Because the US executive and legislature have been largely controlled by transnational interests since the Woodrow Wilson administration that’s a gross understatement. Recently-released FBI documents now actually reference a “shadow government” overseeing affairs at the US State Department.

Tonight the third and final US Presidential Debate is scheduled. Corporate-controlled media that stand to profit most from the status quo (and that also looked the other way when the Bush/Cheney ticket stole the 2000 and 2004 elections) persist in feigning astonishment at the Republican candidate’s repeated assertion that “the system is rigged.”

One in four young Americans state they would rather experience a global apocalypse than see either major party candidate elected. As Reuters observes today,

Young Americans are so dissatisfied with their choices in this presidential election that nearly one in four told an opinion poll they would rather have a giant meteor destroy the Earth than see Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the White House.

The tongue-in-cheek question was intended to gauge young Americans’ level of unhappiness about their choices in the Nov. 8 election, said Joshua Dyck, co-director of UMass Lowell’s Center for Public Opinion, which conducted the poll alongside Odyssey Millennials.

A competent journalist might conclude from the above that something is seriously amiss in the broader political economy and the nation as a whole.

The Green Party ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka will be on 90% of ballots throughout the United States, San Francisco Bay View reports. Earlier this month former Congressman and US presidential candidate Ron Paul praised Stein’s stance on foreign policy. The Green Party’s position on anthropogenic global warming is far less desirable. This week Stein remarked to an Infowars correspondent that if Hillary Clinton is elected “we’re kind of going to war with Russia folks.” Indeed, yet this time if the election is too close to steal there might not even be one.

H/t Foreign Policy Journal/Uprooted Palestinian’s Blog/Liberty Blitzkrieg

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35 thought on ““The System is Rigged””
  1. I do *not* to sound pretentious, though others may not see it that way. Electronic voting fraud is something I’ve covered since 2000 when I discovered that Curt Curtis had given sworn court testimony in Florida in 2000. (BTW, the *Activist Post* must have come out of its Archives).

    How many of you old-timers remember in the mid-70’s when the *first* hand-held calculator was made available to buy (around $75-$125 big bucks)? Have I lost 3/4th of you?

    As soon as the two major companies appeared to be capable for “electronic assistance, in the future, *two* company’s stocks skyrocketed: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS and DIEBOLD.

    I’m only writing this to show that **both** parties are crooked to the core, I believe we have a UNI-Party and divisive is ridiculous.


    Karl Rove’s (and Bush’s) “Mr. Fix It, and the IT guru
    He devised a code that seemed to be unbreakable. He very likely the fixed the Ohio presidential race in 2000, but it was provable in 2004 election in OHIO. RICO Case grand jury using the whistle blower to *finally* found out he did it.
    His name was Steven Spoonamore, a staunch Republican.
    They needed Connell’s deposition to be done before the election in 2008 as he was on McCain’s pay list.

    Finally as done, the pressure must have worked as he not cook the books
    *Read gets more intersting when Mrs. Connell got a “veriable source of a “jackal who sabotaged his plane”
    The Cleveland FBI sources told her, “The only thing we can tell you, is we can’t tell you anything”.


    Featuring NYU Professor and Journalist, Mark Crispin Miller and Whistle Blower, Steven Spoonamoore

    Also to write codes for group government servers to wipe them clean without a trace. He declined and left the company. With his help documentary, “THE HACKING OF DEMOCRACY was made. There is another (documentary) called “ORWELL SPINS IN His Grave”

    1. Wow so they killed this guy, hadn’t heard about this,
      perhaps there is one unforeseen bright spot about the information age, and all the snooping and surveillance, the perp-a-traitors also get ‘outed,’
      at some point people are going to have to realize that only the people can restore Constitutional law, the Organized Syndicate that has taken this Country by coup will not voluntarily give up the reigns of power,
      when enough people are awake and of the same mind action can be taken

      1. People have to know what they want a put forward a program, a platform for others to join in supporting. Without a goal, nothing happens. WITH it, I believe many of us wd be capable of heroics and persistence. Well, what DO we want?

        Peace and decentralization of power and true sovereignty for each country, w its own sovereign currency, its own control of bilateral trade. The breakup of all those mega corps into their component companies partially owned by the employees. The breakup of ill-gotten oligarchic fortunes, the reestablishment of looted pensions and Social Security. Income from natural resources belonging by law to the citizens, w limited profit for the companies hired to work them. Open-sourced technology that every person everywhere has clean drinking water. Who is to come forward with the World Moral Order?

  2. “There was a powerful group of very high-ranking STATE officials that some referred to as ‘The 7th Floor Group’ or ‘The Shadow Government.’ This group met every Wednesday afternoon to discuss the FOIA process, Congressional records, and everything CLINTON-related to FOIA/Congressional inquiries,” the FBI’s interview summary said.”

