[Democratic Party operatives clearly believed they could steal the 2016 Presidential Election for Hillary Clinton, just as they had done for her in the Democratic Primary. This is suggested, for example, in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s November 8 remarks on PBS’s NewsHour, where she exhibited strong confidence in a Clinton victory. This no doubt is the type of hubris that drove much of the electorate to vote against the incumbent party. Further, Dems chose an embodiment of establishment incompetence, insincerity and corruption who remarkably failed to even inspire her own purported base to turn out the vote, CNN observes. Still, as this brief article below suggests, the public will likely never know the Republican candidate’s true margin of victory, -Ed.]

Doug Steil
Aletho News

As luck would have it Hillary Clinton’s landslide loss was so big that massive election fraud by Democratic Party operatives in various cities could not overcome her deficit.

The “shock” by insiders of having lost obviously reflects their earlier certainty of prevailing, which hints at the extent of their vote rigging schemes. The unverifiable system of voting in America is so flawed that foreign observers are now being blocked from monitoring US elections. The topic of fraud can no longer be swept under the rug.

Surely Clinton and the media will try to make a big deal of having “received more votes” than Trump in the popular vote total, which according to the current tabulation has already occurred, with an even higher differential to come once West Coast state results are all counted.

Those inside the DC Beltway and within elite campuses will claim that this is “unfair” and that Hillary really “should have won”.

However, this assertion should be vociferously challenged. Surely this surplus is artificial. Is it really possible that so many Americans would have ignored the prospect of going to war with Russia?

The question needs to be raised publicly: How many hundreds of thousand votes were switched from Trump to Clinton altogether and how many invalid (illegal) votes were registered for her?

Aside from that — assuming all the votes were legitimate — the electoral college system is intended to prevent, say, a concentration of votes in urban centers to the detriment of rural voters across the country. As is the case in Maine and Nebraska, voters in individual states can decide how to allocate their electoral votes, so it doesn’t have to be a winner-take-all system.

It is a tribute to the designers of the US Constitution that the Electoral College mechanism still exists. It’s almost as if though they might also have already suspected long ago that there could be illicit efforts in the future to change an election outcome simply by stuffing the ballots in a few locations. The indirect US electoral system has saved the country from a big crisis brought on by election fraud. Instead of changing the Constitution future election reforms should focus on making vote fraud impossible or extremely difficult to carry out.

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25 thought on “Trump’s Victory Should Not Obfuscate Election Fraud”
  1. Spent the last two days ordering on Amazon. Spoke with representatives in Philippines, India and South Africa. Realized the one world guv is all set up. Meaning the fall of Babylon won’t interrupt all services. Almost all US ports are owned by the “enemies” we went broke to fight. A world economy ticking along thanks to the traitors under guises like NAFTA, TPP etc. This is why “they” chose someone blinded by greed, a caricature of himself, all the more a Humpty Dumpty to enjoy a great fall. An egotistical rich one incapable of perceiving the snare in the grass.

    The fall of Babylon will be an inside job. Planned for a long, long time. Ask Kay Griggs.

    1. Actually US ports aren’t owned by foreigners. The 15 largest have a total of about 100 terminals. 60 operated by foreign entities, mostly shipping lines: China, Denmark, Singapore, South Korea.
      Singapore owns most of a company that operates terminals in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Two Chinese companies, both with close ties to the Chinese government, manage terminals in New York, Long Beach, and other places. And the government of Venezuela owns all or part of marine terminal management at ports in Pennsylvania and Maine.

      Source: Bob Waters of SSA Marine, US largest shipping operator.

      But, horsegirl, your point that US oligarchs intend, and are building, a global govt run by them to our great detriment is certainly correct. The pretend opposition of the Chinese and Russian oligarchs is ridiculous, since there cd be no better guarantee that their citizens will never be able to overthrow their illegitimate wealth & power than if they go along with the NWO.

