On this edition James speaks with computer programmer, author and deep state mind control subject Matthew Pauly. The Canadian citizen explains how he underwent screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-12-08-13-aminvoluntary interrogation and mind control training at the hands of US and Canadian military intelligence forces. After a long process of intense psychiatric therapy and utilizing his own unusual recall abilities Pauly has emerged to discuss how he was subconsciously programmed to kill, play the part of a crazed Islamic terrorist, and forget his own conditioning.

Mr. Pauly is the author of The Murder of Time: Making and Unmasking a Sleeper. His account resounds with particular clarity in the post-9/11 era, where agencies such as the FBI and Royal Canadian Mounted Police have repeatedly been found  manufacturing terrorists, bombers, and active shooter patsies to perpetuate the state of siege zeitgeist and so-called “war on terror.”

murder-timePauly was a successful computing professional whose life was forever changed by Geneva-Convention violating human experimentation. Once targeted as a non-consensual MK-ULTRA test subject, his response has been to warn the public of this clandestine R & D that is undermining the basic foundations of open society.

The broadcast audio file of this interview appears below. Some contents differ from the video accompaniment.

Matthew Pauly can be reached on Facebook. Additional information and links are available at lulu.com. Consider signing his petition to world leaders, Stop MK-ULTRA Human Experimentation and Human Trafficking.

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24 thought on “Programmed to Kill: Mind Control and Manufactured Terror”
  1. As a Canadian, and as a citizen of the world concerned with the alarmingly growing resources and powers being exercised by police and spy agencies almost everywhere—and certainly in the USA and Canada—I welcome this post as being another necessary reminder of undercover mind abuse by police powers, among other types of abuse. This is an individual mind. The public psyche also is being manipulated in ways that distort the collective consciousness, twisting it toward fear, anxiety, hate, aggression and revenge. As British historian and anti-war political activist E. P. Thompson wrote: “The deformed human mind is the ultimate doomsday weapon.”

    It happens that on the very day I write this, there’s a story in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper, by the security beat writer, explaining that the RCMP, known as the Mounties, are almost neglecting their mandate to find and prosecute mobsters, drug dealers and tax evaders, and instead devoting ever-greater resources to “counter-terrorism.”

    Here’s the story about this…


    …and I add a letter to the editor of the Globe and Mail that I’ve just submitted. You may only see it here…

    Re RCMP Shifts Focus to Fighting Terrorism (Oct. 22):

    Mobsters, drug dealers and tax evaders can breathe a sigh of relief. The RCMP has decided these types of suspected criminals are far less worthy as targets of surveillance and disruption than is the noun “terrorism.”

    We saw how that worked out in the case of the 2013 “Canada Day Terror Plot” in Victoria. Madame Catherine Bruce of the B.C. Supreme Court struck down the convictions of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, calling the so-called “terrorist plot” a “police-manufactured crime.”

    The Mounties devoted more than 200 officers and spent millions to aid and abet the crime. A Globe editorial on Aug. 4 observed “the accused pair could not have managed a bomb attack on the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia without the RCMP’s step-by-step guidance.” Some counter-terrorism.

    On Aug. 12 the Globe in an editorial drove home, with unanswerable statistics, the point that “terrorism” is almost unwaveringly blown far out of proportion as a threat. A 2011 article in Scientific American put the annual risk, over a 37-year period, of a Canadian dying in a terrorist incident to be one in 3,800,000.

    So we have a trio of measuring sticks. “Terrorism,” in one Canadian instance at least, has been judicially declared manufactured, shown in official statistics to be a negligible threat and editorially affirmed as magnified.

    It will be a significant lost opportunity if the conversation stops there.
    Barrie Zwicker

    1. Great to hear you Barry. A fan I am. My take is that all law enforcement at the highest levels has a prime directive to provide cover for the Mafia which merely moved out of the shadows and into the ‘legit’ fronts. Meyer Lansky or Michael Corleone made it clear. Having cops, senators and judges in your pocket was a good thing but it’s better if they are family. Running the rackets from legitimate corporations

      The “War on” Terror like the one on Drugs, Poverty, Police, etc. is the label that tells us that they run the racket and it’s all a Hegelian Dialectic that accomplishes their needs to control the minds and indoctrinate , control the truth, entrainment to total surveillance and redistribute wealth to the top.

      It would obviously include protection rackets for the openly criminal enterprises and as long as you pay the dues, you’re covered. You rob a bank, you go to jail. When JPMorgan robs the banks, they pay a fine. A penny on the dollar. It’s important that you get “made” before going into business.

