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As you may be aware, YouTube is on a censorship rampagegutting all content (and shutting down all accounts) that dare to question the “official” story on the Parkland, Florida shooting. Today, I’ve learned that YouTube is now going back in time and issuing strikes against videos questioning the Sandy Hook narrative from 2012.

Mere hours after I publicly called for the regulation of Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, YouTube issued a strike against my account for a 2012 interview with a controversial book author named Jim Fetzer. That interview, which has now been banned by YouTube, focused on why banned Fetzer’s book. (Yes, YouTube bans an interview about a book being banned by Amazon. This is the new Orwellian tyranny put in place by the tech giants… you can’t even talk about censorship without being censored.)

TruthandArtTV YouTube Channel Now Under Attack:

Fetzer’s provocative book title is, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” and in the book, he claims the entire event was staged in an abandoned school that had no active students or teachers to begin with. Before you render an opinion about that, perhaps you could download Fetzer’s book here (PDF) and see what evidence he presents. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with Fetzer’s theory, the fact that banned the book was fascinating news. That’s the news I covered in interviewing Fetzer. sells all sorts of outrageous books making all kinds of ridiculous claims… but a controversial book on Sandy Hook gets priority censorship

Keep in mind that sells books that claim the Earth is flat. They also sell books that promote Adolf Hitler’s genocidal philosophy. But when someone questions the official story on Sandy Hook, they get blacklisted. That’s news! (And that’s why I interviewed Fetzer about censorship.)


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6 thought on “YouTube Now Scrubbing Older SANDY HOOK shooting Videos as Content Purge Intensifies”
  1. Let’s not forget Wolfgang Halbig is still fighting the lie of Sandy Hook. Leonard Pozner initiated a suit against Halbig in a Florida court. Eventually, he withdrew because Halbig hung in there and would not be intimidated any longer. Pozner dropped the case and I believe Halbig is now suing him for expenses. In any case, Halbig is now on top of the Parkland shooting and at last word has intentions of initiating a class action suit.
    My question in all of these false flags is “where are the Coroners Reports?”
    As an aside, Hogg has been caught in an outright lie in regard to his presence at the shooting…..caught red-handed….undeniable!

    1. Perhaps the judge received “special counsel.” After our recent experience in the federal judicial process thus far there’s no degree of lies, contradiction or corruption that would surprise us.

      1. So true, although I despise having to accept what we have become. I’m an “older” timer and remember the 50’s when there was a modicum of trust in this system. What we now have is deplorable.
        But, thank you for returning.
        I also might want to mention that Halbig can be reached by telephone. Last I looked, he was listed and enjoys getting supportive calls and could use any donations to go ahead with his efforts. The man has a set, for sure!

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