“Many motivations … not limited to any single population, region, or ideology.”

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The following plan was released by the Executive Office of the President of the United States on October 19, 2016.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-11-12-24-pmStrategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States

Page Count: 18 pages
Date: October 2016
Restriction: None
Originating Organization: Executive Office of the President of the United States
File Type: pdf

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In 2011, the United States adopted the Strategy for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States (Strategy) and a corresponding Strategic Implementation Plan. Since publication, the mission to prevent violent extremism has progressed, and violent extremist threats have continued to evolve. The overall goal of the Strategy and United States Government efforts to implement it remains unchanged: to prevent violent extremists and their supporters from inspiring, radicalizing, financing, or recruiting individuals or groups in the United States to commit acts of violence.

This updated Strategic Implementation Plan responds to the current dynamics of violent extremism and reflects experiences and knowledge acquired over the last five years. It replaces the 2011 Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States.

The Current Environment

Violent extremism is a persistent and dangerous problem in the United States, and single instances can have far-reaching consequences. Violent extremists have many motivations and are not limited to any single population, region, or ideology. Over time, different forms of violent extremism have come to the fore, and new forms will likely emerge in the future.

In many ways, the threat of violent extremism today is more challenging than ever before. Violent extremists have demonstrated an ability to entice people to travel great distances, to direct attacks, and to inspire others to act from afar. They have utilized the Internet and other technologies, specifically social media platforms, as a means to reach a greater number of people in more places, tailor messages to appeal to different audiences, and reach out to potential recruits individually.

There is no single cause of or pathway to violent extremism. This requires a comprehensive response that empowers stakeholders at the local level. Local stakeholders are most likely to be able to address the drivers of violent extremism or interact with someone who needs support to avoid becoming radicalized to violence. This Plan aims to ensure that all stakeholders have the knowledge and tools they need to prevent individuals from supporting or committing an act of violence.

Meeting the Challenge

As the Strategy states and this Plan reaffirms, strong and resilient local communities are the most effective means of safeguarding individuals in the United States against violent extremist recruitment and radicalization. Resilient communities are those where violent extremists routinely meet disinterest and opposition and where recruitment attempts regularly fail. Such communities know what tools and support are available to assist individuals that may be on a path towards violence.

At the outset, it is important to clarify the scope of this effort. The term “countering violent extremism,” or CVE, refers to proactive actions to counter efforts by extremists to recruit, radicalize, and mobilize followers to violence. Fundamentally, CVE actions intend to address the conditions and reduce the factors that most likely contribute to recruitment and radicalization by violent extremists. Where possible, CVE should be incorporated into existing programs related to public safety, resilience, inclusion, and violence prevention. This Plan addresses all forms of violent extremism and will be carried out in partnership with non-government stakeholders. CVE efforts do not include gathering intelligence or performing investigations for the purpose of criminal prosecution.

In 2015, the United States Government performed a review to ensure that it is optimally organized to carry out the CVE mission. Representatives from ten departments and agencies identified four necessary components: infrastructure to coordinate and prioritize CVE activities across the Federal Government and with stakeholders; clear responsibility, accountability, and communication internally and with the public; broad participation of departments and agencies outside national security lanes; and a process to assess, prioritize, and allocate resources to maximize impact. In response, the interagency CVE Task Force was established to: (1) synchronize and integrate whole-of-government CVE programs and activities; (2) conduct ongoing strategic planning; and (3) assess and evaluate CVE efforts.

The CVE Task Force brings together experts from DHS, DOJ, FBI, NCTC, and a variety of other Federal departments and agencies. Its work is organized into four lines of effort: Research and Analysis; Engagement and Technical Assistance; Interventions; and Communications and Digital Strategy. The lines of effort align with the Strategy’s three priority action areas: (1) enhancing engagement with and support to local communities; (2) building government and law enforcement expertise for preventing violent extremism; and (3) countering violent extremist propaganda while promoting our ideals. (See Table 1.) These tenets guide the work of departments, agencies, and the CVE Task Force in carrying out this Plan. Implementation will begin under current funding levels, though future dedicated funding will be required to fully realize the goals of the Strategy.

