In this debut of the MemoryHoleBlog’s news analysis and commentary video series we examine the lawsuits filed against Alex Jones and Infowars’ parent company on April 16, 2018.

In 2017 when Jones was sued by James Alefantis over “Pizzagate” the broadcaster settled out of court and agreed to never use the term again, thus leading the way in chilling investigation and commentary on the scandal. Will the public witness the same tactic used in responding to suits filed by Sandy Hook massacre victims’ families?

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20 thought on “Infowars and the Lawsuits: A Pincer Movement on Free Speech? (Video)”
  1. I can’t blame AJ. He certainly knows this was a fema drill and that there are 100’s of investigative points that do not add up. AJ is flapping in the breeze though, no one with a large platform has come forward and spoken the truth. This is the power of a communistic government that can legally lie to their citizens (ndaa act). AJ is protecting his business and picking his battles. The satanic cabal is trying to litigate IW out of business. Best Regards Professor Tracy, may God give you the strength to stay strong in the face of evil.

  2. Yes – very fishy. The New York Times, deep-state propaganda organ par excellence, has a story about this today that states that Alex Jones, “the right-wing conspiracy theorist who has long claimed the shooting was ‘completely fake’ and ‘a giant hoax’ perpetrated by opponents of the Second Amendment” has also said “I’ve been telling the parents for years I believe their children died…”

    So the press is telling us that the three [fake] parents are suing Jones for defamation due to his false claims that the event was a “hoax,” and it is also telling us that Jones believes the [fake] event was real. Jones has indeed walked the line, alleging at various points that the Sandy Hook “massacre” both did and did not happen.

    At the very least, this [fake] lawsuit was set up to create even more cognitive dissonance in the minds of the already-brainwashed public. If the case is allowed to go forward, it will also put an even greater damper on our speech, as indicated in the MHB video. And is Jones complicit? Looks fishy to me.

    1. Jones is a very entertaining broadcaster and of course would not have an audience otherwise. Yet with key events (others include the alleged computer glitch of 1999-2000, Boston bombing, Ebola, various other dubious mass shootings) he and his enterprise are in lockstep with major media. One can defend this by arguing that he is merely attempting to protect his audience share and so on. But this is a lengthy pattern of misdirection.

      As far as we understand Jones has numerous defenses to the suits filed April 16, not the least of which being that the statute of limitations on defamation suits in Texas is one year. Nevertheless, the headlines have been grabbed. Even if the suits are thrown out on technicalities the MSM will black out the dismissals if they can’t spin it somehow against Jones and the broader truth community he is purportedly represents.

      1. You beat me to it! I was going to point out that every alternate-media journalist on the planet was already pointing to the mountains of evidence that nobody died at Sandy Hook, while AJ was still insisting that he “wasn’t sure” if “maybe” there really was a shooting or not, etc.
        At the time, I thought that he was just being super-conservative about taking a position, since he has been “the tip of the spear,” as he so often proclaims proudly. Fine, you want to be 200% sure of your story before you run with it? I get that.

        But the whole Alefantis thing showed him in a different light. It seems obvious to ME–who have absolutely no intel of any kind btw–that Alefantis somehow threated AJ with losing visitation-rights to his children or something similar. At the time, AJ and his ex-wife were in court over that very issue. For years, AJ always insisted that he would never cave on any issue for any reason… and then he did just that. Again, I totally get it if your kids are #1 in your life–but if you agree to keep mum about child-traffficking and satanic pedophilia among the politicians of Wash DC, how are you any different at the end of the day from CNN?

        1. As Robert David Steele has remarked, the pedophilia rings are probably the foremost Achilles heel of the deepstate. If AJ’s prevented himself from examining one of its greatest manifestations what’s the point?

  3. This new short-form video news commentary is an exciting addition to MHB. Looking forward to the series.

    The video is so well-done, too. The motion-graphics editing is outstanding.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Toni. The formatting is still a bit rough but we intend to improve as we continue.

      What topics might you like to see covered? You can post here or email. BTW this is open for any reader/commenter to make
      suggestions. Thanks again.

      1. I was impressed with how fast you got this out, so the format seems to work really well for current events, though they may not always be easy to turnaround quickly.

        Thanks for offering to consider what topics I would like to see. As far as news, I would for sure tell you any story I thought you should cover, if I thought there was a possibility that you didn’t already know it.

        One of the things I’ve always looked to MHB for, as well as the old ScoopFeed, is your own valuable instinct for the news.

        1. Scoopfeed is gone, unfortunately, and we believe an enemy bought up the url and put something completely empty and nonsensical up. Because we’ve completely moved away from we no longer have access to its blog/newsfeed, and will have to do such manually/from other sources.

  4. Listen to Alex Jones tell us in his “official response” that he believes “Sandy Hook happened,” that it “was actually a police stand-down,” and Adam Lanza really killed all those people when he was “on drugs,” and “had his weapon illegally,” etc. The police stood down, “just like Parkland in Florida.”

    He was “being bullied by internet folks and others to say nobody died.” When he wouldn’t say nobody died, those bullies accused him unfairly of being a crisis actor or a government agent. Poor Alex! Now the corporate media is misrepresenting his coverage to try to set a precedent “to de-platform” everybody on the internet.