      But I do caution you, horsegirl, not to despair. The 1% of the 1% are few. We 99% are many, and increasingly awake.

      Regards, don’t let the traitors get you down.

  2. It is a fascinating set of developments to observe. But the electoral college was set up to insure the interests of the wealthy land owning class of the American revolutionary and slavery era against the common free man’s political expression. There’s nothing admirable about the extra layer of oligarchy control that the electoral college represents.

    1. Vic, the electoral college system, by definition, preserves the power of each state in the selection of the president. Electoral college votes are distributed by population, plus each state is guaranteed a minimum number. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_College_(United_States)

      I don’t see how this can be interpreted as oligarchical. You know, there are more than a few writers and academics who seek to pile scorn on the motives of our forebears. This is part of the program to separate our loyalties from our own nation– the more easily to incorporate us into the wretched NWO where we will no longer be afforded rights & protections.

      To denigrate one’s own is not necessarily a mark of morality or maturity. Sometimes it just means that you believe what you’ve read without reflecting on the motive of the writer.

  3. Also, how many voters were removed by the Republican “Double Voter” data mining fraud?
    Let’s consider everthing.
    I know my vote counted, I votedon’t for Stein/Baraka and the DNC got my message loud and clear.

  4. Denying the people their right to a representational government should be classed along the lines of treason. The penalties should be commensurate. Organized voter fraud should be treated as one of the greatest threats to our nation.

    Amazing that you never hear of ATMs handing out basketfuls of cash from other people’s accounts. Yet, it seems our voting machines are rife with “software errors” and in need of “recalibration”.

    If we are to continue with electronic voting machines then we need to have redundancy and include with the ability to verify our vote at a later date. If deed and plat information is available online, election commissions should create portals for voter access so one might verify their vote. This would also allow for citizen participation in an audit of votes.

    It goes without saying that government ID matched with physical address should be required to vote. Registration should be checked against the Social Security Death Index and any address with more than five voters present be outputted for closer inspection. It’s the age of computers, none of this would require a great effort, or expense.

    The right of the people to vote for their representational government is sacrosanct, and should be treated that way.

    Obama and his encouraging of illegals to vote was spitting on the graves of every veteran who’s ever given his life in defending this country.

    1. Only paper ballots, counted and posted in public at the precincts is acceptable. Perhaps a purple finger. Germany has ruled that paper ballots are the only constitutional form of voting.
      Most important issue, thanks.

    2. Great comment, Jack. Personally, I’m in favor of paper ballots counted locally & publicly at each polling place– without being transported ANYwhere. Each polling place then phones the results to each State’s central location which publishes the results by polling place, where the observers can verify it. I regard computerized counting as secret counting; any software can be rigged. http://blackboxvoting.org/the-truth-about-exit-polls-and-vote-counts/

  5. Encouraging illegals to vote is voter fraud and treason by a sitting Prez,
    lets hope the email investigation nets a lot of organized criminals along with the Clinton Cabal

  6. Thanks a lot for writing about the most important issue to come out of this election.

    It’s a miracle that Trump won because the Democrat Party has engaged in MASSIVE vote fraud to enable the current state of affairs of Clinton leading in the popular vote nationwide. Here is the current tally:


    With just over two-thirds of California’s votes counted, there is no way that Trump can now win the popular vote, since the remainder of California’s count will see him trailing by a further 1.2 million votes.

    For every one of the 538 electoral votes, there are between 100,000 and 250,000 votes that were cast for Trump but were changed to votes for Clinton through vote fraud. This equates to between 5.4 million and 13.5 million votes nationwide. The USA has approximately 3,000 counties. This level of voter fraud equates to between 1,800 and 4,500 fraudulent votes per county. Each county has a population in the order of 100,000 on average and contains in the order of 50,000 registered voters on average. The levels of vote fraud I espoused only represent between 3.6% and 9% of the total votes cast on average. Therefore, it is entirely feasible that this level of vote fraud is occurring. It may even be higher.

