professors” are even tenured or tenure track, and far too many resources go to administrative bloat. Adjunct and term contract instructors make up the remainder of teaching faculty committed to working with students, and these faculty are indeed fearful of keeping their jobs. Many have to teach five or more classes per term, make their classes “cake walks” and hand out above average grades for minimal work in order to avoid being “unpopular”, thereby receiving “bad marks” from students on teaching evaluations. So even if they’re inclined toward speaking on “matters of public concern” they’re too busy or too afraid, often both. Tenured faculty have greater freedom yet in many cases are oddly complacent or circumspect, and today they must also be careful not to rile their campus “PC police,” with whom even their faculty union is often in lockstep with.

    At the end of the day students are short-changed the most . As their families are required to pay more and more for higher education, the quality and resources commensurately decrease.

    1. MHB Admin said, “Adjunct and term contract instructors make up the remainder of teaching faculty committed to working with students, and these faculty are indeed fearful of keeping their jobs.”

      Yep, and I am one of them–or at least I was. After years as an adjunct, teaching some of the most popular courses offered at my university, a recent change in “leadership” led to what I can only describe as a political pogrom against ANY prof who had ever dared express an opinion contrary to theirs. Once again, liberal tolerance at work.

      All my classes were either cancelled outright, or given to profs with ZERO background in the field. Logically, if classes are being “taught” by people who don’t know what they’re doing, it should be a matter for the accreditors to take up… but the pogrom conveniently took place right after the school’s accreditation was renewed, so leftist admins have got ten full years to wreak havoc before officials will return and notice.

      Dr. Tracy, you are my hero. You went through this before I did, and far more publicly… but believe me, I’m feeling your pain. And as an adjunct, I have no legal recourse whatsoever.

      Self-pity aside, I take umbrage at the author’s suggestion that somehow I am at fault because I didn’t conduct professional research into Sandy Hook. My area of expertise involves Dead White Males, and for me to meddle in a field like “the official lies about the events at Sandy Hook School on Dec. 14, 2012, or the attacks on 9/11/01, and many others” not only would be irresponsible, but any conclusions I drew would have no professional credibility. (Just like the profs I just mentioned above, teaching courses which they know nothing about.) Kindly hone in on a more appropriate, refined target for your criticism, instead of willy-nilly firing your shotgun at the whole lot of us who worked our butts off to earn the title of “Doctor” in our respective fields.

      1. Thank you for your kind words. I agree that the author paints with a fairly wide brush. This was adapted from one of his comments. At the same time, there are areas of the humanities and social sciences that could certainly contribute to a better understanding of such complex events, and even though expertise varies with the given field our general research training equips us with certain capacities the broader public simply doesn’t possess.

        We found in several TracyvFAU depositions of colleagues from apt fields that virtually none of them looked carefully at the Sandy Hook event or read any of the critical analyses of that event widely available in alternative media before acquiescing to the fanciful gov’t/media narrative where important evidence was lacking. An academic whose expertise might be in, say, ancient Chinese history, is probably not the go-to expert for commentary on mass shootings. Yet as someone with formal academic training, which at its heart (as Abbe suggests) involves discerning between truth and falsehood, s/he should be intelligent enough to exercise skepticism toward at least some of these clumsily-executed shams. I would contend that most academics, like other salaried intellectuals, are motivated to not take controversial public stances on anything–even in areas where they possess expertise. Tenure is indeed wasted on the tenured.

    Crime Scene Investigation 2013 A Guide For Law Enforcement
    Original guide developed and approved by the Technical Working Group on Crime Scene Investigation, January 2000. Updated guide developed and approved by the Review Committee, September 2012. Project Director: Kevin Lothridge Project Manager: Frank Fitzpatrick National Forensic Science Technology Center 7881 114th Avenue North Largo, FL 33773

    Above is a 180 page guide of rules for crime scene investigations approved by experts all over the country published in 2000 and updated to 2013. Were these rules followed in the alleged Sandy Hook Shooting of Dec. 14, 2012? No, so we must dismiss the story as nothing but fake media hot air lies. Thanks to Professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., and his associates who unselfishly investigated and published the truth about this government scam on the public. He deserves the Medal of Freedom.
    By the way if government secret agencies like the corrupt evil CIA can lie to United States Citizens with impunity, and seek to fool and deceive them about events and facts, with the aid of lying monopoly media, why can’t citizens lie to government? Why are lowly citizens forced to always tell the government the truth about evidence and facts but it is acceptable for government to lie to citizens? How about stiff penalties, like long jail terms and more, for government officials when they lie and deceive citizens of the truth, aided by lying monopoly media? Why has not the lying monopoly media been broken up by the Justice Department enforcement of anti trust laws?
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  3. In case you have not read this, please read the articles at the links about the late physical chemist and medical doctor John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. (1918-2007):
    Professor Gofman was the world authority on radiation and public health. He was from Cleveland, Ohio and earned an A.B. degree in Chemistry from Oberlin in 1939 the year I was born. His Chemistry teacher suggested he should go to UC Berkeley. He worked for Nobel Laureate professor Glen Seaborg, former Chairman of the AEC and produced the first plutonium for the Manhattan Project and Atomic Bomb as a graduate student. After receiving his Ph.D. in physical chemistry he earned an M.D. at the UC Medical School at San Francisco in 1946 and received the “Gold Headed Cane Award”. The rest of his life was spent worrying about public health and safety. He went up against the best of them and paid the price. His son is also a medical doctor.
    He is the one who had the guts to demolish the long held false view of a safe Threshold Dose of Radiation below which there was no risk of cancer to human health in medical diagnostic X-rays.
    When my wife was nearly killed by the cancer treatment about 25 years ago, he offered to examine her medical files and made recommendations as a professional courtesy. We had never met but became friends. He once wrote a letter with the small but non zero probability of initiating cancer from a single mammogram. As you know the only events which are prohibited are those with zero probability which are few and far between. Of course one could not prove a given mammogram caused cancer, but it could initiate it nevertheless. He made a Herculean effort to inform women to basically question their own doctors about the dangers and hazards of mammograms. This is the kind of top medical doctor John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. was. He cared about unwitting patients. Mammography is a big multi billion dollar business. There are many other safer ways to accomplish the same or better job. The late world authority Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. (1926-2018) and many others have discussed this important issue. This is just one example of the fabulous life of this giant scientist and medical doctor from Cleveland, Ohio.
    His fabulous life should be an inspiration to all of us.

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