  5. Thanks to professor Tracy for an excellent presentation. quote:

    “Bankston told HuffPost he has never before seen cases involving the kind of “mental anguish” these parents are experiencing.
    “I think as a father, it’s a very surreal experience,” Bankston said. “Anyone, parents or not, who spends 15 minutes talking to one of these parents will understand immediately how vile this lie was, and how genuine their pain is.”” Quote:” Mr. Farrar decided to leave his successful practice at V&E to co-found Farrar & Ball, LLP. He now utilizes his professional experience to focus on representing individuals, families, and businesses in complex legal disputes involving a variety of matters. His cases involve product defects, trucking accidents, medical professional liability, contract disputes, business dealings, workplace accidents, premises liability and cases involving the general negligence of others.”

    “Mr. Ball left Adams and Reese and the defense-oriented practice to focus on representing families and individuals who had been wronged by corporate negligence and malfeasance in product liability and catastrophic injury cases. Shortly thereafter he co-founded Farrar & Ball, LLP with the same goal. Mr. Ball has been lead counsel against virtually every major automobile and tire manufacturer, domestic and foreign. Mr. Ball has successfully obtained verdicts and settlements against numerous Fortune 500 companies, including, but not limited to, Michelin North America, Inc., Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Freightliner, LLC, Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, Technical Chemical Company, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, and Michelin Tire Corporation.

    While he does not limit his practice to any one area of the law, Mr. Ball has gained a highly-regarded reputation in the representation of individuals who have been injured as a result of defective consumer products, including automotive and tire defects.”

    “Mark is one of the state’s premier young litigators, having secured a series of noteworthy victories at the trial and appellate level. Since joining the firm in 2010, Mark has helped hundreds of the firm’s clients ensure that wrong-doers are held accountable. His work takes him across the nation as he helps fight for clients in dozens of state and federal courts against some of America’s largest corporate defendants. Mark’s chief concern as an attorney is the protection of working families, and his practice areas have been focused in the areas of corporate negligence, automotive defects, and hazardous medical devices. In 2015, Mark was a leading figure in the creation of national Multi-District Litigation to address a dangerous surgical device known as the “Bair Hugger.” Due to Mark’s pioneering work, thousands of these injured patients nationwide have been given an opportunity for justice. “

    Above are three quotes from the website of the law firm named for the first two Farrar and Ball above. A statement for Mark Bankston is included. The theme of their work is to address issues of safety defects in products among others. If we imagine the Sandy Hook Shooting scenario presented by the government and media likened to a product, then the presentation is clearly defective. Normally a client might have come to these lawyers complaining about the apparent lies by the government as “ defective” and the lawyers would seek to prove and confirm they lied just like they do with products of the many companies listed under lawyer Ball.

    I think these lawyers above have already given us a large hint as to their motives and intentions in this case and they are not truth and justice by exposing the massive “government defect” in the Sandy Hook Hoax. Rather their motives here will be selfish and involve that five letter obscene word MONEY and how much of it they can scam out of Alex Jones and his handlers without addressing one word the the many thousands of words which prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Sandy Hook Shooting event was a massive con job on a duped American Public to promote the gun control agenda and gang rape Americans out of their 2nd Amendment rights to own arms for self defense. Even the propaganda article today in the propaganda organ New York Post did not mention a peep about the massive amount of evidence and facts produced by professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. and his associates in the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”. I would bet none of these “top” litigation lawyers have read it, although it is free, and likely never will. They are too busy chasing ambulances for MONEY.

    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. I think that the pattern of demonizing guns clearly establishes the great lengths that the PTB will go to to grease the rails for gun confiscation. Of course, root issues, like mobbing and toxic social order will never be examined as the proximate cause for most of these shootings. The Swiss have more guns, per capita, than we do and yet they have less “motiveless” mass shootings. Europeans use a good deal of psychoactive drugs, SSRI’s, etc., and they have less “motiveless” mass shootings. These comparisons will never be made by the media and true root causes will be ignored.

      More on point to your comment, I can see eventual class action tort litigation being used by “top” litigation lawyers, as the state exhausts all of its tactical options to effectively repeal the Second Amendment.

  6. Thanks again for getting this superb blog back online, and kudos for this video presentation.

    It is getting entirely lonesome for those of us who are awake to these atrocities of staged media. Most of our friends have defiled themselves parroting the “conspiracy theorist” humbug. In other words, the friendships are gone. My husband and I are grateful to have this forum in the dearth of understanding we otherwise face.

    Just one detail – the word ‘victims’ (e.g. “victims’ families’) might better be adorned with the qualifier “alleged victim…”

  7. Re Jones: it amazes me the credence people put in Jones, what with his psychedelic background and all the shebang of his studio effects. Once again, follow the money. He has a little too much to be some kind of fledgling outsider. FWIW Americans floor me with their incapacity to analyze finance. All these warring factions are said to rise up here and there in the world, sporting arms that probably cost as much as a new pickup apiece. Where oh where might Afghani goat farmers be doing such pricey trade? The central banking creeps have been agitating and arming wars for centuries. No one else could afford it. Now that media is such a weapon, toss Alex Jones in with all the rest of the inexplicable finance miracles.

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