In 1991 the CIA collaborated with some of the nation’s top public relations firms to sway public opinion toward supporting military action against Iraq. Photos of alleged atrocities committed by occupying Iraqi troops accompanied  testimony of “Nayirah,” later revealed as the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, whose claims were proven false.

“During the 1991 Gulf War,” Peter Phillips observes, “the world witnessed testimony to Congress about babies taken from incubators and left on cold hospital floors and the heartfelt please by the Kuwaitis to help liberate them from a ruthless Iraqi dictator. In truth, the CIA, using taxpayer money, funded these images, which were fabricated and disseminated by the Rendon Group, Hill and Knowlton, and other private public relations and crisis management companies.”

Peter Phillips, “Parameters of Power in the Global Dominance Group: 9/11 & Election Irregularities in Context,” in 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, eds., Northampton MA: Olive Branch Press, 2007, 182.

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5 thought on “The CIA and the Media: Historical Fact #86”
  1. Hey James, The incubator story is rich. The first Gulf War was full of intrigue and betrayal of our staunch ally Sadam. Daddy Bush suckered him into believing if he took Kuwait, we would not stop him and that was actually true. We didn’t stop him, we waited for him to take it. Then we made him the boogieman and used it as justification to invade the Middle East, while selling it as a righteous act of rescue of those poor unfortunate Kuwaitis. Our press just took out the trumpets. No anti-war movement of any significance was mounted in the US. Think of how critical eliminating the military draft was in ending any serious war opposition. I think it’s the key to keeping opposition to war at a minimum. Nobody making you go fight makes people stop caring or paying attention to why wars are fought, much less who started it and what’s to gain. The gain is to the select few like KBR and Halliburton that make billions supplying overseas support and the logistics of occupation. The loss is measured in trillions of US debt and millions killed or displaced; Countless thousands orphaned, maimed and mentally scarred for life. That’s just the cost of doing business for the empathy free class running the horror show. I just got the Agent Smith routine from my little brother on a FB post. He scolded me for daring to criticize Israel. I talked about the sinking of the USS Liberty during the SIX DAY WAR and of course all the Zionism devotees deny it happened. Even when there’s still crew members alive, on the record. It’s a really inconvenient event for unquestioned supporters of Israel that are convinced Israel is our best friend.

    1. These are some good points Dave. On another Israeli site I once used the Liberty argument. When you see typing begin in a reply before they have even had time to read your post, you know they are likely shills in the boiler room at Tel Aviv, especially with two or three at a time. They have a list of canned responses like “fog of war” was one of them. You have to hand it to them, they are masters at deception and lies. Arguing with family can be the worst and most depressing of all. It is amazing how brainwashed most people are on these subjects. And frankly it is difficult to find the real truth of any situation. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of these propaganda artists.

      1. Yup WJA… from now on I am greeting all boilerplate establishment subscriber responders with “Welcome back Agent Smith” My little brother was an MP in the first Gulf War. The military screwed him on his money for College when he came back. Isn’t that one of the carrots they dangle to get you to join? He thinks because I was never there, I don’t know anything. I tried to make a distinction between garden variety Jews here and the Zionists. He makes none. I am sure he never heard of the greater Israel project, the Balfour Declaration. Who really created Israel and how they went about it. The Zionists had me suckered until about 2007 when I dug into 911. When they put Erst Zundel is prison for his book that cast doubt on the Holocaust, this is what I thought. Putting someone in prison for not believing something does nothing to convince others it’s true. It does the opposite of that. It does however send a message for anyone that wants to join the doubters, deniers and revisionists of the Holocaust narrative… do so at your own peril.

  2. Miami Florida has been a Synagogue of Satan for decades if not over a century.
    This video

    shows how this Rainere / Bronfman / Alison Mack NXIVM entity was running one of a big unlicensed “preschools” in pricey section in middle of Miami for many years without any intervention to shut it down by corrupt Florida child and family services state agency. Now that this NXIVM story has broken Florida is shutting the place down. This is basically about the Synagogue of Satan’s sexual depravity and torture and murder of children and adults and international human/ child trafficking.

    Also this video on BitChute, also by, I think, the same guy — Urban Moving…

    shows this Rainere person, ringleader of NXIVM has almost no record of any kind on the web for a person who runs a huge moneyed international group of businesses. This suggests to UrbanMoving that Rainere is a CIA spook and is probably using a fake name. Very good insight.

    Of course, none of our television news reporting entities say a word about all of this and are keeping us focused on the corruption of the FBI and the DOJ, but this Synagogue of Satan and child murder and trafficking is at the basis of all of this.

    Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

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