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9 thought on “Pozner/De La Rosa vs. Jones/Infowars”
  1. “Plaintiffs are the parents of deceased minor N.P., a victim of the
    December 14, 2
    012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. ”

    Yes, in this particular case, the parents do appear to be the natural parents, but in my opinion that needs to be proven in court.

    The the court needs to prove that the “”deceased minor NP”
    is actually deceased and legally prove that.
    Why is the NAME of the “deceased minor NP” whom the plaintiffs are the parents of not cited in this document?

    We need a POSITIVE identification of the “deceased.”

    If the “deceased minor NP” cannot be proven and established to be the entity that the plaintiffs are the parents of
    that the entity is deceased,
    all of the other complaints in this legal document become null and void.

    Some of the “Sandy Hook parents” show no evidence of being the natural or actual parents of “the deceased child” that they have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for in the fund raising sympathy donations.

    So after those fundamental facts can be legally determined, we can then see who are the liars and who is making “false claims” and who has been defrauded. There have been a probably hundreds of claims by the plaintiffs and I for one would love to see how our rule of law and judges and courts determine what is true or false regarding those claims.

    Defamation charge is a ridiculous joke and this case needs to be thrown out unless the proofs of full identity, parentage, and status of deceased is established.

    Of course, Lenny is an old hand of threatening law suits and is most likely accomplishing something for the Brotherhood of Darkness, aka Deep State, and the controllers of Alex Jones that will be considered advantageous no matter how this plays out.

    Alex will play his role as a fake opponent very well but he is totally in the grasp of the filers of this phony law suit.

    (Attorney Elizabeth Schurig is the attorney for Holly Lev Bronfman, and Holly is the daughter of Edgar Bronfman (Sr.), former chairman and owner of the Seagram’s Company. The billionare Bronfman family are arch zionists.)

    1. We can be sure that that will be established, and really it’s a minor footnote since it is actually fully established and not really a point of contention. Whether there is still a libel suit is still a big question.

  2. If Alex were genuine he would seek to discover some for some vital information:
    (1) certified copies of N.P’s birth and death certificates, along with a full autopsy report; (2) Explanation why N.P.’s alleged burial place is marked with a different name; (3) Explanation as to why photos of N.P. were displayed numerous times as a school shooting victim in Peshawar in 2014. This case will of course be settled voluntarily, generating no new information. Another Punch and Judy Show demonstrating that “conspiracy theorists” are buffoons.

  3. Not going after Fetzer for his Book ‘Nobody Died At Sandy Hook’ but going after the Alex? Hmmm. Sounds to me like they are going after the most high profile guy, not the guy doing the most damage to the official lie. It’s Brinksmanship that I predict will fizzle out in a settlement and never reach discovery. Look what happened to Wolf’s case. Proving this lie would make some good television drama. The Mind Control Ministry programs all you need to know, school shooting du jour and please be generous to the poor. They aren’t coming to disarm us, they would never harm us, just look at above ground nuclear tests

  4. I agree with other commenters. this “lawsuit” is a ruse and imo, a message that you need to be afraid, if you challenge Sandy Hook. Meanwhile, friends tell me that there are several people in Ct. towns- police and firefighters, that know Sandy Hook was a hoax. Even a Mass. judge has privately acknowledged it, according to another friend. If you keep up with the “Recall Dan Malloy” page on fb, you will note that criticizing the $50 million that went to the new SHES, will get you ‘likes” these days- as Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty – (disgraced for enabling a threatening employee) actually arranged to get the creep a job at Sandy Hook Promise. Only in Corrupticut, could this be followed by dems urging Sandy Hook “Parents” to run for Esty’s seat!!! No, ya can’t make this stuff up. lol.

    1. People posting online that they know the families affected will bring the ire of the doubters, I wonder what they think about your unsubstaniated claims about insiders here?

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