“Watchdog” Seeking to Allay Suspicion Over Broward Deputy Jason Fitzsimons’ Death Has Possible Links to CIA

Longtime defender of official narratives and liberal “fact check” site Snopes.com gave MemoryHoleBlog some faint praise in an April 18, 2018 post addressing the viral news of Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Fitzsimons’ unusual death.

Snopes made the argument that blogs reporting on the untimely death of Fitzsimons jumped too quickly on the bandwagon that his death was the result of a conspiracy, and did so without any actual followup. Bloggers can often “jump the gun” and run with stories that smack of trickery, failing to more carefully assess the facts and circumstances. Within these specific parameters we agree with Snopes, particularly since most blogs that carried our initial story on Deputy Fitzsimons failed to even acknowledge our subsequent post. As Snopes points out,

But these blogs did not mention Memory Hole’s follow-up story, which noted that Fitzsimons had used several different Facebook accounts, and that the account featuring the post criticizing Hogg had not been “scrubbed” and was accessible online at press time.

That being said, the fact that Snopes is the only above-the-board “mainstream” outlet (part of Facebook’s censor squad) to have addressed Fitzsimons’ death and is out to put the “conspiracy theories” to rest is enough to give one pause. In 2016 investigative journalist Wayne Madsen noted that Snopes.com is a “go-to website for CIA propaganda.” According to Madsen,

“Snopes.com is run by a California couple named Barbara and David Mikkelson, who founded the San Fernando Valley Folklore Society . . . The Mikkelsons chose the name Snopes because it is the name of a fictional family featured in William Faulkner’s novels that includes a pedophile, a murderer, a bigamist, a corrupt racist politician, and a thief who live in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County in Mississippi. The idea is to label all those targeted by the Mikkelsons as candidates for membership in the Snopes family. […]”

In seeking to debunk the suggestion that Fitzsimons’ passing might be related to his criticism of Parkland shooting gun control activists, Snopes writer Arturo Garcia called the troubled Broward Sheriff and Medical Examiner’s Office to confirm that Fitzsimons’ death was unrelated to a single social media post. “A spokesperson for the Broward County Sheriffs Department told us that they did not consider Fitzsimons’ death to be suspicious,” Garcia wrote.

We also contacted the county medical examiners’ office, who said only that Fitzsimons’ case was pending. The sheriffs’ department spokesperson confirmed to us that detectives were aware of Fitzsimons’ controversial social media post about Hogg, adding, “It has nothing to do with his death.”

Reducing the suggestion of foul play to a single Facebook post is disingenuous. MHB never argued that Fitzsimons’ death was related to merely one inflammatory post centering on David Hogg, but rather that his online activity assessed over the course of many months suggested the deputy’s overall political orientation, and following from this Fitzsimons might indeed be adverse to supporting the Parkland shooting’s official story if he found it to be untrue.

While Snopes’ phone calls are certainly much more than the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post have done on the story (which as of this writing is zilch) the fact that these government agencies–one of which has just experienced a mutiny among its employees–have denied any foul play in Fitzsimons’ death “debunks” nothing and is certainly not where the story should end.

As Otto von Bismarck famously remarked, “Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.” Unfortunately, while such skepticism is alive in the blogosphere and alternative media, in keeping with the CIA’s 1035-960 protocol such genuinely journalistic impulses are too often derided as “conspiracy theory” in today’s newsrooms.


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3 thought on “MemoryHoleBlog Cited By Liberal “Fact Check” Site Snopes.com”
  1. I think the totally balanced and intelligent presentation by Professor Jim Tracy of the very unfortunate deaths of Sheriff Deputies Fitzsimons and Peterson show what a top scholar and journalist Jim is. No statement from the Sheriff’s office is believable at all, zero. They have not released one iota of useful scientific information about either victim. In fact a higher authority should immediately impound the bodies and transport them to a top pathology lab in the country totally independent of these criminals.

    I believe this story first reported by Professor Tracy, so far as I know, may be one of the most important of his life. These sorts of “innocent deaths” of sheriff officers just don ‘t happen as they would have us believe. This is all total B.S. I have not heard what Jim Fetzer thinks about all this but I believe these deaths are not innocent, but ordered hits on these two unfortunate victims with others likely pending, from the highest levels where the whole Parkland scam originated. This is very very serious stuff. But the clock on discovering scientific evidence runs out quickly with some of the fancy poisons these criminals may have used to kill these good officers with. Every hour counts. This is the trouble when government is the criminal. I don’t know what can be done in this case. The most likely perps are the custodians of the bodies which hold the evidence of the crime scene!

    I urge every police officer and sheriff officer in Florida to think about this and DO SOMETHING no matter how small you think it might be. Don’t you owe these two courageous officers and comrades that much? Also remember, YOU could be next on the list!

    If you watch old movies, rent “The New Centurians” with George C. Scott circa 1970. This was a powerful film and is relevant to this horrible police corruption scenario playing out today in Florida. Frankly this was one of Scott’s greatest performances, not Patton.

  2. A few random comments that come to me from this article.

    First, about the word “conspiracy” and phrase, “conspiracy theory.”
    Many years ago I heard the statistic that like 72 percent of all federal prosecutions involve the charge of conspiracy.
    The news media of today, suppress the conspiracy charge when they are telling of the legal charges involved in a current big news case, such as the case of actress Alison Mack. You will have a difficult time getting the complete list of federal charges against this person in any mainstream media outlet.

    “Alison Mack was indicted on
    one count of sex trafficking,
    one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, and
    one count of conspiracy to commit forced labor.”

    Most of the media’s lurid descriptions of this NXIVM cult will report the sex trafficking charge and maybe the forced labor charge, but they almost always leave out the conspiracy charges, and I am beginning to think the reason for this omission is not simply that conspiracy is not sexy but is that this omission supports the usefulness of THEIR and the CIA’s “conspiracy theory” meme, the meme of choice of SNOPES.com
    It would have been interesting to know the exact connection of the Mikellsons and SNOPES to the CIA but Wayne Madsen may only provide that in his paid subscription material.

    I have spent most of today trying to fully understand the Iran Contra Affair in searching out George H.W. Bush’s connection to it.
    Compromised – Drugs,Clinton, Bush & the CIA – 1990’s
    at 14:22 to 16:52 of this 57 minute video

    My reading, and not so much between the lines, is that Barry Seal had in his possession certain important information.
    “But the meeting that you are talking about was one in which Barry had amassed the ultimate neutralizing material, on that trip coming back from Elo Pongo back to the U S. He was telling me that through a surveillance operation that the DEA had conducted there had been photographic evidence attained and documentation to prove that President Bush’s children had been ensnared in a trap of trafficking cocaine and that he had copies of that material, and that was his ultimate protection in an effort to protect himself in an ever tightening noose that was developing around his neck as he double-crossed by agents and operatives in the U S.”

    My research led me to the conclusion that George Herbert Walker Bush is to the 1980s era as Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are to the 2016-2018 era.

    Compromising people by any means – bribery, extortion, blackmail, sexual compromising (Brownstoning) etc. is the methodology of the CIA agents and when certain important people high up in the CIA and the government gather a group together to personally profit from a perversion and distortion of a certain already seedy operation, you have just the kind of bribery, extortion, blackmail grid we are suffering from today when our USA Constitutional Republic is on the verge of a “constitutional crisis.”
    The media was taken over in about 1917 by J P Morgan interests purchasing the editorial control of the nation’s tope 25 newspapers, as testified to by Texas U S congressman Oscar Calloway.
    U.S. Congressional Record February 9, 1917, page 2947

    You connect the dots.

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