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29 thought on “Obama Admin Renews Campaign Against “Violent Extremism””
  1. This is nothing more than cracking down on dissent from the organized crime that is the Obama Regime and his handlers,
    this is an act of tyranny against the American people, this is a sham and it is the continuation of tyrannical laws like the (so called) patriot Act, and it is nothing more than the criminalization of patriots in the USA-this is true Nazism in our Country

    1. Meanwhile, as usual, most Americans seem to be willfully unaware/ignorant of anything going/has gone terribly wrong in the country except what meaningless garbage the puppets.. I mean candidates for President will do/say next or which useless, volatile TV show/ Lying News Networks to watch. Very disheartening to know the only ones aware of what’s really going on, (us) or at least know enough to realize something drastic should be done soon, are being systematically demonized and plotted against by the very corrupt ‘government’ (and their masters) that most of said sheeple think genuinely care about their/our welfare…Too few aware to do much about the situation. So it would seem anyway.. Maybe I’m totally wrong on all accounts…

  2. little brown mass-murderering monster. let’s hope TheDrone for Justice finds ‘It’s’ righteous target soon. And the New Nuremburg Trial hangs all the devils!

  3. Here is a DHS.gov blog post introducing the above document. What a tediously verbose title: “The Strategic Implementation Plan to Empower Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States.”

    The DHS post reiterates the government’s obsession with controlling online internet activity, you know, where people go to get “radicalized.”

    Notice also how the examples of violent extremism that these strategic partnerships are claiming to counter are the very false flag events they conduct themselves. No surprise there.

    And how ominous is this? A population medicalized, drilled and policed: “In January 2016, we stood up the Countering Violent Extremism Task Force, to harmonize our domestic efforts, and ensure we continue to integrate public health, education, and other disciplines into our approach.” Then they started rolling out the grant money to buy their totalitarian dream.

    From George Selim, Director, Office for Community Partnerships

    “Updating Our Plan to Counter Violent Extremism at Home”

    “Today, the Administration issued new strategic guidance on federal efforts to counter violent extremism at home. This plan incorporates the many lessons we have learned over the years from working hand-in-hand with local communities and lays the groundwork for the years to come. The Strategic Implementation Plan to Empower Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States (PDF, 18 pages, 322 KB) will help ensure our Nation remains vigilant in preventing terrorists from recruiting and radicalizing Americans to violence.

    “Over the past several years, we have seen the threat of violent extremism evolve and with it, so has our response. We have seen ISIL attempt to inspire violence from afar through the Internet and social media. Meanwhile, events in Charleston and Baton Rouge show that violent extremism is not restricted to a single ideology.

    “In January 2016, we stood up the Countering Violent Extremism Task Force, to harmonize our domestic efforts, and ensure we continue to integrate public health, education, and other disciplines into our approach. In July of this year, the DHS Office of Community Partnerships announced the first grants for CVE programming, and we received more than 200 applications from 42 states and territories requesting more than $100 million.

    “As we partner with local communities, we are also continuing productive dialogues with tech companies about how to address terrorist activities online. Companies are taking more proactive actions against terrorist actors, including by suspending accounts associated with terrorism and enacting “zero tolerance” policies for terrorist activities on their platforms.

    “After years of doing this work, we are more confident than ever that through partnership, we can and will overcome this threat while upholding the values and liberties that define us.”

    Read the rest here:


    1. Once Obama realized the rank and file American is a dullard/dimwit, he began to color his speeches and other communications with the “go ahead” sign to his regime. That is, “let’s take it to the American public and let’s get fascism and socialism further established in the nation”.He hired like-minded traitors and we now find ourselves in a heap of trouble. We’ve got a long, long way to go but rejecting Clinton is the order of the day. She must be stopped and her corrupt coterie of creeps must be identified and dealt with.
      A tall order, for sure, but absolutely necessary. It’s a matter of live or death for this nation.

  4. A few years ago the British prime minister Cameron addressed the UN and stated that Extremists who stated that 9/11 was a Conspiracy by inside power were as dangerous as Terrorists. Indeed, they are more dangerous to US power which is now running a gangster power system.

    The line stating the dangerousness of Extremism was taken out of the published speech shortly afterward. But as I have Mentioned before, the racist violence directed at Muslims or Blacks will eventually be directed at White Americans as well. US power has to threaten and intimidate the American people because the respect and its legitimacy is rapidly evaporating.

    In the customary orwellian way, Violent Extremism will be whatever US power says it is, especially telling the truth about US power. The plutocracy that has owned and ruled the USA historically has made the USA the most violent country in the world, and this violence will eventually be directed against Violent Extremists, i.e. anyone opposing the gangster anti-people power of the plutes.

  5. “The Strategy defines violent extremists as “individuals who support or commit ideologically-motivated violence to further political goals.”

    In other words, an Executive law, superseding the criminal sedition law that was repealed almost a century ago. Eugene Debbs was imprisoned, during the Wilson Administration, for giving a speech “supporting” the anti-war movement.