    Moving in the direction of a Uni-Monarchical Executive branch rule with a ceremonial Congress and Judiciary, and, a cowed and wholly-owned corporate press as anemic Fourth Estate.

  3. Hello,commentariat, greetings Dr. Tracy,

    And how. How very rigged for implosion, even invasion. Let’s put it this way: when I looked Mexican dual passport citizenship, I learned that no matter what I could never, for instance, be the harbormaster of a port. As a non-native national, they would not let me near any form of national security. Same goes for every other nation, minus the US. Who of course only allow one kind of dual passport holder to work in deep state, where arguably the Pentagon (that Walmart of weaponry), the media, Hollywood, the “Federal Reserve” and entire banking system are foreign owned and operated by a middle east colony. But it gets worse when I learned in 2007 that some 90% of US ports are now foreign owned, it indicated one thing to me: the fall of Babylon is to be an inside job. This is insane, that Chinese are owners of the enormous Long Beach port below LA. This is inviting disaster. In our fatal dearth of critical reasoning skills, people just don’t see it coming. But the conquest is over, just a matter of the crying to start.

    Arguably this is why the Arctic is being thawed out with “geoengineering” (too flattering a term) – it will make passage simple for Russia, China et al when someone from the middle eastern colony leads them over to parcel the US out.

    This nation is in fact more a colony than a nation. We don’t have a government, we have a controlling corporate conglomerate (CIA take a bow) that feigns administration for the benefit of the people.

    Worse, all this humbug about saving the constitution is wasted breath as long as the edict of national emergency is in place, as it has been for 15 years. Under terms of national emergency, the executive branch makes law. The Legislative and Judicial branches may be overruled by executive edict under national emergency. People need to wake up to the fact that until the national emergency is rescinded, we have no constitutional protection.

    I see that belief in the electoral process has been reduced to superstition less credible than hopes in Santa Claus. I see the very nation is rigged for takeover. We have been sold. Our ports are foreign owned while citizens accede to airport authorities groping crotches for “national security.” How done for we are.

      1. I don’t think stealth is a major reason for our takeover. IF a person listens, a person can find out very easily what the speaker is really saying. Obama laid the cards on the table while he was running for office in ’08 and he carried out his Alinsky haircut for the US in plain view of Americans. Unfortunately, Americans as a group have poor reasoning skills and have been diverted/distracted by materialism and voluminous media garbage that misleads them. Americans like soap operas and that’s why so many “liked” the swill Obama delivered from the day he became a senator. If you make an American think, they won’t like you, you are wasting their time, they could be watching the Kardashians and getting a lot out of the experience. Obama, without his Prompter, is an extremely poor speaker with poor diction, poor content, and poor delivery. Yet, Americans were content to omit the need for vetting this impostor. Support for Hillary Clinton is a repeat of the Obama adoration. Most Obama supporters are one issue voters, too. The stupid American could be tattooed with the words ” fool” but if it came from Hillary the Hater, they’d be overjoyed. I wonder if the idiotic American will be able to remember where his/her noose came from in the first place. Fools don’t appreciate good journalism, they appreciate lies and bombast, it suits them to a T.

        1. Americans have been mislead over a cliff by the Oligarchy,
          this happened over generations of brainwashing, media being the prime new age propaganda machine for the masses (you really MUST stop watching TV),
          people really are like sheep as much as I hate to admit it, with only a small percentage of “wise” rams who see what’s going on,
          there are predatory ethnic groups/secret societies that prey on other humans,
          and the Oligarchy IS that cooperative of such predatory groups that kill, destroy, infect, prostitute etc. the human race, causing sickness, misery, suffering and death,
          funny thing is it would be fairly easy to topple these groups if only people would communicate and band together,
          by first remembering who they are-citizens of the people of the United States (not the Organized Criminal Syndicate running the Federal Government, who are LAWLESS),
          who are bound together for the common good of the people,
          who agree to respect every other citizen’s human rights, and
          deal with each other respectfully and fairly-
          if this occurred people would stop and refuse illegal orders, and traitorous acts of law and governance would not be tolerated, and we would be chasing these people down in the streets as the illustrious George Bush Sr. was heard to say

        2. John F. Kennedy couldn’t have said it better back in 1963:

          “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless CONSPIRACY that relies primarily on COVERT means for expanding its sphere of influence — on INFILTRATION instead of invasion, on SUBVERSION instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on GUERRILLAS by night instead of armies by day”


    1. Hi & Peace,
      What is the most insidious and false in your well-written blog? How quickly you have already fallen to the TRITE “knee jerk reactionary” propaganda of a “NEW” bogeyman of “Russia, China (North Korea — send Dennis Rodman as our Ambassador), Iran and Pakistan.

