‘In “Newtown,” Understated Eloquence but No Peace’

‘NYT Critics’ Pick’

Kim Snyder’s Newtown qualifies as an 85-minute pro-gun control public service announcement. Image: YouTube

Neil Genzlinger
New York Times

Newtown” is as hard a documentary to watch as you’re likely to encounter. It needed to be; anything less would have been too dismissive of one of the most traumatic American tragedies in recent memory.

The film, by Kim A. Snyder, revisits the shooting in December 2012 that left 20 students and six staff members dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. The focus, though, is on the aftermath — not merely the initial reaction, but the lingering effects on families, teachers, emergency medical workers.

The Sandy Hook Elementary custodian practically no media outlet’s attempted to interview for almost four years. Image: NewtownFilm.com

This film isn’t content to be merely a “never forget” reminder; it wants to convey just how deep and lasting the pain is, from this attack and, by extension, many others.

Those who relate their stories talk repeatedly about how the shooting was so beyond the scope of anyone’s experience that there was no template for how to respond or recover, whether for parents who lost children, children who lost playmates or staff members who eventually had to return to work. There is a real sense of everyone still being at sea almost four years later. This film is not about people who have made peace with what happened or learned how to move on.

That makes it must viewing for the audience least likely to watch it: Lawmakers and others who failed to use the shooting as a catalyst for reasonable gun control measures. The film isn’t a strident piece of advocacy — the gun control issue is just a small part of it — but its sentiments are clear, underscored with heartache eloquently expressed.

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11 thought on “New York Times Promotes ‘Newtown Documentary’”
  1. “I’ve felt otherworldly since this tragedy. Can we ever repay Lt. Vance for his heroism and All-American savoir faire? This tragedy will propel us across the galaxies toward the New World Odor. Oh, thank you, dear Newtown. You’ve taught us so much, how can we ever repay you?”

    1. You know what, Gil? You’re right. I knew that Oklahoma City was an intel operation, and 9/11. But it never occurred to me that all these smaller “happenings” were Deep State fakes. Until Sandy Hook.

      Sandy Hook opened my eyes, and afterward I could easily see thru the faked events– even those abroad.

      It was because of Sandy Hook that I finally looked at chemtrails. I had previously dismissed it as nuttery.

  2. Here’s Wikipedia on Kim Snyder, who ironically made a movie about the effects of childhood sexual abuse on people (Sandy Hook is a sex slave ring center for those who haven’t paid rapt attention):


    I wonder if she really doesn’t realize it’s fake. Can that be?

    It’s just in time to sway the obstinate Senate on Murphy’s bill:


    1. I`m right there with you Sue. New England has always been a hotbed of child sex slave rings, and they’ve disperse throughout the country hidden in local covens.

      American`s dont ask themselves why do most children’s NPO and NGO`s are headed by women. Different century ,same satanic practices.

    2. This 1986 NYT article should shed some light on your questions:


      Recall Kim A. Snyder’s Wiki bio:
      Snyder received a “master’s in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in 1986.”

      Snyder’s bio goes on:
      “Upon completion of her masters, Snyder worked in international trade. She became involved in filmmaking as an international film consultant and U.S. Producer’s Representative in Europe in the early 1990s.
      She is an advocate for the use of film as a medium to promote social change.”

      “international trade’ and ‘international film consultant’ are just vague enough so you’re not sure what they really mean. “Promote social change” means she’s a “change agent” which should be self-explanatory, I hope.

      But wait, there’s more!
      “Previously, Snyder also served on the admissions committee for the Graduate Film Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.”

      The Tisch family is extremely wealthy and runs Loews (the Loew name likely chosen for Judah ben Bezalel Loew, the Maharal of Prague).

      Here is a little info on the ‘maharal’:

      Bottom Line: Snyder’s bio it has intelligence services written all over it.

      The reason she’s done films on child sex abuse is because those who run them love to let you know what they’re doing right under your nose.
      Don’t forget about “The Finders” and the C I A.

    1. Hey Marzi, ole Robert boy was a creation of Hollyweird and was never an outsider with his creation of the Sundance Film Inc. His father was born in CT.
      And his wife is from an LDS family,and the purchase of his property in Utah , kicked a fair amount of Natives off their land.

      1. Ted, a technical complaint – Robert used a hobble to train a horse in The Horsewhisperer, based on the methods of Monty Roberts who would never use one.

  3. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/15/sandy-hook-shooting-victims-names_n_2307354.html

    The link provides the names of all 26 alleged victims including 20 kids and 6 adult women. Pictures have been recently published of some of the kids as they have grown up, consistent with the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by Professor Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. and others. However little has been written about the 6 adult women. Evidently they had their identities changed. People everywhere should keep their ears and eyes open for them. It is not an easy task to change one’s identity. But of course organizations like the CIA could accomplish this task easily.

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