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(November 3, 2016)


This post may be the most important post you’ll read on not just the 2016 election, but the entire electoral system that legitimates the U.S. republic of representative democracy. The post is long, with multiple sections, so pace yourself accordingly. I suggest you bookmark this webpage so that you can return to read or re-read.

Jim Stone first posted about this two days ago on Nov. 1, 2016.

Unsure about Stone, who calls himself an “independent journalist” (based in Japan) and who writes in a less-than-clear or reader-friendly manner, I refrained from writing about his post.

Then InfoWars picked this issue up a day later on November 2.

What is claimed is that a hidden web site of NBC affiliate WRCBtv in Chattanooga, Tenn., shows pre-determined final vote counts for an election that hasn’t yet occurred — the 2016 presidential election scheduled for November 8.

Below is a screenshot Jim Stone took of the election results on WRCBtv’s hidden webpage, showing Hillary Clinton winning with 343 electoral votes and 42% of the popular vote. As Stone puts it: “SCAM ELECTION ALREADY CONFIRMED. TRUMP LOSES.”


Stone and InfoWars say the predetermined election results are provided by Worldnow.com.

So what is WorldNow?

This is what Wikipedia says, with a lot of jargon:

“WorldNow is a New York-based software company . . . [that] offers the only integrated media platform enabling broadcasters, operators and media companies to easily create, acquire, manage, analyze, monetize and distribute media assets (text, images and videos) across all digital platforms and on-air systems in a unified, end-to-end workflow . . . . Worldnow’s customers include CBS, COX, Dispatch, Fox Television, Meredith Corporation, Media General and Raycom Media . . . . On July 29, 2015, WorldNow announced its sale to Frankly, a San Francisco-based provider of white label social media services and mobile messaging apps . . . . In 2012, Fox Television Stations migrated its websites to WorldNow’s platform . . . becoming WorldNow’s second largest client (as of 2015, they have since switched to Lakana). In 2011, Meredith Corporation . . . began a four-year contract with WorldNow to operate its station websites. In January 2013, Media General reached a deal to move its eighteen stations to WorldNow, beginning with WFLA-TV.”

A “media platform” is a “platform,” medium or means of communicating news, such as a newspaper, TV station, Facebook,Twitter, or even a blog like FOTM.

I typed “worldnow.com” in the URL bar of my laptop, but was brought to the webpage of Frankly Inc. with this URL:http://franklyinc.com/.

Frankly’s “About” page says:

WorldNow, the original broadcast arm of Frankly, was founded in 1999. We now serve over 200 stations across the United States as a true partner, offering customization services and strategic trainings on industry best practices for user engagement and monetization.

 Frankly’s “Investors” page says:

Our customers include NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX affiliates, as well as top fashion brands, professional sports franchises and global organizations.”

 In other words, WorldNow is a media software company that provides real-time data – such as election results – to local TV news stations like WRCBtv.

You can verify this for yourself by going on WRCBtv’s website:http://www.wrcbtv.com/. Scroll down to the bottom of WRCBtv’s webpage, and you’ll see this in the bottom left of the webpage:


WRCBtv.com is “powered by frankly” and Frankly is the owner of WorldNow. In other words, WorldNow provides the content or the news for WRCBtv.com.

Stone claims that for now, WRCBtv.com’s (predetermined) election results page is hidden, awaiting WorldNow to publicly post the (fake) election results sometime in the evening of November 8, Election Day.

I can verify that the webpage is currently hidden. Here’s what I did:

  • I typed “ftpcontent2.worldnow.com/wrcb/elections/elections.html”in the URL bar, but was brought to a McAfee Web Advisor pagewarning of “Trouble ahead” and asking me”Are you sure you want to go there?”
  • I then did a Yahoo search for “WRCBtv.com decision 2016”. My search’s results pagehas this at the top:


Note that it says “Decision 2016: Complete Election Results Posted.”


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7 thought on “Predetermined Vote Counts Show Nov. 8 Presidential Election Is Rigged in Favor of Hillary Clinton”
  1. I caught this this past Wednesday when Stone originally published it. At the time the results were still filled.

    The story was that this was simply dummy data testing the template. Stone is adamant it is not, based on the fact that by looking at the html source he could see it was hard-coded. His error is in thinking that he would see the script by looking at the source code. That would require a misconfiguration of the server to allow executable pages to be viewed. The outputted page would of course appear to be hard-coded, it’s already been parsed for viewing and remote from the actual script.

    Another dead giveaway is the fact the header image is included (it shouldn’t be) as a down-sampled version of the one they use on the site. It’s just a mock-up.

    I caught a page from my local paper doing the same thing via their RSS feed. Only they at least had a bolded, “For testing only, not for publication” underneath the headline, and it was deleted within a couple of hours.


  2. Mr. Tracy, you seem to be a patriot.

    But as you may well know 99% of the people who blog here have said that they’re so well educated that voting is elementary and they will leave it to the illegal aliens and the Democratic Party with their buses going voting booth voting booth to determine the presidency because it’s already been planned years in advance.

    Pls Vote this time for the Republic if not just for your children and grandchildren.

    No, I’m not stupid or naive. This is how THIS Game must be played this round.

    Landslide or lose all…

    1. I hate to be the voice of dissent here and we all know without a doubt that the elections have been tampered with on a large scale for quite some time, but you can bet that there is a Trump version. Stone states emphatically that the barcode disproves it, but how? Why would you print a magazine without a barcode and why wouldn’t the two versions not share the same one?

      I suppose if you had inside information you could save yourself quite a bit by only having to publish one version, but its existence doesn’t prove a thing. He seems to take issue with that fact the magazine *could* be published remotely so there wouldn’t be need of two issues, but that’s just conjecture and neither one of us knows how their distribution channels are operated.

      At any rate, I suppose anything that fires more people up to get out and NOT vote a criminal and her cabal in is a good thing. It’s going to take a lot of real voters to outweigh the fraud.

  3. Said it before, this Stone chap is a person of interest. Not sure what the interest is, but the subliminal sense is picking up some strange frequency vibrations. I can’t be the only one here with these sorts of questions, can I?

  4. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/11/08/trump-campaign-sues-over-late-nevada-polling-place-hours.html
    Quote from above article:
    “The Donald Trump campaign on Monday sued the registrar of voters in Nevada’s Clark County, alleging a polling station was kept open late last week in violation of state law, Fox News confirmed.
    The lawsuit, filed in Nevada state court, asked that the county’s ballots be kept separate pending any future legal challenges.
    Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, asserted the later hours were granted in order to boost Democratic early-voting turnout.
    “Trump campaign petition asks to preserve early voting records,” Clark County spokesperson Dan Kulin said in a statement. “This is required by state law & so it is something we are already doing.”
    Charles Muñoz, the Trump campaign’s Nevada State Director, alleged that Clark County employees were facilitating the “illegal activity.”
    “The incidents that occurred on Friday night should be troubling to anyone who is interested in free and fair elections,” Muñoz said in a statement. “Voters who showed up after the scheduled closing times at selected locations were allowed to vote, while those who were not able to make it to other early voting sites by the posted closing times were denied the right to cast their ballots.””
    This is exactly the kind of “innocent” unfair and fraudulent activity which can happen at voting precincts as discussed in the above previous post. Frankly ordinary citizens should be monitoring these areas with certain officers there to enforce instant challenges like this one.

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