      Canada was very involved in MK-Ultra as I have researched. Like the Church Hearings exposed, this project was nurtured from the OSS and MI British research from the Tavistock Institute, Chatham House and RIIA. Hollywood was a perfect BETA place to practice the craft and effectively trickle down to the masses in media and entertainment. Guantanamo and other venues better for the DELTA and THETA programming. These are the triggers or button men.

      I’d love to know what Serge Monast would have uncovered had he and his associate not died of heart attacks within weeks of each other. I could never find the fellow reporters name but I was told by a Canadian ex investigator his name was Evan.

      I cannot believe the media saying that terror is in the top two issues for the election. I do not believe it and think it’s fabricated even with the ‘fear campaign’ they spend millions on annually to promote.

  2. Well there is a War OF Terrorism, and it is a war against the people by Government and its handlers,
    the terrorists are the Oligarchs who are manufacturing synthetic terrorism,
    these are the people we fight against

  3. The RCMP are also leaving the taxpayer on the hook for $100 million as a result of a class action suit launched by female members and staff. It seems that they act in ways the rest of us would be arrested for. Slick Bill Clinton would fit right in!


    Portion of article – rest on the site.

    OTTAWA — Last week, while this column was speaking to how RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson’s tearful apology didn’t cut it to women on his force who have been sexually assaulted and abused by their male peers, RCMP Staff-Sgt. Caroline O’Farrell revealed her abuse was so traumatic that she was the subject of a suicide pool by fellow members of the Musical Ride.

    The timing of the column and O’Farrell’s revelations were purely coincidental, but further addresses the ethical train wreck that exists within Canada’s once-storied federal police force.

    1. Thank you so much, D. Martinez, for linking the Edmonton Sun’s article on mobbing by the RCMP. This institutional violence rivals what is seen in American prisons. I have re-blogged it, as my blog deals with gang stalking, mobbing and related violence. James should really blog the article you linked as it is a good, concise synopsis of RCMP’s sociopathy. This is really exploding in the Canadian press, as it should.

      James please re-blog this, or, do a piece based on the many articles about it that hit the Canadian press over the past week or so. This is an exemplar of what we are fighting:


      1. More on intimidation against female members and civilians, this time in the Calgary Police force. I am sure it goes on with most departments, yet is undereported.In what kind of workplace is doing an Anthony Weiner and sending pics of your genitals to a co-worker a good idea? What is your blog URL, Peacefrog? I’d like to pop in for a visit.


        Portion of article, more on site: An internal workplace review of the Calgary Police Service has revealed claims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation and a workplace culture that’s left some officers too fearful to formally complain.

        The review, completed in 2013 and obtained by Postmedia, further details how the culture makes men and women often feel punished when they bring issues forward, or even when they request flexible work schedules.

        Some women also reported feeling their chances for promotion were wiped away when they became pregnant.

        1. Then there is the Canadian government warning its citizens not to carry too much cash to the US as the cops have grabbed over $2 billion from us under their forfeiture “rights”.


          Considering how bank accounts are linked with online banking, it will not be long until these thieves with their scanner can hack into people’s savings and take everything. Note how the manufacturer of these scanning devices gets a kickback of 7.7 percent. (Remove spaces between http and www – multiple links puts posts in moderation limbo.) I took this to my bank, and they suggested I get an independent credit card if I travel to the US. I am sure the RCMP will be buying these devices soon. They have temporarily suspended their use, but they are arguing that these scanners help in the war on drugs or terror.

          http:// http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/oklahoma-police-erad_us_57584060e4b0e39a28ac2083

  4. There is a major overlap between the gang stalking and MKULTRA/MONARCH type Programs. There are controls in place, via institutional assets, to make sure these accounts are never properly investigated. I am a generational victim of the gang stalking Program. The hardest part of his story to believe is that he got help from the mental health community. From my research and own lived experience, once the victim is in the Program they are routed to employers, doctors, and others who are assets of and enablers of the various Programs. It is not unusual for persons whose families have military, intelligence or law enforcement ties to be inducted into a Program. Some Program members, including government investigators and police are actually programmed Monarch sex slaves (i.e., also Program victims). If you are in a Program then there is a high likelihood that your family members are in a similar Program and/or there are controls in place that make it unlikely that they will act at cross-purposes to your Program. This stuff is deep state, very insidious, and any deaths occurring during it should be considered prima facie murders of what the CIA calls “terminal cases”. Mr. Pauly’s account is thoroughly plausible.

