Non-profit Headed Up By Career Marketers

In the first two years of its existence the Sandy Hook massacre event’s premier fundraising organization has raised close to $6 million–an average of $3 million per year.

In 2013 and 2014 alone the nonprofit pumped the American public and larger donors for $5,809,367, according to the most recent IRS filings  of the organization.


The lofty figure shouldn’t come as a surprise given the marketing talent heading up the organization and the fact that major news media have vigorously promoted the event without ever questioning its veracity.


Tim Makris is Sandy Hook Promise’s full time Executive Director. Mr. Makris, who claims he had children attending Sandy Hook Elementary at the time of the December 14, 2012 incident, brings twenty years of marketing and public relations experience to the project. As Makris’ LinkedIn profile reveals, he developed his skills in the corporate sector at Thule Inc., Procter & Gamble, and Schering-Plough Health Care.


Below is the performance of this savvy salesman at the inauguration of the Sandy Hook Promise money juggernaut.

Here is another video pitch Makris made to the Brookings Institution, where he explains in no uncertain terms Sandy Hook Promise’s public relations strategy to reshape US gun laws.

Sandy Hook Promise has close ties to the world of finance as well. The chairperson of its Board of Directors and another of its four corporate officers is Kristin Lemkau, Chief Marketing Officer of major global investment bank JPMorgan Chase.


Image Credit: YouTube

And perhaps unsurprisingly Sandy Hook Promise is overseen by individuals representing the news media. The organization’s vice chair is Rob Cox, a founder and global editor of Reuters BreakingViews.

Homecoming/Reunion 2014 Celebrating Excellence Event
News entrepreneur Rob Cox is a corporate officer of Sandy Hook Promise. Image Credit: University of Vermont


According to a profile of Cox published by his alma mater, The University of Vermont,

Within twenty-four hours of the massacre of twenty-six children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Cox and a circle of friends were working to found what would become Sandy Hook Promise, an organization dedicated to healing their own community and doing all it can to make sure others do not suffer the same fate.

The degree of such caring is frankly difficult to comprehend. In other words, hours before Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II stumbled through his press conference on December 15, 2012, explaining how parents were prohibited from viewing the bodies of their slain children, good-hearted souls like journalist Cox, professional marketer Makris, and banker Lemkau were scheming to cash in on the event. After all, this is what a community of like-minded souls is all about.

James Belden the fourth and final Sandy Hook corporate officer. In addition to serving as a Newtown Commissioner, he also brings marketing experience to Sandy Hook Promise.


Before funerals were even held for the deceased children or the results of a satisfactory crime scene investigation were close to completion Commissioner Belden was before television cameras promoting another non-profit, “Newtown United” and its promotion of “the underlying issues that caused this horrible incident–not just gun control but mental health and awareness.”

Sandy Hook Promise is presently directing its marketing prowess toward leaning on US public schools to enforce certain mental health protocols on children; what it terms “mental health first aid” that will purportedly prevent “another Sandy Hook.”

Sandy Hook Promise spokeswoman Nicole Hockley. Experienced marketers position the nonprofit to receive a large amount of “free publicity” via corporate news media.

The millions solicited by Sandy Hook Promise thus far is merely a fraction of an estimated $130 million in federal funding and private donations brought in by Sandy Hook related charities.

“The latest edition of the video We Need To Talk about Sandy Hook lists a total of $131,009,229 in grants and donations, including the $50 million for the new school,” academic researcher Vivian Lee notes,

but this is only a partial accounting. Indeed, the total amount of money raised to date cannot easily be calculated. A 2014 Connecticut report on charitable donations lists organizations such as The Animal Center, Inc., Newtown Forest Association, Inc., Sandy Hook Arts Center for Kids, and Angels of Sandy Hook Bracelets, all raising funds in the name of Sandy Hook Elementary.

