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Hurricane Matthew is presented by government officials and major media as the reason to advise people leave their homes. “This [storm] is going to kill people” warns Florida Governor Rick Scott. President Obama has similarly participated in the fear-mongering.

Yet on October 6 conservative blogger Matt Drudge remarked to his followers how Southeaster US residents were skeptical of the storm’s would-be potency and how there is no way of verifying data on the storm issued by such government agencies as NOAA’s National Hurricane Center.






This observations struck a chord with MHB, as a deluge of government pronouncements and reportage on Matthew over the past several days have appeared over-the-top. This point was driven home on the evening of October 6 when the alleged Cat. 4 storm passed our area in Southern Palm Beach County with negligible effect. Now the Hurricane Center is attempting to rewrite Matthew’s history altogether to suggest that Matthew barely touched South Florida (below).

Similar anomalies are evident in subsequent Weather Channel coverage on Matthew’s alleged October 7 impact on Georgia and South Carolina.

The Saffir-Simpson scale provides a classification scheme and demarcation points for hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical depressions based on windspeed.


Taking the above into consideration and according to The Weather Channel’s own reportage “Hurricane Matthew”in fact appears to be at most a tropical storm. This is evident, for example, in the outlet’s reportage of October 7, which depicts two contrasting images. In the screen shot below the animated satellite image on the left shows a tropical storm without any clearly defined “eye.” However, the smaller image on the lower right is a (potentially enhanced) graphic with an apparently more coherent storm and eye resembling a much more ominous looking weather system.


Another indication of potential subterfuge is suggested in the still shot below taken from the same October 7 Weather Channel broadcast. Much like a Weather Channel telecast of October 6 charting Hurricane Matthew’s path alongside Florida’s east coast, and keeping in mind Saffir-Simpson scale parameters, the wind speeds below indicate that Matthew can only be deemed at most a Category 1, and  more realistically should be regarded as a poorly-defined Tropical Storm.



Perhaps with the above anomalies in mind, NOAA’s Hurricane Center now appears to have modified its own forecast of “tropical storm force surface winds” to almost entirely omit Florida’s southern and central peninsula! Yet less than 48 hours ago these very areas were given dramatic reportage via corporate media after having been placed under severe “hurricane warnings” by Governor Rick Scott, who based his decision on Hurricane Center data.

What’s going on here? Is there a chance perhaps that the same intertwined government and media entities that regularly seek to pass off terrorist bombing and active shooter drills as genuine events–that have brought us such events to publicly mourn as Sandy Hook, the Boston “bombing,” the Umpqua College, San Bernardino, and Orlando nightclub shootings, are now trying their hand in transforming a mild tropical storm to hurricane proportions? Its own data at the very least should give one pause.

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32 thought on “‘Hurricane Matthew’: Is the Public Being Misled?”
  1. I am a native Floridian and have been through MANY hurricanes. The destruction in Haiti was due to poor housing. The damage we have seen here along the Florida east coast is minimal and standard for an impact of an CAT 2 or lower. The eye stayed offshore so we were spared a lot of damage. I saw an announcer talk about one little piece of aluminum for hours. Transformers blowing and power lines falling are common place in ANY hurricane yet the media was covered with them. A CAT three is no reason to leave your home unless you are on the water.Just keep in mind that there WAS NOT ANYTHING DIFFERENT about this hurricane. Climate change is no threat to us but our government lying to us is a HUGE THREAT. Remember they passed a law stating that media and government cannot be found negligent in spreading propaganda. We are officially now the country they use to try to convince us that Russia was. We have been that all along.

    1. Another thing I’ve noticed is the local newscasters and government officials really playing up the scolding and almost shaming of the members of the public who dared to defy the PTB and did NOT evacuate.

      There was one guy on the news who actually said the “real heroes” in all of this are the LEOs and those who evacuated. They act like THEY are providing a wonderful service to all of us and thus have a right to be at the beach, but the pesky residents who actually live there don’t.

    2. I concur my friend, but don’t be fooled by the “poor housing claim” in Haiti. It was no housing and the 13.5 billion dollars of reconstruction funds that have gone missing since the earthquake.

      I was born in an island nation just south of Florida and hurricanes have always been big business for NGO & NPO. Pirates in bespoke suits with Ivy League indoctrination is what we called them.