    The common denominator to all of this vote fraud is the Democrat Party. The criminal culture of the Democrat Party, which has now been proven, is the reason that systemic vote fraud like this can occur right across the country.

    Does anybody really believe that Trump failed to gain a majority in the popular vote when his campaign rallys had much higher attendance than Clinton’s and when activity on his Facebook page from his supporters was much higher than activity on Clinton’s Facebook page?

    1. This brings us to the question of whether or not the investigations into the Clinton Crime Factory should start/continue after Trump takes office. Obama is now considering pardons for all the wretched crooks who aided him in his attempt to destroy America in any number of ways. He will comply, stating that “vengeance should not enter the political arena”. He seeks to destroy America but we are supposed to be forgiving????
      String up the Clintons…..time for some frontier justice.

      1. Perhaps a work-around can be had by not coming down with official guilty verdicts before Obama leaves office. That way there is nothing on record that he could pardon the Clinton crime family for.

    2. And just how do you know these votes cast for Trump were changed in favor of Hillary??? How can you prove voter fraud? Its really just speculation isnt it?

      Personally I cannot stand Hillary… and did not vote for her…..but I find it hard to believe so many voted for the obnoxious, bigot billionaire reality TV show star…. as well……

      The Oilgarchs were not fooled and it wont be long before you see who Trump really works for….. and it aint us…

    3. I don’t believe Trump was elected, I believe this was arranged, voting was skewed in oh so many ways, apparently there was a power struggle among the powers that be but Trump and his VP are there because he was was anointed, the direction may have changed for the moment but the same people are still in control, nothing has changed

  7. According to Richard Charnin, Trump likely won the popular vote with 48.9% to Clinton’s 44.4%, with independents taking 4.2%:
    Charnin correctly predicted the Trump victory weeks before it happened. The actual vote was just not close enough to steal electronically without exposing our fraudulent voting system. They had to let Trump win, but made a point of robbing him of his mandate.The CFR controlled shadow government will just slither back into its hole and wait for the next opportunity to destabilize and intervene. Expect lots of Soros funded street protests in the coming weeks.

  8. I’m all for the overall vote fraud issue of this article; but where it (and a couple reader comments) go off track IMHO, is pinning the mainly electronic voter fraud on “Clintons/the DemRats”.

    AFAIC the whole fake “election” system introduced with 2001’s mockingly named “Help America Vote Act” (HAVA) was a product of the alphabet spook agencies, in service to their real bosses: the NWO banksters. TPTB/NWO obviously have a problem with a fullly honest/transparent/auditable election process, given that their global tyranny agenda isn’t in the lower 99.x percent’s best interests.

    I was active in the “verifiable voting” movement circa ’04 when the blackbox/fake “election” nightmare was coming into focus. I recall the question of why the software running these blackboxes was allowed to be closed-source/secret/proprietary rather than open-source & inspectable by anyone? The official answer as smugly disseminated by the NWO-propaganda-MSM was how the blackbox supplying corp’s (then Diebold & others) had a legitimate need to protect their investments in the software they developed, and the NWO media dismissed any further questions/discussion of it. Imagine, software tasked with a simple 1+1=2 job which any beginner programmer could write; software depended on at the core of our (pretend) democracy, yet allowed to be ‘secret’. I also recall a bill in Congress to prohibit all wireless tech capabilities in the blackboxes, which was quietly, bipartisanly dismissed.

    The above only makes sense when accepting that the current HAVA pretend-“election” process is fully, ‘invisibly’ corrupt/manipulable from its inception BY DESIGN by TPTB/NWO. I recall watching the propaganda-MSM’s post ’04 “election” coverage, where WRT voter’s impressions of the new HAVA blackboxes, they paraded out exiting voter after voter who gushed about how they loved it; so simple & easy, oh such an improvement!! No dissenting opinions to be heard.

