Former school safety expert and Sandy Hook truth activist Wolfgang Halbig has filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Palm Beach offices for records pertaining to the investigation and arrest of Lucy Richards.

Over the past five years school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig has filed numerous freedom of information requests with Connecticut authorities concerning the Sandy Hook massacre event.

In 2016 Richards was arrested for allegedly making telephonic death threats to Leonard Pozner, one of forty parent figures involved in the Sandy Hook massacre event. The Palm Beach branch of the FBI undertook the investigation that led to Richards’ arrest and prosecution in federal court.

In June 2017 Richards was given a five month prison sentence for “making death threats against the parents of one of one of the students killed in the attack,” the Washington Post reported. Following imprisonment Richards will be required to undergo five additional months of house arrest and maintain a journal of her online activity for three years, news reports claim.

“Why did the Palm Beach FBI not provide Lucy Richards her Constitutional right of DUE PROCESS?” Halbig asks in his FOIA request.

This is an official United States Freedom of Information Public Record requests on the arrest of Lucy Richards.
Case Number:   16-80206-Cr-Cohn
Date of Birth:  07-22-1959
  1. Provide copy of the criminal complaint filed by the victim that is dated and signed in there own handwriting.
  2. Provide copy of the FBI investigative report that was forwarded to the Federal Prosecutor Karen Gilbert in in Souther Federal Judicial District in Florida.
  3. Provide a copy of the investigative timeline by the FBI that provided the evidence to convict Lucy Richards.
  4. Provide copy of Leonard Pozner interview with the FBI when filing the Criminal Complaint against a 57 year old Disabled women on Food Stamps.
  5. Provide copies of the phone calls made and copy of the email send to Leonard Pozner computer and his home phone that the FBI copied for evidence.
  6. Provide copy of Lucy Richards Miranda right card that she signed before being questioned by the FBI.
I will pay for all copying and mailing to the following address or you can email to wolfgang.halbig at
The request comes shortly after lawsuits were filed in Texas by two sets of Sandy Hook parents against popular right wing broadcaster Alex Jones, one of which reportedly references Richards’ communications. In March 2018 after withdrawing a lawsuit filed against Halbig claiming invasion of privacy, Pozner successfully requested that State Circuit Court Judge Don F. Briggs recuse himself from the case.

Halbig, who has made numerous public records requests of Connecticut state officials pertaining to the December 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, may very well be on to something with this documents request, particularly since much of the information used in Richards’ investigation and prosecution has been viewed through the media’s lens and not been made available for broader public scrutiny. Further, it appears that major news organizations retracted some of their coverage of the courtroom proceedings, yet curiously without issuing corrections.

In April 2017 Richards was arrested for failing to appear at a plea hearing. At her June 2017 sentencing, presiding US District Judge James Cohn purportedly stated that he found the defendant’s actions “‘disturbing,.'” Cohn reportedly went on to comment,

“I’m sure [Mr. Pozner] wishes this was false and he could embrace Noah, hear Noah’s heartbeat and hear Noah say ‘I love you, Dad’,” Cohn said, as reported by the Associated Press. “Your words were cruel and insensitive. This is reality and there is no fiction. There are no alternative facts.”[Emphasis added]

As noted, Cohn’s above quotes were attributed to a report published by the Associated Press. Yet although the story was carried widely, the original Associated Press article can no longer be found online. The article in question also appears to have been scrubbed from the Washington Post‘s website,

In 2017 Pozner claims he moved from Boca Raton after being threatened with arrest by Boca Raton police detective John Turek for cyberstalking a minor.

According to the Daily News, Pozner then “filed a complaint against Turek with Boca Raton police and sent an email to the city’s mayor. He got a letter in late August saying an investigation found ‘no evidence’ Turek violated department policy.”

“At a minimum, I want Detective Turek sent for retraining,” Pozner complained. “I was the victim of a really bizarre, false report, but he spun it around and turned me into the aggressor targeting her. Really all I did was post something in my defense.”

“A police spokesman disagreed with Pozner’s position. ‘This case was a suspicious incident and never became a criminal investigation,’ Mark Economou told The Daily News.”