      1. Sounds like you’re describing the Clinton Foundation! Check out the movie “Clinton Cash,” which is on Youtube (or if They have removed it by now for spurious non-reasons, you can find it on Breitbart dot com). It goes into detail about Haiti, and how the Clintons siphoned off millions and millions in aid designated for poor Haitians–right into their own pockets.

  2. agree MemoryHole ! It seemed an Exercise in FearMongering &
    Compliance. Here in SW miami the streets were emptied & stores closed thurs (i was out on the bicycle).
    We sheeple obey our Master DeepState.
    The Financial Hurricane’s gonna be a lot of phun!

    Who wants to ask for asylum on a nearby island, avec moi?
    We bring lots of agroecology equipment to the party…

  3. https://www.indy100.com/article/fox-news-weatherman-hurricane-matthew-you-re-going-to-die-7349841

    Fox News presenter Shepard Smith on Hurricane Matthew:

    ‘You’re going to die and so will your kids’

    Posted a day ago [October 7, 2016] by Joe Vesey-Byrnein offbeat

    One would think Shapard Smith would be fired for this comment regardless of the status of the storm, however, he made a deal with the father of lies and this is how he supports his children.

    1. Note that Fox wheels Smith out to provide dramatic emphasis to any crisis event–mass shootings, “terrorist” attacks, and natural disasters. He’s been the go-to in this regard for many years now. This of course has nothing to do with journalism.

    2. How can anyone still take these goons seriously? It’s pretty obvious they’re all reading from the same (bad) script. We already knew Gov. Scott was compromised thanks to his performance after the Orlando Show.

  4. I love how my local weather forecast can’t predict rain 24 hours in advance BUT it was able to put out warnings nearly ONE WEEK in advance of ‘hurricane’ (subsequently ‘superstorm’–whatever that is) Sandy. In fact, the trajectory was all well known DAYS in advance. The storm would head north into the Atlantic, GAIN strength and then make a HARD LEFT turn into NYC and the tri-state area. I guess it was one of those lucky forecasting-guess-models.
    It was also rather interesting that State Farm Insurance dumped many people’s homeowners insurance less than 30 days before Sandy. State Farm was no longer going to insure homes in the area and many people had to scramble to find homeowner’s insurance at much higher premiums. What did State Farm know prior to October 29, 2012 ?? Just asking.

      1. Ha ha!! For sure.

        The homeowner’s insurance we purchased didn’t cover floods anyway. We had never had water in the house before Sandy. It was a mess and we lost many family mementos that couldn’t be replaced. We had no choice but to request FEMA money which truly felt like taking blood money, if you will. But we had to rebuild–and luckily, we have a contractor in the family who performed all the labor because the FEMA money was nowhere near enough to cover the actual cost of refurbishing in order to be able to sell the property. By the grace of God it worked out for us, but for many people, it didn’t. There are still a few abandoned homes in the area from 2012. It’s disgusting what a racket the insurance companies have. The ‘people’ who run them have no souls.

      1. Yup- How can anyone listen to NOAA or NWS who are so highly compromised with their manmade Global Warming BS and every event is our fault because we aren’t doing anything about it. Now weather manipulation is another matter – the PTB play the HAARP again and again.

        My son lives in Titusville, so I was very concerned about the extreme hyperbole coming out from all the Big Shots. I lived in Florida many years and lived through several hurricanes. From what I could see, there was no reason for my son to evacuate, and he didn’t. Still doesn’t have power, but that’s another story.

        The reports that H-Matthew was going to destroy Florida, and then it would go back out into the Atlantic and head south to regain strength and loop around to blast Florida again seemed less of a forecast than fearmongering. That got me to the Nat’l Hurricane Service website to see how many hurricanes have ever done that little looping magic – Not a single one until election year 2004 and then there were two: Ivan and Jeanne. The election year 2012 with H-Sandy doing its bizarre HAARP dance. Maybe Matthew was just a practice for next month when it gets closer to the election.


  5. According to a local Jacksonville news ABC affiliate (First Coast News) they will be opening the bridges to the beach areas at noon Saturday. Opening the bridges and allowing traffic through to those areas shows that the damage is pretty minimal. Anyone who has been through a Cat 2 knows that the bridges are usually closed for a few DAYS. Not 12 hours.

