Given May 15 Deadline to Issue Apology

Editor’s Note: One must be careful what they say as the walls have ears and the political correctness Stazi are ubiquitous. Given this the appropriate agencies will have to further scrutinize Professor Lebow’s political allegiances, social media activities, sexual proclivities, financials, and of course whether or not he still beats his wife. 

Simona Sharoni, left, filed a complaint against Richard Ned Lebow, right, for a joke he made in a crowded elevator at an academic conference. (Merrimack College/King’s College London)

Caleb Park of FoxNews reports:

A male professor who made a joke in a crowded elevator at an academic conference is now facing disciplinary charges after a female professor who was there filed a formal complaint.

Richard Ned Lebow, professor of international political theory at King’s College in London, was in a jammed elevator when someone asked him what floor he needed to get off on, according to a Washington Post opinion piece.

“Ladies’ lingerie,” he joked.

He was attending the International Studies Association conference in San Francisco at the time. Simona Sharoni, professor or women’s and gender studies at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, also present in the elevator, took offense and several hours after the incident, she filed a complaint with the association, which found that Lebow violated the group’s code of conduct.

After Lebow was made aware of the complaint, he sent Sharoni an email telling her “I certainly had no desire to insult women or to make you feel uncomfortable.” He also suggested she may have “interpreted my remark out of context.”

“Like you, I am strongly opposed to the exploitation, coercion or humiliation of women,” Lebow wrote, according to the Post. “As such evils continue, it seems to me to make sense to direct our attention to real offenses, not those that are imagined or marginal. By making a complaint to ISA that I consider frivolous — and I expect, will be judged this way by the ethics committee — you may be directing time and effort away from the real offenses that trouble us both.”

The ISA committee found fault with Lebow characterizing Sharoni’s complaint as “frivolous.” It instructed him to issue an “unequivocal apology,” which he refused to do.

Lebow told colleagues this is “a horrifying and chilling example of political correctness” that “encourages others to censor their remarks for fear of retribution.”

“For decades, women and other marginalized groups in the academy had to put up with white men who decided what counts as a violation and what is ‘frivolous,’” Sharoni told The Chronicle.

Lebow faces appropriate sanctions from ISA if he doesn’t write an apology by May 15.

ISA did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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6 thought on “Professor Faces Discipline For Joke in Crowded Elevator”
  1. “For decades, women and other marginalized groups in the academy had to put up with WHITE men who decided what counts as a violation and what is ‘frivolous,’” Sharoni told The Chronicle.

    Professor Sharoni, appears to imply her primary problem is with WHITE and yet she appears to speak in defense of “women” and appears not to regard herself as WHITE.

    Lebow is an Ashkenazi Jewish surname.

    Sharoni, is possibly also an Ashkenazi Jewish surname.
    “Sharoni, born in Romania and raised in Israel”
    WAPO article referenced…


    1. Look how Lebow “encourages others to censor their remarks for fear of retribution.” How very brave.

      Almost like Sharoni and Lebow are working both sides of the same street.

  2. This is sickening in so many way.
    So let me play the devil`s advocate here. Lets say Lebow was an African American male professor( a minority in academia) and he would have made the same joke. Would Sharoni have been just as offended ?
    Or maybe an Korean female professor who responds was : “What ever floor Magic Mike is preforming on ” and I hope they have some change for my twenty dollar”
    Which by the way I`ve heard a female co-worker said before and she is Korean-American and uses profanity more than I do.
    I found her joke funny as hell and so was what Lebrow stated.

    Academic fascism is alive and well in America and so-called feminist like Sharoni are the problem not the solution. I think this saying I heard from older lady friend says it best. Feminism is when women want the class status of men and the benefits of being an woman; but the responsibility of either.

  3. This is beyond disgusting in so many ways. Are these snowflakes for real? Can’t these militant feminazis hold their fire until appropriate?

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