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By Anthony Brian Logan


Update: Since O’Keefe’s report ran Clinton campaign advisor Bob Creamer resigned.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has released undercover, button-camera video that outlines the process of bird-dogging and how it is being used to rig the 2016 Presidential election of the United States in favor of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. The central focus of the video, which is a collection of various undercover videos with commentary, is the process of “bird-dogging” which refers to essentially hiring people to behave as the equivalent to crisis actors. Except for the fact that there is no actual crisis, and these people are used to simply incite violence, among other things, to goad the media into giving Donald Trump’s campaign negative coverage.

Various people appear in the video, complete with both audio and video, saying how they skirt the laws of our nation to engage in corruption. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is not allowed to directly collude with the phony actors on the ground, so they use degrees of separation by hiring consultants. These consultants then go on to sub contract work “on the ground” such as the actors who engage in fake riots and protests. Everyone is aware of each other, and in some cases, answer to those all the way at the top, either in the Clinton campaign or the DNC itself…

Watch this brilliant video investigation here:

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19 thought on “REVEALED: How Democratic Party pays Agit-Prop ‘Protesters’ to incite violence at Trump events”
  1. But the media is not covering this because they are complicit ! I spoke with a Diehard HRC supporter 53 year old male . He did not care about any if the scandals , not one ! Doomed , either way

    1. People who don’t care about the litany of Clinton crimes are curiously the same people who blast others for being “conspiracy theorists”.

      This shows that a reasonable thought process does NOT take place in the minds of millions of Americans prior to their entering the voting establishment. These are one issue voters, these are people who are so enthralled at TV programs dealing with crimes, sex, and brutality that they are inured to them. It does not matter because they have seen that today’s TV crime show is forgotten right after the TV is turned off for the night. No residual remembrance results from their casual contacts with the show, so they are OK with whatever happened. This transfers to their daily lives. Why have to justify anything?, that takes work and work is yucky! Just observe and don’t take it seriously. Hated people can be loved subliinally. People with mean streaks hidden inside can secretly adore like minded people running for political office. Our inner psyches pick out what we secretly like about a person or situation and we then activate our attraction mechanism. We may adore somebody without knowing it. I’ve seen a number of my normally levelheaded friends vote for Obama not once, but twice. Why? It’s all about acting out that inner thought pattern that is then cast into concrete belief.

      1. You know Gil,
        I’m trying to figure out this whole Democrat party hierarchy and how it works.

        I think it’s pure scum at the top,globalists, crony capitalists, you name it

        Then in the middle is all the Hollywood starlets, the mainstream media, the rock stars the rappers.

        Then at the bottom is a base of people who really don’t care, and are not informed and Have been told the Democratic Party will let them have every one of their fantasies come true if they just vote Democrat.

        They never realize their mistakes until they actually need to get a job, buy a house, manage a budget.

        Then they wake up if they’re not on government assistance.

        1. Have you seen Dinesh D’Souza Hillary`s America documentary ?

          I`ll recommend you do. It’s all old fashion psyops Ric. When you’re not educated to get a job, buy a house or never taught financial literacy life in Amerika sucks… And both parties want it that way.

  2. Don’t read wikileaks = accept Donna Brazile and other media lackeys planting questions to undermine Trump and support Hillary. What seemed like a fair last debate happened to end with a question to Trump, who, rightfully reserved the right to question what will be another rigged election. So the media in lockstep, group think format chants the Hillarious mantra of it’s “horrifying” that Trump won’t allow the election to be stolen. He won’t keep quiet about being victimized like Sanders was in the primary. IMO, it’s already a coup d’etat.

    1. If Trump points his finger in a random direction the media spin propagandists state that Trump pointed a nail at someones head with the intent to kill. The sad thing is that there are people that fall for that nonsense.

    2. Is there anything more galling than realizing that our entire Congress, save one person, have taken the oath to defend Israel before they defend the US. Yes, our great heroes in the Congress will act as traitors?
      It does not seem to bother Hillary supporters that as long as their favorite cravings are met, they don’t care a spit about all the negatives the Witch from Waukegan shows. These dopes that stand behind Clinton at her sparsely attended “speeches” probably line up to receive their 2 crisp 10 dollar bills so they can buy a burger and some butts. Most supporters for Hillary are heavy smokers that cough a lot.

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