Parkland School Resource Officer Receives $8,702 Monthly Pension

In April Broward County Sheriff and Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Resource Officer Scot Peterson began receiving monthly pension payments of $8,702, after resigning from his position less than two weeks after the February 14 school shooting.

Peterson was publicly chastised by Sheriff Scott Israel and President Donald Trump for allegedly failing to confront purported Parkland gunman Nikolas Cruz.

Peterson and his attorney later defended the actions, arguing that Peterson was being “unfairly attacked” and pointing out that Israel “omitted” important information while scapegoating the deputy in the event’s aftermath.

According to the Sun-Sentinel,

The 55-year-old Peterson, a Broward deputy for 32 years, was paid $101,879.03 last year — $75,673.72 in base salary plus overtime and other compensation, according to sheriff’s office records. Until the shooting, he was considered a trusted school resource officer at Stoneman Douglas, according to annual reviews of his performance.

He was eligible to retire from the agency in July 2010 when he had 25 years of service, a sheriff’s office spokeswoman said Wednesday.

On Feb. 14, surveillance video showed Peterson waiting outside the school as Cruz prowled the halls with an AR-15 rifle. President Donald Trump branded Peterson a coward, and Sheriff Scott Israel began an investigation into his actions. Israel said Peterson should have “went in. Addressed the killer. Killed the killer.”

The retired Broward deputy’s monthly payouts do not include medical benefits. An investigation of Peterson’s response to the shooting is ongoing, a spokesperson for the Broward Sheriff’s office said.



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  1. Regarding this “deadly massacre”, I think that Peterson guy played his role just as his script called for and that he has earned whatever his retirement pay is. He played the role that made him appear as a cowardly person who failed the students and his character and reputation has been permanently damaged, but he knew that when he took the part and obviously he thought it was worth it.

    Looking at the screen shot photo of Peterson in this MHB article, I would not buy a used car from that fellow.

    Maddy Wilford, in the video, was said to have been shot three times, to chest, abdomen and arm. I would like to know the total dollar donations this pathetically poor-quality crisis actor received from her donations appeals.

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