trump-clinton-debateCorporate News Outlets Assert the Opposite

By James F. Tracy

It’s no secret that the same interests exerting ownership of major media regard Donald Trump’s candidacy as a very real threat to the status quo. This is reflected in the severely negative news coverage of the Trump campaign, particularly when contrasted with that of its counterpart–you know, the wife of the man who gave corporate media so much of their booty by signing into law the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

Unsurprisingly in the immediate wake of the first presidential debate of 2016 major cable news outlets unanimously argued that Donald Trump lost the matchup, or, at the very least it was “not his night.” For example, veteran MSNBC presstitute Chris Matthews effused that Clinton “cleaned [Trump’s] clock” and  was the “home run debater–the Babe Ruth of debaters.”

Yet it wasn’t simply MSNBC that lauded Clinton’s performance. FoxNews’ Dana Perino, Brit Hume and Juan Williams all pointed to Trump being “on the ropes” and “on the defensive” through much of the exchange.

When Trump appeared in the media’s “spin room” shortly after leaving the stage to talk with reporters–an unprecedented move for a presidential candidate following a debate–CNN’s Jake Tapper suggested it was to reinforce his message which presented so weakly during the debate itself.

CNN’s roundtable of Democratic prognosticators disparaged the Republican candidate while later touting a professional poll the network commissioned of 521 voters that even they note “skews Democratic” in an effort to further drive home the notion of Trump’s mediocre performance.


The networks pundits’ assessment of who won the first debate contrasted sharply with the broader public, as reflected in a wide array of online snap polls capturing the nation’s collective interpretation of which candidate was victorious in the initial hours following the event.


Granted, such polls do not meet specific social scientific protocols of academic institutions or polling firms–the latter of which often tailor surveys toward client preferences, as CNN’s commissioned poll suggests. Yet the spontaneous nature and presence of such polling across an array of online media catering to various political persuasions vis-a-vis the cable news talking points provide a glimpse of how much American public opinion appears to be at variance with the media monopoly that still controls what many mistake for actual public sentiment.
















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43 thought on “#TrumpWon First Debate – US Public”
  1. I’m pretty sure that the polls represent the number of people that are pre-disposed to favor one candidate over the other.
    Clearly the majority of American people HATE Hillary Clinton, but, as far as debate skills are concerned, there could be no doubt that she out performed Donald Trump on this occasion.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Debating “skills’ may well include profuse doses of lies, obfuscations, but as long as they are done in a skilled fashion, as per your explanation, they enable a candidate to “win” a debate. Is this what you are saying? As long as one is smoother than one’s opponent so things sound better to the low IQ crowd, perforce, that means the debater has won the marbles. A person rating a debate must have considerable knowledge of the subject matter so as to not be easily swayed and/or fooled by the smooth and “skillful” debater.
      It’s necessary for you to define just exactly what you mean by a “good debater, a winning debater, and a debater who sounds good but says little. Fools ;voting for Clinton are swayed by her great generosity of welfare monies and other pecuniary baubles, with Hillary it’s only too obvious there isn’t a sincere bone in her body. If a voter can’t differentiate a Satanist/Luciferian from a business tycoon, they have my sympathy.

      1. Suffice to say that Clinton’s blasé demeanor reflects the complacency of her constituency, while Trump exhibits the frustration of the torches and pitchforks zeitgeist in the West. It would be comforting (though perhaps naive) to conclude that at least one of the two are sincere.

  2. Stimulating piece. Two problematic issues inherent in it, however. One is that a cluster of unscientific polls (e.g., from Fox News et al) add up to an Unscientific Metapoll. Second is with the suggestion that the (admittedly capitalist monopoly-controlled) media have not favoured Trump. They have, in at least two fundamental ways. First they have given him millions if not billions of dollars’ worth of “free publicity.” Second, until very recently, they have shown themselves allergic to investigative reporting about him–and for that matter his father, the crook. Maybe I don’t follow U.S. media as closely as I should (but what a demoralizing drag that is) but until very recently his criminality, racism, etc. have gone relatively uninvestigated and unreported or at the very least under-reported. The media have had months to do “take-outs” on these facts about Trump. Where were they? I’m open to hearing answers; I’m trying to not just indulge in rhetoric. I’m genuinely interested in hearing of specifics that contradict my assertions here.