  6. Should anyone be interested, Resources for the Future (another carbon footprint NGO which is actually a gov-co entity) is having a webcast this coming Tuesday, October 11, 2016, titled: “The Business of Environmental Intelligence: A Conversation with NOAA Administrator Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan.”

    People can register for the webcast at the rff.org website here:

    Questions can be ‘tweeted’ during the event.

    According to the rff events page: “Please join Resources for the Future for a conversation between RFF President Richard G. Newell and Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan, as they discuss how environmental intelligence can preserve and improve human and environmental health as well as promote growth.”

    In addition, Resources for the Future is hosting another webcast on October 19, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. It is titled: “The Role of Carbon Pricing in Implementing the Paris Agreement”.

    It is billed as: “An RFF/International Monetary Fund Seminar”.

    Again, the website at which to register for the webcast is: http://www.rff.org/events

    FYI: http://www.thinktankmap.org/ThinkTankDetails.aspx?ID=132

  7. And the October surprises will continue, Let’s see if ole Donald will talk about Chelsea`s real father and Bill`s pedo ring links to the South Florida Kabal boys. Have your Bible close and your depends on, because it`s gonna be a wild ride in the next couple of weeks.

    Happy Weekend Yall…

  8. My FaceBook post was met with a lot of criticism from my Florida ppers as well as the rest of my sheeple friends throughout the country:
    Some thoughts on Hurricane Matthew are that everyone responded to media hype and what we perceived to be an imminent threat based on what we saw on television.
    What we need to realize is that what we are viewing is computer generated animation and we rely on the reporting agencies to be accurate and responsible in their depictions of, in this case, a weather event.
    I’m not saying that “the government created a hurricane”, or that it was a “hoax”. But, in the words of Rahm Emanuel, they certainly will “Let no good crisis go to waste”!
    Reports of a Category 4 storm impacting South Florida now seem exaggerated and the response of Local Authorities practically implementing Martial Law was a bit excessive, to say the least.
    As Mathew passed us by, suddenly I heard, for the first time, that Miami had only had a 25% chance of being affected by the storm and that Broward County only had a 40% chance! Surely Walmart isn’t closing their doors based on less than a 50/50 shot of being impacted ! Unless, of course, they have been told to.
    As I look at Andrew compared to Matthew I wonder if they are using the same type of animation or if Matthew was somehow construed to appear even more onerous.
    Matthew was a great opportunity for the Federal Government to test and implement their Emergency Management Protocols and to monitor and gauge the Public’s response to being told what to do and how to behave in a Crisis. You can bet that they also monitored Twitter Feeds, Facebook and all Social Media to gauge public opinion, fears and compliance.
    This is not some conspiratorial speculation, but merely how the world functions in our society of high technology integrated with Social Engineering.

    1. “Let no good crisis go to waste”
      That seems to be a pretty good overview of the situation,
      as far as “Local Authorities practically implementing Martial Law”
      that would be news,
      what events were you referring to,
      I hadn’t heard of the Feds attempting to do anything like confiscate guns, e.g., Katrina

  9. OK, I’m normally not a HAARP conspiracy theorist but did anyone here look at the national radar loop action prior to the storm hitting FL and during?

    It was insanely bazaar to the west of the storm front (but still in the S.E). I showed it around and everyone who saw it was puzzled…I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Huh, I’m going with HAARP.”

  10. Had 2 or 3 palm branches blow off trees and a few wind gusts coupled with a slow soaking rain. The devastation was immense . I truly believed Schlep Smith when I heard him say ….we all gonna DIE !!!”
    The true danger lay in going anywhere near a Wally world where fights broke out at the gas station which is bound to happen when there in no set pattern as to direction of entering the pumps. At the main store people fought over the last remaining loaves of bread.
    After witnessing the panic set in I thought to myself what’s gonna happen when the SHTF for real ? It won’t be pretty ! We all gonna DIE !!!!

    1. Are you for real??? People were fighting over loves of bread?
      That sounds like mind programming, people being “turned on” by some cue (MSM coverage of hurricane)-we’re a long ways from people fighting over a loaf of bread

      1. Yes, for real. I’m 120 miles directly west from Daytona on the west coast . Dunnellon, Fl . We were on the outer edge of the tropical storm they called Matthew . It was a boom for our boomtown of the 1890,s when phosphate was king. All 4 hotels were full of people that scurried like rats from the over hyped tropical storm.

