People need to pay attention to “what’s true and what’s not,” he said.

[Editor’s Note: We have reached truly Orwellian proportions when the president calls out public discussion and “fake news.” What makes this a real howler is that Obama has presided over countless government and media-constructed events at home and abroad alongside the 2012 repeal of the 1948 Smith-Mindt Act banning psychological operations targeting the American public ]

Marina Fang
The Huffington Post

President Barack Obama on Thursday pointed to the profusion of fake news on social media as a sign that people should not take democracy for granted.

In a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama warned that the ease with which people can promulgate fraudulent news stories threatens basic democratic principles.

“In an age where there’s so much active misinformation ― and it’s packaged very well, and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook page or you turn on your television ― where some overzealousness on the part of, you know, a U.S. official is equated with constant and severe repression elsewhere, if everything seems to be the same, and no distinctions are made, then we won’t know what to protect,” Obama said.

“We won’t know what to fight for, and we can lose so much of what we’ve gained in terms of the kind of democratic freedoms and market-based economies and prosperity that we’ve come to take for granted,” he added.


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11 thought on “Obama: Fake News On Facebook Hurts Democracy”
  1. Another air-head, government mouthpiece from the HP:

    “If we can not differentiate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems”. -Obama

    Then why did you repeal the Smith-Mundt Act in 2013 when government is the number one source of information released by the media???The purpose of the post-WW2 Act was to prevent propagandizing the domestic audience as was done in NAZI Germany. What don’t you understand about “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”???

  2. Wow the criminal hypocrisy,
    a Muslim that was groomed to be APPOINTED to the Presidency,
    lies about his birth, college, homosexuality, gay prostitution, crack/drug usage, sellout and traiitor to the American people with NWO agenda, tied at the hip with the Clinton Crime Family, wars, State sponsored terrorism, fake shooting hoaxes…
    the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves

  3. “Flip the Script & Project”… invert reality a perfect 180 degrees. It’s these satanists’ signature lying MO.

    “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories, about the attacks of September 11th.”

  4. Oh, look. It’s a picture of two frauds, both traitors to their people. (except in Barry case. He’s never betrayed Kenya.)
    They’re acting all goofy and stuff. It’s sooooo funny.
    Looks like they are receiving their pre-programmed instructions for the day while they stare into the MK-Ultra boxes.
    “You will destroy the internet.”
    “You will destroy the internet.”
    “You will destroy the internet.”
    Barry and Merkel speaking in unison: “We will destroy the internet.”

  5. So, we’ve now been declared incompetent to judge information for ourselves, eh?

    Actually, I’d have to agree with that, for the most part. Regardless, it’s amoral to pretend there is a way to justly restrict flows of opinions and information. Just as equally it is amoral to pretend that mainstream sources of “news” are anything but wholly corrupted and unreliable.

    That much has been proven. The facade of journalistic integrity has been torn asunder. Fortunately, we’re left with the verifiable proof of collusion between the DNC and media outlets which should be used punitively to rectify this as a matter of defiled public trust. We shall see.

    Here’s an interesting story, one for which I have screenshots and captures.

    On August 7th, 2016, I ran across the front page of Yahoo News and there prominently displayed was the following; “Trump: You people really believed me?”. It went on with the snippet, “In a turn of events that shocked the political world and threw the presidential race into unprecedented turmoil, Donald J. Trump announced yesterday that…”, with a link to a story from the Charlotte Observer.

    The byline credited the retired editor, Walker Lundy, and even included a picture of the man. The story was as follows (I doubt anyone’s willing to claim copyright):


    By Walker Lundy

    Special to the Observer

    In a turn of events that shocked the political world and threw the presidential race into unprecedented turmoil, Donald J. Trump announced yesterday that he is quitting the race and endorsing Hillary Clinton.

    Trump said the only point of his campaign was to show how stupid and gullible many Republican voters are.

    “I’ve been a Democrat all of my adult life,” Trump told a packed and boisterous news conference. “But I knew if I ran as a Republican and said increasingly ridiculous, idiotic, racist and sexist things that I would get a lot of votes.”

    But he said he had no idea he would be able to win the Republican nomination and poll 40 percent or better in a national race against Clinton.

    “Did people really believe that I could build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and get the Mexicans to pay for it?” Trump asked, “and that we could deport 11 million illegal aliens? That’s ridiculous. How could we possibly do that?”

    Trump said he wanted to show just how gullible the far-right wing was and how weak-kneed Republican leaders were.

    “Even after I made racist statements about that judge and attacked a Gold Star family, the Republican leadership continued to endorse me,” Trump said. “Man, what does it take to get tossed out of the Republican Party?”

    He also pointed out that he had offered no real solutions to any of the country’s problems and nobody, even the news media, took much notice that “there was no there there in my campaign,” he said.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan, while expressing shock at Trump’s announcement, said, “After I thought about it a bit, I realized this made a lot more sense then the campaign he was running. The joke’s on us.”

    Fifty-one Republicans immediately announced their candidacy to replace Trump on the ballot.

    Asked if he felt any remorse about fooling so many people, Trump answered in typical Trumpian style: “No. They’re all losers.”

    Walker Lundy is a former Observer metro editor and Philadelphia Inquirer executive editor. Email:

    Looks like a poor attempt mimicking an Onion article. Yet, someone with editorial power allowed this to be posted on the CO. Then, someone at Yahoo had no problem adding this to their main page. I doubt either one believed it to be legitimate.

    There is no respect for the gravity of responsibility in mainstream media outlets anymore. That is a total disrespect of their viewers and those journalists who do take their jobs seriously, placing themselves in harm’s way attempting to inform the world.

    If one can’t remove partiality and special interests from mainstream media, then you can’t decry the legitimacy of alternative sources. Further, if you believe in the people’s right to choice and free speech, you can’t arbitrarily stifle their voices. The same piece of data can be interpreted differently between two people. It’s the observers decision whom to believe.

  6. Fake news? Listen to John Kirby spokesman for the States Deoartment when he is questioned by a Rt journalist on specific information which he is unable to answer. Western media are the propaganda bullhorn. Intelligent people know how to discern propaganda.

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