    “The victim of this Monarch programming is called a slave.
    He or she is controlled by a person who is known as an owner,
    handler or master. The core personality is the authentic
    personality that the victim had before being subjected to mind
    control. Monarch programming attacks this core personality so
    that a new personality can be programmed in. The slave is
    subjected to trauma which causes the core personality to
    disassociate. ”


  5. Assuming Pauly’s allegations are essentially true—by the way, I did purchase and devour his electronic book—not much can be done about them. The same institutions that have censored something as obvious and as seminal as the Twin Towers’ terrorist controlled demolition will effortlessly censor the topic of terrorism through military mind control, while most ordinary people will refuse to educate themselves over a complex subject that will violate their worldview.
    Incidentally, do not exclude that such methods of torture may be used on players in the censorship of 9/11 and other staged events. To take just an example, Pauly’s story allows to speculate on Dan Rather’s punishment for his short and incisive report on Building 7.
    I also to have experience and expertise on the use of telekinesis for remote torture and subjugation of dissidents and opinion-makers. But this is another story.

  6. Very interesting interview and gives more credence to what we already know is lavish spending on illegal gov programs. Here’s a category that James Tracy and everyone else is ignoring – the shock and awe photos and articles that are daily in the mainstream media. I mean not just tabloids but the Guardian, NY Times, BBC, Post and all the others.

    These are worthy of Goebels and are meant to shock the reading public into obedience and to lose confidence in their self worth. They always involve a crazed person with injured body parts, or a medical procedure gone wrong. So these photos and articles are actually mini-drills occurring daily in the media. Last week I saw gross bleeding fingernails on the DM Femail. Not up today. An about to burst pimple on the Guardian that was repeated over and over and so forth. It is often impossible to look at the regular news without seeing one of these photos.

    So, James, time to explore this category of media lunacy with its own article.

    Here’s the latest on the DM a maimed nut and notice the closeups of his ears lopped off.


  7. Harrowing tale by Matthew Pauly. I wonder how he was able to recover his memory of being programmed. He mentioned that he was able to use a cognitive ability that he thought was unusual and maybe specific to him, in order to remember, but he never really explained it.

    The Fabian Therapy, as described in the pdf linked by PeacFrog, aims to recover memory by indirection. It doesn’t confront repressed memories head-on, and thus avoids triggering the commands embedded there. Instead it focuses intently on uncompromised memories. Because all memories exist together in a field of connections, focus on available memories has the effect of discharging the negative energy of repressed memories in the field, so that eventually they can come forward into consciousness.

    I wonder if it was anything like that for Pauly.

    Also wanted to comment that I’m digging these radio shows which are enhanced immensely in this video format. The images are evocative and carefully curated, and the slow pushes on the graphics are killer.

  8. This program makes me feel utterly volcanic. Because in the past three years I’ve been unravelling the history of my own life in the context of my late father’s military service during WWII when he was doused with amnesic drugs and held offshore under an alias for nine months. Then for me, at the age of three in 1959 the doctors found a diverging eye no one could see – a higher specialist denied the problem existed. Nevertheless it became the premise for doping the living crap out of me for seven years with what I am certain was scopolamine. I am writing a book and mean to get in touch with Mr. Pauley. This case is extremely well-documented both by VA documents as well as family correspondence and my late mother’s diaries.

    Basically the VA destroyed my lifein thanking me for my father’s service. The spooks can take the proverbial bathroom call up a rope.

    I am convinced scopolamine is abused in many circumstances. Unexplained is the sudden drop-off of the birth rate after the 50’s. Scopolamine is used in the delivery room – standard procedure – where the pains of labor could mask sterilization. I don’t believe people wanted fewer children. People have been sterilized en masse.

    Thank you brave Mr. Pauley for exposing this horror. I’ll be in touch. I believe Dr. Tracy received copies of what was written in my mother’s diaries pursuant to our discussion of what happened to my father (an airman with the Jolly Rogers, a 1st Lt. who was a phenomenal airman during a time when the forefront of the dark ops goons like George Estabrooks focused on getting pilots to do criminal acts while mind controlled. I would like to share this information.

  9. We really have a SECRET GOVERNMENT that controls all the money and power, that acts completely autonomous of citizens and voters and conventional controls,
    they steal, murder, cause wars, torture, mind control and exert a tyranny on people in general, the idea of a Military so secretive and murderous as to be spraying the atmosphere with neurological toxins/heavy metals in plain site is just unbelievable-
    you have to ask yourself why? My research leads me to believe we are all mind-controlled by the particular cyclic configuration of TV programming to produce a certain brain wave pattern that makes us susceptible to the media and its sublime programming,
    with other effects such as the “Lilly Wave,”
    also fluoride in municipal water systems and food additives, to name a few,
    I do not believe people are normally this comatose without some chemical/electrical stimulation (we are electro-chemical life forms)

  10. After hearing this gentleman describe his experience and considering how sharing my experience might be good in a number of ways, I’m going to share my experience in writing for the first time.