      Maybe this belies your age. As an Ojibwe Native American, I want *nothing* to do any religion. NONE.

      I believe what is happening at this time in the end game; is more like KARMA. The *violent* British empire of colonial nationalism (then add Spain, Portugal, etc. was one of the most *barbaric, rape, torture and enslavement to extinction of three of the most advanced indigenous civilizations known no man). No one was looking for the “Fountain of Youth, or “Freedom of Region”. IT WAS GOLD!

      It’s no different today in these “wars”; total ethic cleaning, land and the lust for power and NATURAL RESOURCES. GB is responsible for multi-billions of death and destruction; we would a few centuries to make this up, but 80,000,000 is enough; but the WAHHABI fake Muslims that have been unleashed from the **GULF STATES** mainly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. Even other Sunni Muslims *despise* Wahhabism!

      Since Germany, France and many Scandinavian countries are basically vassal states, they will be *much* easily to TEAR APART INTO SECTARIAN VIOLENCE. *Isn’t this what has been going on the last 500 years ago, only “ONWARD, CHRISTIAN SOLDERS” have won?

      AND WHO IS REALLY ***SMILING*** ALL THE WAY?? The most evil, wicked, political Crime Syndicate Bush & Walker Familes. How soon we have NOW forgotten who is REALLY the enemy who killed 3,000 of us (Dubya and Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of Lebanon.???

      Did you *read* any of the links that I also included? Now do you see how IMPORTANT it was to *get* Dubya into power in 2000 and 2004. He was their perfect set-up criminal.

      The end times will finish the same way, in effect, as they started. Christianity against some other “religion” or “non-religion”; while it is really raping, plundering enslaving and barbarity. THIS IS CALLED HYPOCRISY; meanwhile, our great friends in Zionist Israel are there to “help” us aren’t they? (psy-op #101)

        1. Sue,
          Is this *truly* a question worthy of an answer?
          Q: Where is *your* evidence that they were “KNOWN” **NOT** to rape? British values? British decency? Not in their diaries or letters written home? Only OTHER conquerors would do such an added dastardly mark of violence?

        2. Yes, zevonmanic, only other conquerors would make rape a common practice.

          My race of people doesn’t traffic in females the way other races do. It’s one of the reason all other races stalk us all over the planet into the civilizations we build.

          You all wouldn’t follow us if our values weren’t superior.

        3. First, the issue was rape. I absolutely contend that the white british didn’t institute rape as some integral part of their role in colonization – unlike most and possibly all other races. Second, the jews controlled 80% of the transatlantic slave trade, and were slave owners at a whopping rate considering the low percentage of them in the overall population of the region.

        4. Yes, rape is an integral part of chattel slavery, and you did refer to the trafficking of women

    2. Best reply in years, thank you, hossgirl.

      All the nice, politically correct refusals to denounce the REAL purpose behind Obama’s hellbent 8 year soiree into destruction of the nation, this adoption of Alinsky/Bolshevik techniques to gut the US and prepare us for subjugation under the United Nations. Only the collective low IQ’s of a huge bulk of Americans could predispose to this blatant, but ever so obvious descent down the stairways to hell. Since Dewey, the so-called educational system has been refined to socialize Americans and make them amenable to “yes sir, no sir” obeisance to the communist way. We’ve been prepared, like suckling pigs, for the slaughter of our nation. We know who is behind this overall axe job, we know who their handmaidens are, they are in the news virtually every day. It’s all orchestrated and has been for many decades. We’ve been fattened at the table of communism, now we’ll be roasted at 20 minutes to the pound. We’re ripe, we’re ready, stick a fork in us, we’re almost done to a T.

  4. Have to add that I really have the blues about it all. Really the military terrorism adventure has become a veritable national religion. You can’t discuss it. You can argue about any conventional religion, but you can’t voice the word “conspiracy” unless ridiculing someone. i found this out when I jokingly titled one of my art posts on Facebook “conspiracy proven: horses spook.” (When a horse shies at something, the term is to spook, for those uninitiated in horsemanship). Just including the word “conspiracy” in my post totally changed the game. Almost no one “liked” my post. Not even sure they saw it. I had been working on a blog about interspecies takeover by horses on the internet, modeled by programs of Mr. Ed monitoring neighborhood communications (anyone remember?) The satire attempts seem to grip most with horror. One dare not assault Baal, the power matrix. One dare not even joke about a credibility gap, let alone complain about the global war on terror/war on terra. People have lost their sense of humor along with their sense of critical reasoning. And personally, I find myself marginalized, even ostracized by lifelong friends and extended family. I mean in isolated cases, absolute persecution as a “conspiracy nut.’ Must be hard for you, Dr. Tracy. Bless you out there on the forefront. It sure is cold and lonesome.

