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TMZ reports:

NBC execs had a plan to time the release of the Donald Trump audio to have maximum impact on both the 2nd presidential debate and the general election … sources connected with the network tell TMZ.

Multiple sources connected with NBC tell us … top network execs knew about the video long before they publicly said they did, but wanted to hold it because it was too early in the election. The sources say many NBC execs have open disdain for Trump and their plan was to roll out the tape 48 hours before the debate so it would dominate the news cycle leading up to the face-off.

As we reported, Billy Bush was bragging about the tape — in front of NBC execs at the Rio Olympics — in early August. NBC says it’s only known about the tape for a little more than a week.


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8 thought on “NBC Execs Used Trump ‘Hot Mic’ Audio For Maximum Political Effect”
  1. I suppose it doesn’t matter that Trump is wholly owned and controlled by Likudnik jews? That as far as the pursuit of Eretz Israel, Trump is totally on board?

    You all realize that the terror NWO is controlled by those that control Trump?



    Continue the worship.

      1. I see a whole lotta people falling for the Hope-a-Dope just like they do every other 8 years or so.

        Nothing changes.

        Lemmings all.

        But B’Man, Hillary is nuts, so we MUST elect Trump.

        Just like they planned for you all.

        Trump is the bag guy. He is intended to be the guy.

        Is he better than Hillary? By a smidget in areas. But when it comes to subservience to Israel, she doesn’t hold a candle.

        Frankly, I am sick and tired of Israeli, Zionist, jewish control and influence over this country.

        But I guess its just me sick of it.


    1. This kind of scenario seems to be true, but the only thing one gets from this report is 2nd/3rd hand information,
      Can anyone vouch for this reporter? Anyone followed his previous reports, and the outcome?

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