Claimed Flue Vaccine Caused Flu Outbreak, Denied Promotion

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(Originally published April 5, 2018)

A body found late Tuesday night in the Chattahoochee River is that of missing CDC scientist, Timothy Cunningham, who allegedly revealed that the flu vaccine was causing the flu outbreak.

Centers For Disease Control Scientist Timothy Cunningham

Timothy Cunningham went missing more than a month ago. The CDC scientist disappeared on Feb. 12 after leaving work at his Chamblee office early in the day following complaints that he did not feel well. Much suspicion surrounds the disappearance as Cunningham seemingly vanished into thin air with his keys, phone, car, and dog left behind at his residence.

On Feb. 27, Atlanta Police said on the day he went missing, Cunningham had a meeting to discuss a potential promotion.

“That meeting was to explain a promotion that he did not receive to a branch manager. He had been informed the previous Monday that he was not getting the promotion, but the explanation occurred on the morning of the twelfth,” authorities said in the February press conference.

The CDC denies Cunningham was eligible for a promotion.

On Tuesday night, fishermen contacted authorities after discovering a decomposing body in the Chattahoochee River near Donald L. Hollowell, approximately 400 yards upstream from the bridge. The body has been identified as 35-year-old Timothy Cunningham. Rescuers were unable to determine how long the body had been in the river.

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4 thought on “CDC Scientist’s Rotting Body Found in River”
  1. Dr. Timothy Cunningham from CDC Website:

    Sep 2004 – May 2010
    Harvard School of Public Health
    Field of study
    · Social Epidemiology
    Aug 2000 – May 2004
    Morehouse College
    Morehouse College
    Field of study
    · Biology Quote:

    “The death of Timothy Cunningham, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientist who was found in Atlanta’s Chattahoochee River, was ruled a suicide, according to officials at the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office.
    Chief Medical Examiner Jan Gorniak released the ruling, saying Cunningham committed suicide by drowning, after a month of public speculation on how a man who was so well-known ended up in dead in a river.”
    It is not clear if the entire written medical autopsy report was made public. This report appears to be a brief summary. It does not appear the Chief Medical Examiner was even present to answer any questions.
    If one wants to pursue this any further it will be necessary to wait until the authorities release the entire autopsy report and the entire police investigation. This could take years. The longer the time the worse it gets to arrive at the truth. Of course the Medical Examiner may be correct. But this conclusion is not based on an extensive investigation on the ground, interviewing numerous witnesses, digging into every detail of Dr. Cunningham’s life. This type of investigation would require enormous amounts of time and money. They took the easy way out.
    I never read any more claims of Dr. Cunningham’s alleged statement that “the flu vaccine caused the flue” either. This is the typical meaningless propaganda media report to satisfy the masses. While the general conclusions may be true, they are not based on a full detailed on the ground investigation at least based on information available at this time. And even when the details are released, they likely won’t be very convincing if foul play is expected in any way, shape or form.
    Drowning, especially in cold weather, and time mask many evil physical and chemical effects. Of course one may never be able to fully document exactly what happened to Dr. Cunningham.
    However what one can say, not based on the above information, but based on the scientific discoveries of a genius level medical doctor and scientist, the late Frederick R. Klenner, M.D., who was a top biology student from Pennsylvania who earned his M.D. degree from Duke University n 1936, is this:
    The CDC is a totally corrupt U.S. Government Cesspool as is most of our government today. They have criminally obstructed basic scientific discoveries by the late Dr. Fred Klenner, M.D. (1907-1984) as described in the following articles and others in specific medical journals:

    Frederick R. Klenner, M.D., cured all childhood viral diseases up to and including polio, with high dose Vitamin C administered mainly intravenously, in order to get a high enough concentration in the bloodstream, before 1949 and long before the vaccine for polio was approved for public use. As the above articles document, and more, this information has been criminally obstructed by the CDC and all other corrupt organizations of our totally lying, corrupt cheating government alphabet agencies.
    I have no knowledge or information that the late Dr. Cunningham had any knowledge of this information about Vitamin C. All the corrupt FDA approves is a trivial 60 milligrams per day to prevent scurvy but these prejudiced bigots have refused to test it at much higher doses which are necessary, especially intravenously, to get enough concentration in the blood since by mouth Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, leaves the body quickly in about 2 hours.
    Dr. Klenner was both a true medical doctor who treated every patient with compassion and wisdom and intelligence, he was also a scientific research scientist of the highest order who made seminal scientific discoveries of the physiological effects of Vitamin C on the human body.
    Almost all higher animals manufacture large quantities of Vitamin C; humans do not. This fact highlights the basic scientific reason Vitamin C is so vitally important for human survival and human health; facts ignorantly ignored by the ignorant bigots in the CDC, FDA and NIH and NCI. Shame on all of them.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. The various body count lists you wonder where they originate from, is it tick marks and tallies, a best guess or is it pure imagination? How many American Indians did the US gov’t genocide? Was it several million or 20 million, or was it many many more? How would anyone have any way of knowing the scale? When the Holocaust’s six million number was put forth, no one was allowed to question it. Why? Why can’t it be questioned? Why was Erst Zundel put in prison for asking the question? Does the unvarnished truth need a club to validate it? I could do the same with Russia and China… 20 million dead… 50 million dead. Who knows if the scale is even close to the truth? When you get to the smaller scales of mass death in more modern times it seems technology would have a greater ability at calculus. How about operation Iraqi Freedom? Did a million die as a result of the US occupation or was it double that? The official number from our side can’t possibly be trusted. There are three other lists that come to mind that trouble me: The list of dead microbiologists, the list of murdered holistic doctors and the Clinton Body Count. When you start reading the various ways these people have died, it buggers the imagination. There’s one more list that’s incredibly troubling. The leading causes of death in England. Health consciousness is not often mentioned in the same sentence with the British. Dementia has eclipsed heart disease and cancer as the leading cause of death. That should alarm everyone. There’s lines in the sky, no need to wonder why. Just take your ambient tab and your flu shot jab. The mind control ministry programs all you need to know, here’s your school shooting du jour and please be generous to the poor. They aren’t coming to disarm us, no they would never harm us. And what about above ground nuclear tests, we survived their very best, attempts to kill us all in one fell swoop or slowly one by one. They got silent weapons for a quiet war on humanity and the travesty, no one seems to notice. Their dropping aluminum by the ton, pilots must be having some fun.

  3. If anyone in this small circle of readers has not heard of Eustace Mullins, I would be shocked. He has many, many youtube lectures. They are humorous, entertaining and incredibly insightful. G. Edward Griffin gets the credit for exposing the Federal Reserve but it was Mullins who put the first shoe in the dirt towards understanding the origins of the decline of American society and the thread bearing of it’s moral fabric. Mullins found the Federal Reserve System at the headwaters of every monopolistic edifice in the US. He found the same system flourishing in health care and sleuthed evidence that the Rockefellers were instrumental in transforming the plant based Holistic healthcare system in the US to the allopathic system we have today with $15,000 bills for a few days in the hospital. That’s why Holistic health care Doctors are being murdered. The federal reserve health care system is ruthless and scruple free. They have no qualms about literally killing the competition or anyone that opposes them like Andrew Jackson did. Please watch this informative interview

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