  5. I am not an expert, but Hillary’s body language in the third debate screamed guilty/dishonest. This was the worst body language since Nixon lost to JFK on a live T.V. debate and did not look into the camera.

    1. So help me, the image above is a double. As an artist who has fully studied anatomy etc. I assure anyone those reptile eyes are not on the party pictured above.

        1. Reptilian Eyes or Videos of Digital Artifacts is so Lame I can’t even comment.

          suN, Hows the Dubsters doing? If you know.

          I miss him but he did chase away alot of regulars here.

          Justified or not, I miss the controversy of us all,

          I’d rather be arguing than silence…………….


        2. He is one of the real intellects here,
          some people get too easily ‘miffed,’
          besides, he shoots a Colt:)
          Haven’t seen him around,
          I do think the Alien component is one plausible explanation for the world hierarchy,
          I have just never seen the proof yet, only testimony and conjecture,
          I don’t dismiss it but I also think it may be the Oligarch’s attempt to sidestep their own culpability in their evil deeds

        3. People that are religious say it’s the Luciferian demonic powers that rule the hierarchy and non-religious people say it’s aliens.

          There’s no doubt there’s a higher power involved in this whole globalism.

          Many people in very high positions have said there is some kind of power they don’t even understand running the show.

          I choose Luciferians because of the freemasons, illuminati you name it, secret societies in general.

  6. My comments won’t post. They just disappear, no “Moderation” or nothing.

    Anybody else having this problem?

    And, no, I’m not using any trigger words, and no links or graphics or anything to get them trashed.

    Quote from article in WND by Jerome Corsi:
    “NEW YORK – In the hours before the third and final presidential debate, attorneys for Danney Williams, the 30-year-old who has for decades claimed to be the black son of Bill Clinton, were in Las Vegas to announce their intention to file a paternity suit demanding DNA evidence from the former president
    Just one month before the presidential election, he posted a nine-minute video on his Facebook and Twitter pages in a new initiative to establish the legitimacy of his claim.
    “I have no doubt that I am Bill Clinton’s son,” Williams declares at the beginning of the video, which currently has over a half-million views on YouTube. “It was common knowledge in Arkansas where I grew up. Everywhere I went, people would point and say, ‘There’s Bill Clinton’s son. He looks like Bill Clinton, doesn’t he? Look at him, Danney Williams is a black Bill Clinton.’”
    “During this dark period in her life, Governor Clinton was the only Caucasian man she was having sexual relations with at the time I was conceived,” Williams’ said. “In 1997, my mother passed a lie-detector test conducted by investigative reporters to corroborate her claimed that Bill Clinton was her only white suitor at the time she conceived her bi-racial son.”
    Williams stressed that at 30 years old, with five children of his own, it is time to know the truth.”

    “No rules, just right” applies perfectly to the master hypocrites named Hillary and Slick Clinton. Nothing phases these two pieces of human garbage. No level of depravity is below them.

  8. Quote from article by Jennifer Hickey, Oct. 20, 2016. Fox News:

    ““We have a great general, four-star general, today you read it in all of the papers, going to potentially serve five years in jail for lying to the FBI. One lie. She’s lied hundreds of times to the people, to Congress, and to the FBI. He’s going to probably go to jail. This is a four-star general,” Trump said.
    On Monday, the retired four-star Marine Corps general pleaded guilty to misleading FBI investigators in a probe involving a leak of classified information about a covert U.S.-Israeli cyberattack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and the use of a computer virus called Stuxnet.
    It was revealed in 2013 by U.S. officials that Justice Department investigators were targeting Cartwright in its probe of a leak to New York Times reporter David E. Sanger.
    Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin noted after his plea that, unlike Clinton and retired General David Petraeus, Cartwright is the only one facing a felony conviction and possible jail time.
    “The FBI’s handling of the case stands in stark contrast to its treatment of Hillary Clinton and retired General David Petraeus — and it reeks of political considerations,” Rogin asserted.
    Cartwright did not leak information but did admit to making false statements to the FBI and could receive a maximum sentence of five years in prison.
    “It was wrong for me to mislead the FBI [in a voluntary interview] on Nov. 2, 2012, and I accept full responsibility,” said Cartwright in a written statement.”

    One set of rules for lying lawyer Hillary from Yale University at New Haven Corrupticut and General Betrayus, another set of rules for Marine four star general Cartwright.

  9. Horsegirl, you have wonderful writing skills. Post each of your comments on ten different sites. Why should you care about any dummies who don’t know enough to think about them. A lot of my education has come about because people posted things like

    All those heavy plane parts sit too lightly on the sands of the Sinai. Heavy pieces that fall from the sky leave impact craters.

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