Among the most admired and telegenic US presidents in recent history, William J. Clinton was also “a CIA asset” within the Agency’s infamous Operation CHAOS, according to CIA insiders. The CHAOS program violated the organization’s own charter by surveilling thousands of American political dissidents from 1959 to 1974 on US soil. This fact was largely ignored by former DCI and incumbent George H. W. Bush as he ran against Clinton in the 1992 US presidential election, as well as by US news media throughout Clinton’s eight years in the executive branch, and to this day.

“The time that Clinton was supposed to have gone to Moscow was the time when the CIA was very active recruiting American students and other students to go to Moscow,” former CIA officer Victor Marchetti observes. “Without revealing any secrets as to how I came to this conclusion, I would not be surprised to find out that Clinton was actually kind of working for the CIA.”

While successfully evading conscription during the Vietnam War, author Roger Morris argues that Clinton was a CIA informant operating within the peace movement both in the US and abroad. According to Morris, one former CIA officer recalls

going through archives of Operation CHAOS at Langley headquarters—part of an agency purge amid the looming congressional investigations of the mid-1970s—and seeing Bill Clinton listed, along with others, as a former informant who had gone on to run for or be elected to political office of some import, in Clinton’s case, attorney general of Arkansas. “He was there on the records,” the former agent said, “with a special designation.” Still another CIA source contended that part of Clinton’s arrangement as an informer had been further insurance against the draft. “He knew he was safe, you see, even if he got a lottery number not high enough and even if the ROTC thing fell through for some reason,” the source said, because the Company could get him a deferment if it had to, and it was done all the time.

Roger Morris, Partners in Power: The Clintons and Their America, New York: Henry Holt, 1996, 102-104, 234, 235.

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  1. Every single evil criminal act performed under, by and for the totally criminal outlaw CIA must be revealed to every American Citizen, as well as every evil criminal act of its predecessor the OSS under the outlaw General Donovan. Only then will Americans have the information to demand this unspeakable atrocity be shut down forever. If you adopt the same outlaw criminal rules and tactics, all done in secret, behind closed doors, you are no better, or in fact worse, than those you are allegedly fighting with all this criminal mob mentality. The whores in Congress have totally sold out every principle of this country in its Constitution by approving this evil criminal inhumane monstrosity. No rational arguments could possibly justify this gang rape of humanity of the world all done behind the closed doors of secrecy by the true cowards they are. An eye for an eye only makes everyone blind. Obviously the Founders of this country did not lead us down to the sewer that is the CIA. Shame, shame, shame on America. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. The criminals running America today HATE our Constitution and everything it stood for.

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