Hillary Clinton has been revealed to have a very cozy relationship with the US media, which has been found to work closely with Clinton’s campaign to present her in a favorable, transparent light – even planting stories, new email leaks suggest.

These facts are laid bare in the latest cache of classified Clinton campaign emails seen by The Intercept, which in turn received them from Guccifer 2.0 – the hacker who’s reportedly behind several high-profile intrusions.

The cache of emails includes campaign strategies aimed at keeping the public perception of Clinton favorable, focusing particularly on her transparency, especially in light of the FBI investigation into her use of a private email server. The strategies sometimes reveal the campaign presiding over stylistic points and emphasizing what is to be described as “on the record.”

Of particular note is one January 2015 document which includes references to Maggie Haberman. Formerly of Politico, Haberman now covers the presidential election for the New York Times. According to the leaked document, she’s a “friendly journalist” who has “never disappointed” in painting a positive picture of Clinton.

Haberman was seemingly put to good use, emerging with two stories which were meant to shed light, among other things, on how Hillary Clinton’s thought process works and how successful her cabinet members were. The New York Times piece entitled ‘Hillary Clinton Begins Process of Vetting — Herself’, talks about how open Clinton is to researching herself and how committed to transparency that makes her. Especially given how her opponents mainly focus on her foundation work, or the millions she’s received in paid speech appearances, as well as her relationship to Wall Street.

Neither Merrill nor Haberman responded to the Intercept’s requests for comment, nor did they deny that the document exists.

One of the documents, entitled ‘The Press and Surrogate Plan’, talked of willing personnel in the media who could always be put to good use, at CNN or elsewhere. Clinton staffers were also careful in distinguishing between “progressive helpers” and those who were potentially friendly, but could be further coerced.

These so-called media surrogates would often include TV pundits whose roles would appear to be neutral, but who were enrolled by the campaign. The metadata for the ‘surrogate’ document traces it back to its author Jennifer Palmieri – the Clinton campaign communications director.

Furthermore, as described in an April 2015 memo, there would be secret get-togethers involving media big shots and celebrity TV personalities – a notable one would take place in the aftermath of Clinton’s running announcement at the home of one of her strategists on the Upper East Side. The informal cocktail party was completely off-the-record, and intended to coordinate how Clinton’s campaign would be presented to the American public.

The strategies were not specifically formulated for the Clinton campaign, however. According to a March 2015 memo by campaign manager Robby Mook, the tried and tested tactic of constantly feeding the press positive stories in order to take away its ability to react to constant outside accusations was particularly important.

These controversial strategies have also been employed by the Republicans, although this latest cache of documents is the first glimpse into just how coordinated the effort is to use the media to political advantage.

The revelations from the Intercept come just as the second round of debating between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has wrapped up, looking colder than ever, with not so much as a handshake exchanged.

The leak also comes amid the latest official attack on Russia by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. On Friday they released a statement claiming they are ““confident that the Russian government directed” the hacks of emails and documents and their posting on WikiLeaks, DCLeaks, and the blog of the hacker calling himself ‘Guccifer 2.0.’

Russia has been denying all complicity. The United States has still not presented any evidence of an official link to the Russian government.


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20 thought on “New Leak Reveals Extent of Clinton Ties with US Media”
  1. I was watching the debate this weekend and my daughter came in to the room. She said “That’s Donald Trump, why are you watching him, he’s a bad man.”. I asked her where she heard that, she said “It’s all over the TV, he’s a bad man.”. She’s nine.

    The message was well crafted.

  2. Sadly , this will not matter at all . All the people I know voting for HRC do not read anything about her ! They only read the opposition research on Trump . I was weighing all the Trump info , debating whether to vote for him or wrote in Rand Paul . I decided to think like a liberal ( it physically hurt my brain ) and ignore any info on Trump and just look at HRC info . Just marked my absentee ballot fornTrumo . 🙂 Now back to using logic and my brain.