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16 thought on “Wolfgang Halbig Files FOIA Request For Records on Lucy Richards’ Investigation”
  1. Wolfgang Halbig is my Hero, I have never had such admiration and respect for another human. This, coming from a 64yr old Connecticut Resident, a US Army veteran that has followed Mr. Halbig every step of the way. From the front steps of the United Way of Western Ct. to the FOIA Hearings….to the mysterious Rubber Ducks…that I’m sure Monte Frank had something to do with. I watched this man stand toe to toe against that demon Monte Frank. Wolfgang Halbig has more courage and morals in his heart than all those Treasonous creeps combined, a true American Hero by my standards.

    1. Maybe you know something that we don’t? We are all hoping that just one person comes forward with information to start the fall of these crooks. I’ve seen SH residents voice opposing views of that day. Even had residents say it was all fake. Residents drove by the area on the day of the shooting and said there’s no way there was a shooting that day. Friends of Jenn the 911 operator, say she was murdered by SH officials.

  2. Wolf is a brave man to pursue this after all he has been through. School shootings are almost a religion with some folks. You get the Agent Smith reaction when you doubt or question them. Here’s a quote from one man ” oh! don’t dishonor those kids!” so up in arms you can’t believe it. The Matrix was an allegory for what’s actually happening. People don’t transform physically into Agent Smith when encountering people like us, but they might as well the way they defend the official NEWs stories of Sandy Hook. It almost came to blows at 10,000 foot top of a ski mountain. You should have seen the rage this one guy had when I said no kids died at Sandy Hook. “You conspiracy f#*k!… I bet you don’t have any kids” He was livid. I thought for sure it would get physical. This country is in really sad shape. Something sinister has been done to the general population. My sisters are included in the mind controlled masses. One is an electrical engineer and she told me to visit … to assuage my worries about 911 and anything else that was bothering me.

  3. Wolf is a hero. do any of his critics understand what it is to do what he has done. no of course not. do any of his critics understand that there was absolutely nothing to gain for wolf , and everything to lose? Wolfgang could of retired peacefully into the Florida sun, playing golf and enjoying his family. But what does he do? He concocts a wild conspiracy theory for no reason and brings hell upon himself ! I can only pray in his lifetime he is totally acknowledged and vindicated.

  4. The case against Lucy Richards, her alleged arrest, trial, and sentencing, and even the persona of Lucy Richards herself are all highly suspect and look to me like an intelligence operation carried out at the behest of “Lenny Pozner” and his backers to make us afraid to question the veracity of Lenny P as a grieving parent and the Sandy Hook psyop in general. It will be interesting to see if this FOIA request reveals any information.

    1. It has always struck me that the diaphanous character named Pozner had an awful lot of legal advice and trickery way beyond his abilities. As in, “where did he come up with all these feints and dodges as he leveled charge after charge against those people who made comments directed at his person”? Morever, it also appears that these subterfuges cost his backers a considerable sum of money and legal talent. It was not the heroic Pozner concocting all these rope-a-dope movements by any means. He had continuous help and money, it appears that this was a team effort, a big team’s effort. Yet, to this day, I struggle with understanding the putrefied machinations of the Connecticut FOIA court that featured the aforementioned Monte Frank and a court staff comprised of several jesters who kept squeezing their jack-in-the-boxes to maddening effect. Where did they get those people anyway? Sandy Hook featured scads of dead ends that a reasonable person would have expected to yield much information and many insights. Nothing of the sort prevailed and the question is “why”?

  5. Keep losing and flailing you impotent little useless fuck. Everything you’ve done is in the toilet and all you have is this retarded blog that means nothing. LOL

    1. O Mary conceived without sin
      Pray for those with recourse to thee
      And for those without recourse to thee
      Especially the enemies of the Church
      The Freemasons and their masters
      And those recommended to thee

  6. Learning that you lost your request for retrial did my heart good. The pain and misery your evil cruelty brings should not be endorsed by the state through government employment. As the door closes on you forever, I rejoice. Pathetic little evil man. Do you not see God punishing you for your lies and evil? Time to get right with God.

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