Santa Fe High School baseball player Rome Shubert claims he was “shot in the head” at the mass shooting at his school on May 18. Shubert only spent a short time in hospital before requesting the nurse call his mom, presumably so he could go home.

The New Nationalist provides a helpful overview of Shubert’s improbable wound:

At Santa Fe High School, we have a young man. Rome Shubert who unknowingly sustained a shot in the head and emerged unfazed. To quote CNN: “A bullet sliced clean through the back of the Santa Fe High School sophomore’s head … Remarkably, he walked away with just bandages, and said on Twitter he was “completely okay and stable.”

Acting on pure adrenaline, he said, he sprinted to a rear exit in the room and bounded over a 7-foot wall. That’s when Mr. Shubert realized he was covered in blood and he had been shot.

The young man’s mother, Sheri Shubert, chimed in, saying, “The doctors told me it went in clean and came out clean.” She added, “We have to do something. We have to take a stand. America has to take a stand for our kids.”

Yes, those special black-magic bullets again. No contusions or bruising, no swelling, no real effect on hearing except “ears ringing.”

There is a pretty good-size neck muscle located at the exit region. In the non cartoon world, this is what we humans use to flex our necks, and keep our heads upright. By “clean,” we are assuming it hit no vital nerves, veins or arteries. Did it just go though an air cavity? [As video of a.38 caliber ballistic test reveals, the physical impact of such a slug would likely devastate any human being, particularly if sustained in the neck.]

The substantial neck muscle there, however, is impossible to miss. How could one even hold their head up after being hit “clean through the back of his head” exiting from this muscle? If miraculously it missed the muscle, there would still be surrounding swelling and fluid, and the novel concept of supportive muscles. The word “through” in English means “moving in one side and out of the other side.” (Emphases retained.)

A 2011 article from Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery confirms the true severity of a gunshot wound through the neck.

Gunshot injuries cause profound morbidity and significant mortality, especially if they occur in the neck … The high density of vital structures in the neck makes injury to this region highly morbid and often fatal. The trachea, esophagus, carotid and vertebral arteries, cervical spine and spinal cord, phrenic nerve and brachial plexus are all vulnerable [to] injury with neck trauma. Each of these is a vital structure, and any delay in diagnosis and treatment can have devastating consequences. (Emphasis added.)

Surely given the nature and location of such a wound attending medical authorities would exercise caution, perform necessary x-rays and similar exams, and likely admitted Shubert for observation. Instead, he receives a poorly-administered bandage and is sent on his way.

Along these lines, wouldn’t it be fitting for local reporters to express skepticism at this “miracle” and investigate further?

Here is Shubert in his own words from an interview with local news channel KHOU, conducted just hours after the shooting incident in which he sustained the grave injury (at 7:48 in video above):

"As soon as I got into--as soon as I got into the emergency room, and they had got me in to a room they [the doctors] were like--I got--had gotten looked over--they--a couple doctors came in there and said, to, its a--just went through and through. And that, uhm, how responsive I am is really, really good.

And so, uh, they were--had gotten my blood pressure. My blood pressure was really high. And, I asked the nurse if it was possible if I could call my mom, and they said--and she gave me the phone.

Reporter: I mean, did you think at one point you were going to die?

Shubert: Yeah. When those shots were goin' I'm like, 'This is it. There's nothing else after this.

Reporter: What about after the fact.

Shubert: After the fact.

Reporter: When you had a hole in your neck.

Shubert: When I felt a hole in my neck I was like ... I mean, I was kinda thinkin' 'This is gonna be the end of my baseball career or a miracle's gonna happen [and] I'm gonna get through this, and be perfectly fine.



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35 thought on “Santa Fe Student Miraculously Survives .38 Cal Neck Wound”
  1. Yes, truly remarkable. According to today’s New York Times, Rome Shubert was in art class when “the gunman walked in through the open door ‘guns blazing,’ Mr. Shubert said.”

    According to the Times, he dived under a table for cover and saw the gunman fire at a male student lying on the floor, but “seeming to miss the student on purpose.”

    Shubert eventually ran out of the room and “hopped a wall behind the school. There, a friend told him what he had not realized until then: He had been shot. He was bleeding from the back of his head.” Amazing.

    “‘The doctors told me if it would have been any up, any down, any left or right, that I could be paralyzed for the rest of my life or killed, he said on Friday night, a bandage poking from underneath his curly red hair.”

    Lucky for him the bullet was not any up, any down, any left or right. Will they be holding Mr. Shubert back a grade to re-take remedial English??

    1. This incident allegedly transpired at 7:45AM? How many high schools start classes that early? Perhaps this is a Texas thing. If I recall my high school classes did not commence until around 8:40AM.