    First, my name is Peter Klein and I’ve been blogging and producing videos with alternative views for nearly 10 years. I’ve been a guest on Dr. Tracy’s program a couple times and co-produced We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook. I currently host the IMS podcast, Fix the Media. So I’m not new to this material and yet I’ve never had any clear form of government harassment or worse occur to me so to speak.

    The events I’m going to describe took place about 7-8 weeks ago. Just prior to that, I received 2 email messages to my private email account that were unlike any I’ve received. Although, I’m unsure if they are connected to the subsequent events. The first email was a fairly lengthy message that was written like a friend giving advice. I’ve chosen not to provide the specific details for personal reasons. The most unusual aspect of the contents was that it was written from the perspective of the future. It wasn’t predicting my future, but rather was stating my future situation as fact.

    But what I noticed that struck me as totally unusual was the message contained no sender address. I examined the message source, which didn’t have a sender address either. But it did have an IP address for the sender, which I confirmed at the time was from a government or military block. It did concern me and I kept thinking about it throughout the day. So, after probably 6 hours i went to read the email again but it was gone. I know enough about how email works to know this is unusual. Immediately I logged into the web access for the account which allows me to see all messages since they were last purged. The message didn’t appear there either. I then called my mail provider, a small company to see if they might be of help. Thankfully I spoke to someone I had spoken to before and liked. They were kind enough to confirm that no message of the sort was recorded by their system.

    One or two days later, I received a second and similar message. This was much shorter but also had no sender address. This one was more friendly, even saying at one point, “You’re on the right track.” Unfortunately, I didn’t think to copy the text and source of the message and it too was gone only a couple hours later.

    OK, so a few days later I noticed looking outside the window of my second floor apartment two identical looking Ford Crown Victoria vehicles parked outside and just assumed someone in the complex was being visited by some LE agency. By chance, I needed to get something from my car about 15 minutes later. When I did, the 2 cars were still there and I got a chance to get a better look at them. They were much like the police and fed vehicles I see here in Kentucky often. They were medium metallic grey in color. I swung out wide to see their plates, which were both from Virginia. I wasn’t alarmed at all since nobody had come to my door and the four passengers of the vehicles didn’t pay any notice to me.

    But this is when I began to suspect I should be alarmed. I think it was 2 days later I was exiting the grocery store. I immediately noticed the same or identical 2 vehicles parked a fair distance away in the parking lot. The driver of both vehicles was outside and leaning against the car looking directly at me. Only a few seconds passed and I waved to them. Both men immediately waved back excitedly. I then continued to my car and intentionally ignored them as I put my groceries away and drove off. I couldn’t see them as I pulled out until I had turned onto the street, fully expecting that they would follow. But they didn’t so far as i can tell.

    So I knew at this point something was up and felt very uneasy that night. The next day, I went shopping for some odds and ends. When I was leaving one of the stores, I had no expectation of seeing them again, but in the adjacent parking lot there they were. Again, the drivers were leaning against the car and looking at me. Once again I drove off expecting them to follow but they didn’t. That was the last I’ve seen of them.

    Since then I’ve tried to remember what they looked like and can say at least they were all men with short haircuts. They all appeared somewhat light skinned and dressed kinda corporate casual. I think most were wearing either long sleeve dress shirts or polo shirts. One did wear sunglasses and others may have as well. One or more may have even been wearing a tie but I can’t say for sure. I don’t recall seeing any guns or badges or anything else attached to their belts or elsewhere. They were in the range of 35 – 55 years old as best I can guess. They were about as close to the stereo-type of feds as I can imagine.

    I don’t know if this correlates with anyone elses experiences. If anything, I’ve documented the events for posterity. Although I’m still unsure if this was intended as a threat or something else, I feel it should be viewed as possibly threatening behavior and hope it doesn’t lead anywhere else.

  11. my wife and i may have been brainwashed by them too. We don’t know where to turn. We were Manchurian candidates to help bring about bill C-51 and Now they follow us wherever we go. I fear they may just make us “disappear”….Even now I am apprehensive about posting this.

  12. The father of the 20 year old would be Trump assassin believes that his son’s actions are out of character, and, may have been motivated by people he was living with at the time. He has Asperger Syndrome and other mental health issues that would make him an easy target for mind control. He is from England, and came here for the attempt, and is currently being held in an isolation unit:


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