  3. These leaks are amazing. They identified the writer of a letter as Nate Silver, 38, a statistician and writer who analyzes baseball and elections. He is currently the editor-in-chief of ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight and a Special Correspondent for ABC News. He wrote to Monmouth University, and desperately ordered a cooked poll be taken to make it look like Hillary was blowing away Trump, even though her support ranked behind Trump, Stein, Johnson, and ‘Other.’


  4. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/10/05/doj-abruptly-drops-case-against-gun-runner-who-threatened-to-reveal-clintons-libya-dealings.html


    Read the Marc Turi saga at the two links above and others available also. Here is a brief quote from the above link:
    ““I would say, 100 percent, I was victimized…to somehow discredit me, to throw me under the bus, to do whatever it took to protect their next presidential candidate,” he told Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge.
    The 48-year-old Arizona resident has been at the epicenter of a failed federal investigation led by the Justice Department spanning five years and costing the government an estimated $10 million or more, Turi says.
    Turi says the Justice Department abruptly dropped the case to avoid public disclosure of the weapons program, that was designed to force the ouster of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi during the 2011 Arab Spring.”

    “Asked if the email exchanges are connected or a coincidence, Turi said, “When you look at this timeline, none of it was a coincidence. It was all strategically managed and it had to come from her own internal circle.”
    Turi also told Fox News that he believes emails sent about the weapons programs were deleted by Hillary Clinton and her team because that “it would have gone to an organization within the Bureau of Political Military affairs within the State Department known as PM/RSAT (Office of Regional Security and Arms Transfers.) That’s where you would find Jake Sullivan, Andrew Shapiro and a number of political operatives that would have been intimately involved with this foreign policy.”
    “The four felony counts — which included two of arms dealing in violation of the Arms Export Control Act and two of lying on his State Department weapons application — were dismissed last week against Turi “with prejudice,” meaning the government cannot come after him again on this matter.””
    “Turi first told his story to Fox News senior executive producer Pamela Browne in 2014, and since, Turi says he’s lost everything to fight the Justice Department, which had no further comment beyond the publicly available court records.
    “With all the resources that they were throwing at me, I knew there would have to be some type of explanation of the operation that was going terribly wrong in Libya,” Turi said. “It is completely un-American…I was a contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency.””
    I urge everyone to read the above articles about the secret behavior of Hilliary Clinton as Secretary of State for the Obama Administration. Aside from all the other misconduct of this woman, these articles and more, despite other secret information not presented, pretty much prove without any doubt she is a despicable liar, cheater, and traitor to the United States not to mention an unindicted war criminal for her part in the deaths and destruction of untold suffering victims and property losses throughout the world along with Nobel Peace Prize recipient Obama also an unindicted war criminal.
    I don’t like Trump either. But whatever arrogant type of jerk he is, I have not read any proof that he has lowered himself to the level of depravity of the worthless piece of garbage Hillary Clinton who is also a lying lawyer from Yale University in New Haven Corrupticut the same State which produced the Sandy Hook Hoax. Everyone must ask themselves: Do I want a person like Hillary Clinton to be our president?

    1. Thank your lucky stars you have Trump as a choice for the election. He has some good ideas and some not so good. Clinton is a warmongering, lifelong criminal who has dodged bullets her entire professional life. She’s disgusting, diabolical, and dangerous. Dislike Trump all you want, he is the only candidate ballsy enough to fight the oligarchs who have raped this nation. Have you complained about these oligarchs? Have you done so bitterly?
      Thank your lucky stars you have Trump to vote for. Who says we have to like our president as long as he typifies and supports the will of the people? He may be no choir boy but who says choir boys have the answers?
      Get with it, stop playing personality games on such a critical matter and realize the mess we are in.

  5. My personal take goes back to 2000 with the “hanging chad” deal and the Gore/Bush tie. I believe that the DNC (or the Clintons or what ever powers that be) made a deal with the RNC (or the Bush’s or what ever powers that be) that they would give Bush the WH in return for a guarantee that when Hilary was ready to run for President, she would win. Her first foray against Obama was a “toe in the water” and showed that the Clinton presidency was still too fresh in the public’s minds. Becoming Secretary of State gave her more “personal legitimacy”. It seems so interesting to me that when any kind of dirt on HRC is released, Trump says or does something so outrageous, so heinous, that no one, not even the Republican party want him in the WH. He has nothing to lose and has probably been paid well to be the loser, but look at the levels he has to stoop to in order for her to beat him. I also think that the “what ever powers that be” are laughing at the American people and what a circus this election is.