John Rinaldi. Image Credit: New York Daily News

Just how many individuals and organizations have sought to cash in on the Sandy Hook massacre and the broader public fear concerning child safety? Consider that even John Rinaldi, the convicted stalker of film actress Brooke Shields, oversees a Sandy Hook charity, “Sandy Hook Kids Center.”

“We are actively/tirelessly/relentless fighting on behalf of our kids,” Rinaldi proclaims on the organization’s website. “We combat abuse/violence that in turns creates bully [sic].”


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11 thought on “Sandy Hook Promise Rakes in $6 Million”
  1. All the usual prospects here. The Corptocracy rules the roost. From big pharma to P&G to JPMorgan, the crimes are overlooked, the penny fines they pay and now outright fraud and RICO. What can we expect with a Comey and a Lynch? Anything at this point.

  2. It would be very interesting to see where Tim, Kristen, Rob and James have distributed these donations, and who is donating? Do they put the squeeze on rich Democrats, so they can print 6 million worth of brochures? I just don’t get it, since all this activity seems disconnected to the ‘victims.’ Whatever they are doing, it must be challenging since Tim has given up his day job to oversee a charity, which if reputable, should offer very little in compensation for his time.

    1. Most likely a huge money laundering operation,pouring millions of Fed dollars into these so called “charities. I doubt that very few actual caring citizens make much of the “contributions”.

  3. A quick internet search reveals that these corporate advertising executives are behind Sandy Hook Promise. Bob Cox, founder of the charity, took a leave of absence to found the “charity”. Cox had worked abroad for over 10 years for Reuters News. It had been that long since he had been to Newtown, and he had no loved ones killed there. From the web site:

    “Sandy Hook Promise is a national non-profit founded and led by several family members whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.”

    Based upon the foregoing public solicitation, they are using fraud and deception in advertising their charity as a “mom and pop” operation.

    With 878,860 donors, we are talking about less than $10 a donor. Corporate America bilking the average American with fantasy.

  4. This is so disgusting. Anybody who questions this whole fiasco is looked upon as Barrabas or Judas, yet I have never seen a more sickening display of greed as these Sandy Hook groups. I’ve been reading all the reports about this “event” from all sides and have never seen such fakery and bad acting in my life! And I was watching CNN the day it happened and felt like someone needing to wipe my windshield so I could see something. Nothing showed me that what they were saying happened really did happen. When I heard Hillary and her “the children” sphiel at the debate, once again I felt like screaming at the TV. I usually can, at every anniversary, be found yelling at the TV: “This is so fake!”!

  5. I admit I too was duped when this broke in the MSM even went as far as to call my sister who was teaching at the time at a charter school in Queens NY. I asked her about safety procedure and she said they buzz people in only after recognizing them and if they don’t recognize the person they have to show ID to gain entry.

    About a month later I caught a YT video by PeeKay 22 pointing out the inconsistencies in the overhead helicopter footage. It was then I woke up to what was being put out and how corrupt our so-called leaders truly are. The fraud perpetuated on the public is astounding. After many hours of research and listening to what IMS, TNN, PeeKay, Dr. James Tracy and many other researchers who spent thousands of hours investigating this massive fraud and then the Boston firecracker happened then Santa Barbara then the Pitney – Bowes attempted massacre in Maryland and on and on the staged mass shootings become so easy to spot .

    One has to ask when will it end ? Hopefully with the landslide election of Donald J. Trump. I Feel he knows more than he portrays to the public but to avoid the dreaded ” conspiracy theorist ” title he has to play it close to the vest.

  6. If you talk to anyone in America over 50 they will tell you how strange and abnormal these shootings are, and how far removed this fraudulent narrative of American Life is,
    I was watching the late 50’s movie Panic in the Year Zero! the other day, they have a scene where a guy walks into a diner with his hunting rifle, and sits down to eat,
    this was how it was before all these synthetic gun shootings across the country, which represents a direct attack upon the populace

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