    1. Don’t forget Ezra Pound, who was a teacher to Eustace Mullins was arrested and put in a mental hospital for a decade, with no charges for speaking out against the war

  6. With the exponential growth of the Threat Assessment Professionals Industry, which is ubiquitous in workplaces, schools, colleges and communities, under the banner of various “public/campus/workplace safety departments, and, the ongoing efforts of the federal government (e.g., Project Longevity), to integrate and mobilize all of society (defined as “stakehodlers”), one has to ask the fundamental question of why there continues to be a parabolic growth of mass shootings since the late 1990’s? Is there something fundamentally wrong in how all of these resource-intensive Programs are being implemented????

  7. Is everyone watching the historic coverage of the soft coup and countercoup emerging from the intelligence community in the last 24 hours? Mindblowing.

    Friend of MHB, Steve Pieczenik, has come out as revelator of the strategy. See his YouTube channel here and watch his latest three videos from the last two days.


    Alex Jones had Pieczenik on his show today. Here’s that segment:

    Jones’ whole show is worth watching as he had other guests on that corroborate and further elaborate on Pieczenik’s information.

    I don’t want this to go to moderation because of too many links, so just search for: infowars.com/watch-alex-jones-show/

    1. Thanks very much – interesting. However, I am having trouble believing Mr. Pieczenik. How can he talk on and on about the role of Saudi Arabia – and never mention Israel? Israel played THE major role in the 9/11 coup, Israel controls the US government (and a lot else), and Clinton is Israel’s choice. Or was…

      1. I think he’s focusing on Saudi Arabia right now because of Huma Abedin, whom he says is a longtime Saudi agent, since 1996.

        I’ve heard him talk about Jewish power before, and though he doesn’t make it explicitly here, the connection between Saudi Arabia and Israel and their allied interests is pretty clear.

        The thing I fear is that this will be countercoup that preempts more far-reaching changes. It seems natural to assume that the intelligence services will seek to protect their own authority. And if there are no changes there, well….

        Pieczenik seems to be saying that they have leverage over Clinton and are willing to use as little of it as is effective to oust her. He seems willing to bury the rest. He said something like, he doesn’t want to damage the country with damning info if they don’t have to.

        But I would argue that all the info is exactly what we need to see. We need to see to the bottom of it, intelligence services be damned.

        1. That would explain why Hillary is in favor of expanding the war in Syria; she is being financed and supported by both Saudi Arabia and the Israel Lobby. It is very unusual for a candidate for office to run on a war platform, because iit is usually unpopular. The Dems historically have usually run on a Peace platform, and then gone to war after being re-elected. This was the case of Wilson in 1916, Roosevelt in 1940, Truman in 1948, Johnson in 1964, Clinton in 1996, and Obama in 2012.

          However Saudi Arabia and Israel have allied to attack Syria, and need the USA to remain embedded in the quagmire to continue and expand the war. The pipeline, you know. So to continue to obtain Israeli and Saudi money in the Election, she must support a war position, although their is a political silence on its implications, which are extremely dangerous.

          the danger may drive the counter-coup of more sophisticated political thought. Which is itself dangerous, as you point out.

      2. Pieczenik is a person of interest. He worked for several of the most sneaky and anti-American Secy’s of State, what does that tell you? He’s in the tribe, also. I’ve never trusted this guy because he was on AJ’s show many times and AJ is also a person of interest.
        No, I think I’ll sit this dance out. Hangers on around DC give me the woollies, this is just my opinion and if you study Pieczenik, you’ll get a little queasy at times.

    2. Steve Pieczenik is happy with the electoral outcome. He declares, “The Second American Revolution Has Been Won: Trump Will Be POTUS!

      As I suspected, his underlying objective has also been met, which he reveals in this bullet point from his list of benefits of the so-called Second American Revolution:

      “The Trump administration will restore confidence in our highly compromised FBI, IRS, Homeland Security as well as other domestic/foreign policy institutions.”

      With Pieczenik’s help, the authority of the most intrusive entities of government has been re-consolidated, not to mention that of various other “domestic/foreign policy institutions.”

      The status quo has been preserved. Good job, Steve!

      Except that, by definition, revolutions do not preserve the status quo.

      So stop using that word.

  8. Even if Clinton is indicted before the election the Party will put forward her VP for Prez-if what I have seen so far is true about this VP it would be equivalent to putting the Israeli PM in the office of the Presidency,
    wonder if this wasn’t the plan all along (or at least the back-up plan)

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