      1. The other odd thing is all the busses parked neatly at the school – see the aerial photos. If school had just started, wouldn’t all the busses have dropped kids and left to go back to the bus barn, or wherever they go? I don’t know any school where the busses wait around all day.

        You can’t get much clearer than this video of Rome’s mom talking about how the bullet went in and he could have been paralyzed – that’s not even close to being “grazed”.

  2. Both dead teachers were substitute teachers. This is really convenient since their contact with students is usually limited in time. They were also both about the same age:

    Why would a kid who was picked on by coaches, and avoided shooting certain students “he liked” so they would “tell his story”, target substitute teachers?

  3. Makes you wonder if those simulation bullets hit Rome. He seems pretty genuine. I checked out his cute baby pics that are still available on his mom’s myspace account: Did anyone notice that his younger sister was commenting on the video linked above, in defense of the naysayers? The really interesting aspect is that his mom is an ICU nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital. Surely she would be curious about the wound and the irresponsible dressing, no shaving of the head, etc. Really amazing. Don’t know if his father Michael is still in the picture.

      1. You’re right, his story definitely seems off. I just can see how a teenager might not be very articulate in an interview, and may have the facts of what happened a bit skewed. It’s hard for me to assign a malevolent intention to him, but then I did feel the opposite with Cassidy Stay, who seemed to be a complete liar regarding the circumstances of her family’s shooting, and I thought the parade procession she was involved in on the way to the funeral was such a sham. I guess I just have lots of questions about how these kids, and entire families, could be roped into the deception, which is why I suggested maybe he was hit with a simulation bullet. My husband, who loves to play devil’s advocate, suggested that maybe a single shot from the shotgun went through. I still have never seen an official statement of what type of bullet hit him. Would love if someone has stumbled across this and would provide a link.

  4. Here is a photo of the entrance wound.

    Reading the WSJ it too said the bullet entered his head as you can see on the lower right side, but went through “fatty tissue.” I am no skinny person, and must tell you I feel no “fat” arund that that location. If there are medical experts here perhaps they could enlighten us about fat inside the skull brain cavity? If so that would be news to me.

    If it entered into his lower park of his skull (aka head), you have the brain stem there. The cortex is right above the stem. A tight band of spinal vertebrae and critical nerves enters the lower skull. There are a series of other nerves and arteries in that region. It’s like Grand Central Station. Everything is quite packed into that space as illustrated here.

    I can’t imagine a worst place to take a round — coup de grace, mostly likely, but certainly not unscathed and climbing seven foot walls. The Crime Syndicate has outdone themselves once again- can’t help it apparently.

  5. The media is trying to recoup from this fiasco today (Monday) in limited fashion, with the New York Times saying Rome “had been grazed in the back of the head by a bullet on Friday.”

    This is in the context of their report on the baseball game played between the Santa Fe Indians and the Kingwood Park Panthers ON SATURDAY, ONE DAY AFTER THE SHOOTING. Rome was in attendance, seated “on a metal folding chair near the dugout for the opening pitch.”

    He was accompanied by Trenton Beazley, a catcher “also injured by gunfire,” who had his arm in a sling. The coach and players wore white tape around their wrists with the initials of “the dead” written in black marker.

    Sadly, the Santa Fe Indians lost the game 7-0 and were eliminated from the playoffs. Does anyone believe this?

    1. Well “grazed” certainly comes off sounding quite a bit different than what Rome’s mom said the doctor’s told her; “it went in clean and came out clean”. Whatever that means…

    2. If Rome’s head/neck wound had an entrance and an exit, then by definition it was not a “grazing” injury. There is no chance in the real world that he would be giving an interview to the press within hours. Even if he had escaped lethal injury (highly unlikely), he would be in a hospital bed with massive swelling and bruising. A big chunk of muscle tissue would have been ripped out of his neck by the exiting bullet. He’s a fraud, and this shooting is yet another fake.

      I find it interesting that whoever is behind these mass shooting frauds is deeply enamored of “magic bullets”. The Las Vegas shooting had a very similar lightly injured survivor with a” head wound” who gave an interview hours later. Hey, you never know where those bullets are going to go, they can do amazing things…

      1. Good comment, Christo. Appreciate your obviously medically knowledgeable insights.

        I remember some excellent comments from years ago by a Christo.

  6. O/T but has anyone caught on to the fact that the Sandra Bland incident, also set in Texas and promoting ‘mental health’ legislation that would subvert due process, was entirely staged?

    It succeeded in getting the Sandra Bland Act passed last June, however.