      1. In a legitimate world, our 2 party system would be seen for what it really is and it could be jettisoned. Over the years, we commoners have been overridden with periodic bouts of tyranny masquerading as legislative progress. If we are going to survive as a people and as a world, we are going to have to make fairness and honesty the two planks of every election campaign. Fat chance? The election gambit is rotten to the core, it’s a travesty. NWO has to be stopped, but it has to be recognized and placed on media ouitlets, then it must be torn apart and analyzed if we are to survive as free peoples. Practically speaking, all things being considered, just like the famous newspapers of the country do, it’s perfectly acceptable to come out in favor of a certain candidate. With immense and swelling pride, the woeful Hartford Courant announced their oleaginous fealty to Hillary Clinton by extoling her “vast experience”. Unfortunately, the Courant is owned by the same Klan that infests our government.
        The people must control this nation, not tin pot dictators chosen by the oligarchs. Until that happens, why worry about casting some support to a favored candidate on the basis of his possession of at least SOME positive attributes. Trump is a start and we desperately need a start. Flawed, yes, but he’s a start. Let’s not lose sight of that fact.

    1. To investigate Trump’s background is to investigate the rich and powerful’s background, which would also include Hillary, and a rigorous accounting of how both are integrally involved with jewish power – something the jewish-controlled media does NOT want to be exposed.

      Circus Maximus is a Renegade Radio/Tribune Twitter personality who does investigate the nature of Trump’s ‘involvement’ with the corrupt elite. He himself (goes by Nick Spero) doesn’t obsess over ‘race’ issues but Renegade Radio generally does, if that offends.

    2. I would hope that you would have been front row center in decrying the horrendous lies that emanated from the debauched forensic absenteeism that stuck like a pilot fish to the malodorous Sandy Hook affair. And, did you scream out after 911 at the turpitude of Philip Zelikow and the farce known as the 911 investigation? How about the oleaginous Warren Report that stunk to high heaven? And, of course, we may inquire of you if you demanded personal and occupational data regarding the current Impostor in the White House. You are within your rights to ask for information on Trump, but please do insist that a full and honest list of Hillary Clinton’s nefariosities are available for the perusal of her supporters as well as for you and me. Let the nation and world know of her life of corruption. It’s only fair. But, fellow travelers accompanying her on this testament to mendacity have all taken the 5th or forgotten/don’t know/don’t remember’/ can’t think of it. Isn’t it amazing how liars hate to be lied to?

    3. Trump is racist? OK, he supports Affirmative Action that discriminates against White people, and he supports Israel as an ethno-state but thinks other countries shouldn’t be defined by ethnicity. But how is he different in his racism from every other pol – including Hillary – who are generally way more anti-White racist than Trump. Cuz he says Americans have a right to their own country, too?

    1. Be nice to Hillary Clinton online — or risk a confrontation with her super PAC

      LA Times

      When the Internet’s legions of Hillary hecklers steal away to chat rooms and Facebook pages to vent grievances about Clinton, express revulsion toward Clinton and launch attacks on Clinton, they now may find themselves in a surprising place – confronted by a multimillion dollar super PAC working with Clinton.

      Hillary Clinton’s well-heeled backers have opened a new frontier in digital campaigning, one that seems to have been inspired by some of the Internet’s worst instincts. Correct the Record, a super PAC coordinating with Clinton’s campaign, is spending some $1 million to find and confront social media users who post unflattering messages about the Democratic front-runner.

    2. That link was truly frightening.

      David Brock was grated access to Govt. controlled secret software to attack Trump supporters?