  6. As compromised as these international awards may be, congratulations to Bob Dylan, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,” according to the Swedish Academy.

    To quote him back at himself, “You cut to the core, quicker than anyone I knew.”

    Consider the following song which describes our current situation as outlined in the above post.

    Bob Dylan – Political World


    We live in a political world
    Love don’t have any place
    We’re living in times where men commit crimes
    And crime don’t have a face

    We live in a political world
    Icicles hanging down
    Wedding bells ring and angels sing
    Clouds cover up the ground

    We live in a political world
    Wisdom is thrown into jail
    It rots in a cell, is misguided as hell
    Leaving no one to pick up a trail

    We live in a political world
    Where mercy walks the plank
    Life is in mirrors, death disappears
    Up the steps into the nearest bank

    We live in a political world
    Where courage is a thing of the past
    Houses are haunted, children are unwanted
    The next day could be your last

    We live in a political world
    The one we can see and can feel
    But there’s no one to check, it’s all a stacked deck
    We all know for sure that it’s real

    We live in a political world
    In the cities of lonesome fear
    Little by little you turn in the middle
    But you’re never sure why you’re here

    We live in a political world
    Under the microscope
    You can travel anywhere and hang yourself there
    You always got more than enough rope

    We live in a political world
    Turning and a-thrashing about
    As soon as you’re awake, you’re trained to take
    What looks like the easy way out

    We live in a political world
    Where peace is not welcome at all
    It’s turned away from the door to wander some more
    Or put up against the wall

    We live in a political world
    Everything is hers or his
    Climb into the frame and shout God’s name
    But you’re never sure what it is

    1. Bob Dylan is certainly near and dear to a lot of people’s hearts,
      but I haven’t been able to find one iota of information about Dylan and his views on 9/11, or most other topics of concern in the Truth community,
      all in all pretty dreary, for someone who is associated with anti-war protests and such (but to be fair Dylan has always shunned his “icon” status and any attempt to make him a leader of sorts),
      I fear he has been dumbed-down like the rest of society,
      how any intelligent upstanding troubadour could avoid the topic of 9/11 is mystifying to me

        1. I have been listening to a number of Joni Mitchell interviews also to examine her politics, while I was studying some her musical works, as she has been in the middle of some of the most important protests movements during her time,
          I was also surprised that she took the ‘political light’ road to mention things like the ecology (which is certainly important but rather tepid and safe, as far as political speech is concerned), but no mention about 9/11 or the many other relevant political events that have happened-
          yes our icons have been dumbed down, intimidated and are either blind and asleep or afraid to rock the boat:(

      1. According to some Internet articles, Dylan has stolen most/all of the songs he allegedly wrote. He has spent millions trying to defend against the real writer of those classic hits. So, to get yourself familiar with these issues is a must. Can you read these articles and get back to us? People ought to know about Dylan’s situation as it really is.

  7. In 2004 I went to vote, and stood at the democratic line at the polls. When I got to the front, they said I was in the wrong line, that I was registered republican. I have never registered as a repulican

    1. Well you know the voter fraud is all the Republicans.
      The Democrats don’t never use Bill Aryes’ motor voter registration scam against us for Fraud. They don’t have people vote in lieu of dead people city to city. No, there’re the honorable party.

      The Demondrats never bus around people pole to pole who can’t speak English to Vote Demondrat.. no no

      Maybe you get in the right line.

      Those Darn Republicans….

      1. I’m kidding you. I’m amazed they didn’t ask you to vote Democrate and sent you away.

        That’s not like them.

        I became an Independent after Bush invaded Iraq and would not re-register as an Republican in CA to vote for Trump in the primary(ca has a closed primary) because I can vote my choice in the general election.

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