  7. I ran into an ER Doctor from Michigan randomly on the slopes last month at Breckenridge and we skied a few runs. I asked how many gunshot wounds he had treated? He said he was not counting but it was quite a big number. I asked if band aids would do as a bullet wound dressing? He laughed like I just told a good joke. So I said, the Parkland shooting survivors were wearing bandaids over leg wounds. His amusement at the band aid comment turned dead serious and he said “something must be done” implying gun control was the answer without actually saying it. That’s when I red pilled the good doctor with “these school shooting are being staged to manipulate us into disarmament” or words to that affect. He shut down to the idea and I changed the subject to pleasantries of skiing. The day had started with cloudless azure blue sky, now it was being chemically nuked by aircraft. I briefly considering giving the Doctor another red pill dose but decided against it. One red pill at a sitting keeps the walls from getting raised all the way.

      1. April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon “Bombing” Event

        I followed the matter of the “victims” who were alleged to have required amputations of one or more limbs as a result of injury from this incident. (The only “bomb” at that event may have been a Hollywood movie special effects type smoke bomb machine.)

        “”Doctors fought to save as much limb as possible, but in half of the 18 amputations, on 16 people, patients lost the use of their knees.”?…83040654421528

        (Any real people collecting massive donations after the event who did appear to be actual amputees did NOT sustain amputation surgeries as a result of the Boston event, but as a result of some prior injury or disease.)

        There were videos of press conferences of panels of the physicians and surgeons who were alleged to have operated on the sixteen victims. Some of these videos should be on YouTube.

        It was almost funny to see the look of the line -up doctors with deep sullen frowns with one spokesperson for the panel of doctors. Their names were printed and revealed and their live video images were publicized. But they all looked as though someone was holding a gun to their heads. They obviously were forced to engage in this profession-destroying display.

        In a way I felt sorry for those doctors who had their many years of training and their future careers forced on to the altar of the new world of Orwellian medical practice.

        Those videos give an idea of how doctors are used in these false events. They are coerced to “look the other way” and be fraudulently presented to the public with one lying spokesperson

        But mostly, I guess I felt a combination of anger and fear and dismay while readying many articles and videos of the stories of these “amputees” and their “doctors.”

        Many of us many never experience “the good doctor” of days of old.

        1. Correction:

          April 15, 2014

          April 15, 2013

          Other grammar errors stay.

    1. So what do you think was going on in his head when he connected the bandage question to Santa Fe?

      This goes out to anyone.

      I’ve wondered about medical professionals as well and how they rationalize these absurd recoveries.

      I also wonder how people explain to those willing to entertain the possibility that these events are faked the complicity of the media? My sense of many americans is that they’re not as allergic to the idea of government trickery as they are to media complicity.

  8. My husband has endured three neck surgeries so far, and even the “easy” one (to remove a non-malignant tumor that was growing between muscle layers) was a big f***ing deal. Another was to fuse C2-3 and C3-4, and the final one was to reconstruct C5 and C6, then fuse/cage to C7. Those were HUGE deals. Necks are incredibly complicated, with muscles, nerves, nerve roots, arteries, and brain stem all crammed in a tiny area (just as the article says). There’s no ROOM for a bullet to “pass through”. Or maybe our surgeon was lying to us…

    Hello to you…it’s been awhile!

  9. Can you ignorant ammosexuals stop insulting an innocent child. I rarely expect morality, dignity or class from gun-nuts, but you clowns are special, for once in your pathetic, miserable lonely lives show a little decency towards a teenager who is lucky to be alive, and the 10 people who aren’t alive because of some evil idiot.

    1. You can save the scripted nonsense and faux outrage. Trying to shame people into ignoring their own eyes, ears and common sense no longer works.

      1. It’s funny, because it has been awhile since I’ve seen one of these one trick pony hive mind usual suspects like “Goldstone” show up at a staged deception discussion. Used to happen alot- my mail box was once filled with his cousins and ilk. But the tactic really has no punch anymore with those who are paying closer attention.

  10. CBS purports to explain the importance of the choice of weapon in Santa Fe:

    Somewhere in the middle is a link in the words ‘government policies’ to an article elaborating on how Obama’s PROMISE program backed us into these school shootings by making schools the ultimate authority over discipline instead of courts. The system’s failure to prevent Cruz from buying an assault rifle, according to the RealClearInvestigations article, stems directly from the PROMISE program’s obstruction of law enforcement.

    I think this relates to Sandra Bland’s case, also set in Texas. The orchestrators of these psy ops want to corral ‘unreliables’ (the fascist NS party’s term for citizens banned from owning guns) into the court system as a means of both indirectly controlling gun-owning and politically dissident parents and of imposing their Stasi State mental health mind and body control over everyone. The Sandra Bland Act blurs the lines between the concept of imprisonment for crime and so-called ‘illness.’ It funnels arrestees into hospitals and even calls for ‘mental health experts’ to accompany cops on patrol.