  11. First time poster. I have a couple of comments, first on the image described above with “the smaller image on the lower right is a (potentially enhanced) graphic with an apparently more coherent storm and eye resembling a much more ominous looking weather system.” The larger image is of a rain radar, red severe rain, yellow medium rain, green light rain. The smaller image is of cloud cover, the colors represent cloud temperature.


    Second, regarding “NOAA’s Hurricane Center now appears to have modified its own forecast of “tropical storm force surface winds” to almost entirely omit Florida’s southern and central peninsula!” – I don’t believe they have, looking at cumulative wind history graph.


    It does look fishy, it looks like it lost it’s eye heading around Georgia, however NOAA kept it hurricane strength up until the 5pm forecast today. Also at the 5pm forecast they also had the center of circulation parallel to North Carolina in the Atlantic, however the weather was effecting cities far north as New York and Boston. It looked like it actually traveled up the entire eastern coast – quite a feat!

    Also I believe the US East coast never saw sustained hurricane force winds, maybe a few hurricane CAT1 force gusts up the northern Florida coast. However looking at pictures of damage at the Bahamas, there was damage consistent with sustained hurricane force winds, maybe not CAT3 / 4 as was reported. I personally experienced Andrew in South Dade, so I know the type of damage a real CAT4 can do.

    No one has mentioned Hurricane Patricia, that hit Mexico in 2015 as a possible “false flag” hurricane to promote the climate change agenda. At it’s peak it would have been categorized as a “CAT 7/8” – if such categories existed. It hit a foreign country with a language barrier, so no real news, or coverage of the aftermath. Wind damage was minor in comparison to it’s rating.

    Thank you.

  12. Orlando was also placed under curfew from Thursday (10/6) morning to Saturday (10/8) morning. It is in the smack middle of the state, far inland, takes at minimum an hour to drive to the beach yet it was the only city to have a two-day forced curfew. Why?

  13. Two thoughts as to why the Matthew hoax:
    1. Rehearsing moving masses of people, esp in Florida because of infrastructue there valuable to the oligarchs, especially their export/import facilities & the vast warehouses which now contain much of what used to be decentralized in stores all over America.

    2. Rehearsal, especially media rehearsal, for the hoax they are already setting us up for in the US/Russia pretend hostilities. Russia is imposing Washington’s neoliberalism on its own people while pretending to oppose the goal of neoliberalism– a global oligarchy in which Russia will participate as a regional administrator. Putin calls this “multi-polarity.”

    The war in Syria is purposely dragged out by Russia’s seeking a ceasefire whenever they are about to defeat ISIS/Alqaeda, so that the terrorists can resupply. When the time is right, perhaps to coincide w the “collapse” of the dollar, we will be treated to a limited exchange between the US and “enemy” Russia. It will be hoaxed into a much larger event and used to push us into a global monetary and military oligarchy.

    The hype that there MUST be war between Russia and the US is about as believable as the Matthew hype. The possibility of an actual war between US and it’s henchman Russia is zero; why would TPTB want chaos when they are winning? The US is the source of some Russian & Chinese military technology, in order to maketheir “menace” realistic. https://www.corbettreport.com/the-great-decoupling-how-the-west-is-engineering-its-own-downfall/

  14. Beach Girl, It IS nonsensical that they curfewed Orlando during the Matthew hoax. There’s a lot of infrastructure valuable to the oligarchs that the Pulse hoax allowed them to rehearse protecting from civil unrest: Orlando Airport, Okechobee canal system that bisects Florida as a shortcut to their shipping, surface arteries to Tampa, which is mega-export location & receives mega imports from China. I think it’s second only to only to San Bernardino as the home to ACRES of warehouses. LifttheVeil.com did a fantastic job of documenting WHY San Bernardino was chosen for a shooting hoax. I recommend at least these two of his links for educating yourself; I learned a lot. http://lifttheveil411.com/san-bernardino-hoax-the-chase-act-1/ & http://lifttheveil411.com/san-bernardino-hoax-location-motive-episode-2/

    PS Orlando wasn’t the only 2-day curfew. http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2016/10/07/curfews-and-cancellations-announced-as-hurricane.html


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