    Point is, the HAVA pretend voting system is a product of, and under the full control of the NWO banksters through their spook agency proxies, aided by their propaganda-MSM in pretending it’s all so legit… not “the clintons/DemRats.”

    1. I’ll add, given my belief above re our HAVA/fake “election outcomes” being under full NWO bankster control– following is what I believe happened wrt Trump’s recent “upset victory” (as the MSM has labored to discharacterize it…). I read this 2-part blog which makes the case for DT’s being a de facto mossad controlled sexual deviate/pedo:


      Some of the reader comments there, dated ~1 week before the 11/8 fake “election”, speculate that the NWO may have switched horses from HRC to DT; but with a ‘photo-finish’ pretend vote outcome, perhaps with the popular vote vs electoral college disparity which we’ve since seen the official fake election outcome reflect– no ‘mandate’ for DT. I’d personally guess DT’s real lead over HRC, both through the couple months preceding 11/8, and in the TRUE 11/8 vote outcome, was in the double digits somewhere… in spite of the NWO-Propaganda-MSM’s incessant pre-election pushing of fake latest poll numbers indicating HRC leading… psyop’ing the electorate in preparation for her seemingly inevitable installment as POTUS. You’ve all seen Newsweek’s now infamous “Madame President” edition, on sale before the fake election, yes?!

      Well it did appear the NWO/backroom machinations were furiously in play in the 1-2 weeks prior to 11/8… Comey’s re-opening then re-closing of FBI’s HRC investigation; the ongoing Wikileaks disclosures including some tips of TPTB’s ritual satanic abuse/pedo iceberg, team-HRC’s purchasing a NYC fireworks show 1-2 weeks before the fake election then cancelling it the day before, etc. This all after months of blatant MSM pro-HRC anti-Trump psyop’ing of the public. So it does appear to me that TPTB/NWO did in fact switch horses around the last minute; and their MSM was/is still in disarray as to how they should spin things come 11/8.

      The Soros/MoveOn orchestrated “protests” last night are a whole ‘nother tar baby to discuss! I did notice how, at least CNN, went wall to wall on that synthetic “story” for a few hours last night… that’s always a psyop ‘tell’…

      1. Hi maxgall

        I’m with you that Trump is a Freemason and controlled opposition. Thanks a lot for your research, which I’ve passed on to others.

        Do you think what happened is that Donald Trump was never intended to win? The synagogue of Satan (what you refer to as “The Powers That Be” – TPTB) wanted a boorish opponent for Hillary in the form of Trump to improve her chances of winning. They thought that this would turn people towards voting for Hillary. However the people had the last laugh and voted for Trump anyway because he represented an agenda that they wanted to see progress and because many of them couldn’t bear to vote for Hillary. I think many people knew that Trump is controlled opposition but voted for him anyway in order to drive the reform they’re seeking.

        Do you think that TPTB were always intending to rig the vote in favour of Clinton (as evidenced by her winning the popular vote)? What they didn’t count on was Trump’s supporters ramping up their monitoring of fraud so that Trump ended up winning the electoral college vote.

        I don’t think that Trump was ever intended to win. They tried to rig the vote but they couldn’t control the outcome. The people are too powerful for them. I think that’s the take-home message. It should be an encouragement to every American.

  9. I talked to 70 Bernie People the day before the election and 67 were writing in Votes for Bernie. That was a full blown phenomenon that told me Hillary couldn’t win if a few million democrats were voting for a candidate not officially running. The talking heads spent the next two days trying to figure out what happened, but I already knew the day before. 95% of Bernie’s People were writing him in on my sampling. So I cut that number in half and said 50% of all Bernie Supporters have a chance of writing him in. 12 million people voted Bernie officially in the primaries. With the Write in Vote Pact, 6 million people might have voted for Bernie and those votes will never be talked about. My official guess is 3,930,000 love Bernie so much, they wrote him in. 18,000 voted for Bernie In Vermont alone. We should have a vote total soon on the Bern effect. #feelthebern

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