    The Real Clear Investigations article stops short of that final solution but I think since the Parkland incident the screenwriters have become cagier about overtly lobbying for forced mental health imprisonment. Israel was so obvious he set off alarms all over the truther community about the true goal of these staged events.

    I even wonder if the PROMISE program had this outcome as its ulterior or ultimate agenda, since it began implementation right as Obama’s administration began bombarding the american public with these hoaxes.

  11. The CBS article also cites the bombs Dimitios supposedly either made or also deposited around the school as evidence that the solution isn’t gun control.

    In North Carolina a ‘mentally ill’ man killed two family members at a restaurant with his car:

    I haven’t studied forensics but it sounds outlandish, yet bolsters a narrative that minds not merely weapons are dangerous. And North Carolina is sizing up to be a battleground state in recent months.

    Years ago on MHB I prophesied that cars-as-weapons would become a significant meme in these psy ops.

    1. To add (not spam), the ‘mentally ill’ man’s targets were both family and part of law enforcement. He himself had been a private investigator of some kind for years, a profession many ex-cops go into upon retirement or otherwise.

      He also allegedly gave up his guns to his son two months before killing and injuring family at the restaurant with his car.

      1. As I’m following the Self family incident in North Carolina, it’s occurring to me that it furthers the narrative along lines of ‘Mental illness/depression and meds/SSRI’s caused it.’

        Self was supposedly suffering from depression and had been taking medications; reports note that he hadn’t been hospitalized with the implication that he should have been.

        Since Parkland many skeptics have called for a narrowing down of ‘mental illness’ to schizophrenia and manic depression, as many Generation X’ers and older remember a time when only those two organic diseases were considered authentic ‘mental illnesses.’ And, most know or have figured out that both were defined by true psychosis. Alongside this call is one for some sort of due process to attend the official diagnosing and certainly of imprisoning or disarming of anyone with either disease.

        So there has been a gradual shift away from the media slyly implying that shooters were ‘bipolar’ and towards portraying those in need of hospitalization as more personality disordered or just mood imbalanced, or both.

        Now they’re adding on the ‘meds made him do it’ so no court can be held to proffering empirical evidence of either genetic disease or witness testimony of psychosis. For some reason, SSRI’s/psych meds seem to have the reputation for causing half cocked homicidal behavior without necessarily creating obvious signs of psychosis or whatever in shooters or here, car-killers.

        Basically the narrative as it stands in a key battleground state (North Carolina’s state legislature sent a Red Flag bill to the dustbin Rules Committee within a day of its introduction around the same time as Self killed his family members), is, the state can’t be held to applying any kind of due process since neither ‘depression’ or non-psychotic diseases aren’t quantifiable genetically, and SSRI-created complications can’t be empirically demonstrated or even observed.

  12. Suggest this experiment.

    If someone has a twitter account and does not mind getting banned from Twitter, please submit question to Rome such as…

    Please tell us the name of the emergency room / hospital that treated your wound, and the name of the M.D. who attended you if possible.

    If someone here tries this, please share response from Rome or action by Twitter with us.

    Rome may not have even gone to a big hospital emergency room but may have just gone to one of those doc-in-a-box places. Just joking.

    I would think that all hospital emergency room in the Santa Fe area would have been on “high alert” from patients who were coming to them with injuries from the Santa Fe incident, and it would seem most likely that every one of those patients would have been given “Cadillac” treatment and every one would have been admitted to the hospital as a matter of policy no matter the gravity of the injury, knowing the light of publicity would be shown on their facility.


    This 5-minute video shows Rome Schubert’s mother really performing the gun-control / mental health shtick to the hilt.

    I find it difficult to believe that this mother’s viewpoints about guns and need for stronger gun control are at all close to those of the general population of that Santa Fe area.

    It would be great to get to the truth of what is going on here.

  14. The mental health angle and different psychiatric diagnoses and medications and solid empirical proof of anything and “due process”, it is all over for us. This angle most useful for the perpetrators of Parkland and many of these school “shooting”events as it is the most slippery slope that can be expanded ad infinitum to promote stronger and stronger gun control laws. The goal is to first destroy the Second Amendment, then THEY can go on with Saul Alinsky takedown of our Constitutional Republic, and establishing a

    One World Death and Slavery System for All.

    (The mental health angle is wonderfully multi-purpose, e.g., for forcing psych meds on kids by school counselors etc. and taking away parental rights over their children, etc.)

    I used to listen to this psychiatrist starting 20 years ago and he was always circumspect about psych meds and legal procedures related thereto.

    Dr. Peter Breggin M.D.

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