Advocates “Truthyness Test” For Independent Media, Political Analysis

Wayne Thomas

(October 16, 2016)

In a White House invitation only event, “Science” conference. Barack Obama went off topic to discuss the Media. Specifically, what he called the “magazines you get at the grocery store”. He characterized this kind of media as a problem.

His comments came following a lengthy conference with a room full of Obama’s scientific elite. So of course, his comments were well received by the audience. It is not hard to interpret what Obama is talking about. He is talking about papers like ours. We are not controlled by anyone except our own conscience.

We use titles that encourage people to read our content. But, you won’t find us in the Grocery store. No, you will find us everywhere else. We check our facts and all too often they don’t agree with what the mainstream media wants you to believe!

He begins by saying:

“We are going to have to rebuild, within this wild, wild west of information flow; some sort of curating function”

You will notice he explains how the media was once easy to control when he says:

“It used to be there were three television stations, and Walter Cronkite was there”

He goes on in an attempt to bundle everyone who disagrees with them into the same group as conspiracy theorists by saying:

“there were always those WHO didn’t agree, and [chuckle THEY] didn’t believe we landed on the moon or that Elvis is dead.”

He makes a striking admission when he says:

It wasn’t always as democratic as it should have been.

He closes his idea by saying:

There has to be some for of way we can sort through information that passes some sort of truthyness test.

I don’t need to remind you that Barrack Obama is speaking to a room full of hundreds of very influential people. These include teachers, scientists, and even politicians. Barack Obama just instructed that community to find a way to Censor Free Press without calling it “Censoring the FREE PRESS.”

Within days of his statements, we see the Establishment Media targeting small sites and up and coming news sources such as Breitbart. We wrote a story about this earlier today. There have also been hundreds of reports of censorship by Facebook, which we will report on in the coming days.

Barack Obama never mentioned Donald Trump, but one has to wonder why now? Why now, after forty years of the unmolested free press does the Establishment want to Censor it?

The answer is right in front of you, after all, look at what you are reading, and who published it. We are not ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or FOX. We are nationwide Media organization not motived by money, and we run on a shoestring budget.We are the FREE PRESS! I mean I wrote this article, cut the video, fact checked it, published it and never left the folding table in my garage. Man! …the weather is nice this weekend! Who needs an AR-15 when you have a KEYBOARD!

Here is the Video is you feel the need to check my facts.

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16 thought on “Obama’s Call for Censorship”
  1. Censorship of a free press is needed if your agenda is on shaky ground. Mr. Obama seems to subscribe to the “Mushroom Management Theory,” keep them in the dark and cover them with horse manure.

    1. Why would you post this person’s junk? I skimmed 2 articles on his site and conclude he’s simply a decently funded ‘independent’ ‘journalist’. Please stop linking to stupid crap. Perhaps Patrick is correct. This place has gone into the shytter.

        1. Wow Angel, I was wondering who “Patrick” was. I see it is “stlonginus’s” fake second party advocate. I am getting better by the day at spotting this stuff, and can now prove it, thanks to O’Keefe’s video. This stuff appears much bigger than I was telling people was going on and I wasn’t believed. Cat’s out of the bag now. The book “The Great Deceit”, p 12-13 talks of Nixon, bumping into a large unseen organized network of this sort, mistakenly thought the dishonesty was restricted to an immediate group. Hopefully, these people, as their co-workers turn whistle-blower or get busted and rat them out, fear getting exposed, publicly humiliated, will seek more honest employment.

  2. Great take on Obama’s comments in this solid article. As we know, his former information Czar, Cass Sunstein, proposed banning “conspiracy theories” in a law review article.

    Truthyness was coined by Obama’s friend, Stephen Colbert, who is a talk show host having ZERO qualifications as a journalist, attorney or academic.

    Perhaps, Uncle Barak needs to brush up on the law, it’s been some time since he’s taught as Professor of Constitutional law:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

  3. The idea of this Traitor being a Constitutional lawyer is truly perverted, what people forget is this President (not mine) is hand in hand with the Clintons, I don’t know how this occurs yet no one ever seems to mention it, the Great propagandist

    1. Obama is an apparatchik, an operative, a tool. The fine folks who voted for him twice have never, ever asked themselves if they did the right thing. No, they assume things have turned out swimmingly and all is well. Their first cousins will vote for Clinton because she’s a woman and, unlike Obama, has been vetted by a corrupt press that insists all is well in the land of Oz. Isn’t it amazing that one issue voters are so unquestioning?

      1. I think a better term than “vetted by the press” is promoted and advertised by the press. The last time the press promoted something this odious was tobacco. She’s a regular “Marlboro Women”, and you can smell the stink of her and her horse a mile away!

  4. That room full of people are “Technocrats”. Their raison d’être is to “change” the current law/ethics based culture and system and “progress” society back to “Technocracy”; the Feudal Guild-controlled age of total control. The book, “The Great Deceit” gives horses mouth quotes, going back over 100 years, of these “engineers” exposing the creation of phony academic disciplines used to buttress “scientific” justifications used to infiltrate law and the legal system in order to do away with it. This should cause great alarm for all non-insiders; academics, media, social, law and security related employees because, they are trained as champions of the American people; they will be the most insensed when the switch made is not what they were lead to believe; they will realize they have been setup by the “Technocrats” as a wall of cards. I urge you to put this book at the top of your reading priority list. The full text is posted here:

  5. The curating function is already in place: Google’s continuously-updated master algorithm. This became apparent to me when I found that Google had strained in their sieve sites like

    It was one of the first sites I went to for alternative information about Sandy Hook, but when I lost track of the site and forgot the name I was shocked to scroll through twenty pages of results and find nothing.

    The important thing is that I had an exact phrase from the site (its subtitle: It Seens Unbelievable Because It Is). That was my search term. It’s inconceivable that Googles search bots did not pick up this highly prominent bit of text at the top of the page. I believe I then tested this “curation” by Googling “Sandy Hook hoax”. If I remember correctly, that too garnered zero results for the site in question.

    So much the lauded “open society” 🙂


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