      That’s illegal. They admitted their crime in writing.

      Only the highest levels of Govt. could authorize this…King O?


  3. Never trust any online polls. Trump supporters swarmed those polls to make sure he looked like the winner. Those of us who actually watched his pathetic performance know better. I do not support Clinton, and obviously not Trump either. I would have preferred a non-establishment candidate for a change. The notion that Trump is somehow not part of the establishment is baffling to me. Do people really not know anything about this guy? About his past, his business practices, his connections? He’s as much a part of the corrupt establishment as Clinton is, though obviously not as much on the political side (though throughout his career he has made his, mostly Liberal, views known through interviews and press reports). His only real interest is in having his name in the spotlight. He’s a sociopath and a con man. In other words, perfectly suited for American politics. Just like his long time friend and associate, Hillary Clinton.

    1. Yeah, Gus. We’re all so deplorable that we had to be organized to swamp all the on-line polls to make it look like Trump has support he doesn’t. Ri-i-i-i-i-i-ight. Pretty solid response for a basket of deplorables, huh? Just wait until you see the election returns!

      1. Right now we have to support Trump whether we like the 2 party farce or not. I have unlimited disdain for Trump’s support of the little renegade country that has infiltrated our nation in virtually all capacities. Trump offers some horrible ideas and some good ones but his puke-ridden fealty to the little nation would make the author of “The Holocaust Industry” violently ill. However, Trump has good points to his resume, while the Witch from Waukegan simply does not. Her years in government “service” are laughable, at best. All hat, no cattle.

        1. The idea that we must vote the least evil candidate doesn’t work anymore,
          besides they work for the same handlers the same un-elected committees and departments run by secret societies,
          people are actually voting to install the PARTY, of which the candidate is simply the talking face

        2. Hey Sun,

          Have you ever thought about how hard the Democrats try to bring people to the voting booth?

          They buss them in and most of them are just immigrants that have got some kind of legal residency in US to vote and can’t even speak English.

          Are the Demonrats just stupid and “fooled” by the system?

          They have done their homework and hire people to vote using dead people still on the rolls, blatantly cheating and you say your vote doesn’t matter,

          So why do the Democrats but such an effort to vote? Millions of dollars. Are they just stupid?

          We can use your method:
          “because we’re so smart and realize the whole thing is fake anyways,
          just let the The government and all the CEOs of the corporations just appoint whomever they really want”.
          It’s all premeditated anyways..right??

          We’ll show ’em….we won’t participate

          The Globalists would love this idea to be implemented today….,


    Green Party Techies Insert Jill Stein into US Presidential Debate in Real Time! September 27, 2016 by Vic Sadot at BERKELEY CALLING BLOG. Dr. Stein won the debate on every issue allowed in the debate, which was full of omissions and distortions, very much like the 9/11 Commission Report with criminal corporate media complicity created the false constructed reality of the “war on terror” era.

    In 2012 at Hofstra University GP Presidential candidate Jill Stein and GP VP candidate Cheri Honkala were arrested and handcuffed to metal chairs for 8 grueling hours for showing up to claim the right of our Green Party to participate in the American Presidential debate.

    This time the Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein was virtually inserted into the very US Presidential debate with D. Trump and H. Clinton from which she was being barred! In terms of reflecting reality and in terms of proposing sane policy. The brilliant audacity of it should be duly noted by activists everywhere who are excluded from the public discourse. It is archived. So, in reality, the debate from today is not quite over. People need to hear what Jill Stein said today in real time to her Two Corporate Monopoly War Party opponents before they vote in a mainstream poll on who won the debate. See “Jill Stein’s Response to Being Shut Out of the First Presidential Debate” (1:34:42) Jill Stein for President Booster Club YouTube Channel.

    Jill Stein Proved Me Wrong by Kevin Ryan at DigWithin Blog, author of “Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects”

    Jill Stein is the only US Presidential candidate to call for a truly independent investigation of the crimes of 9/11. Whereas Trump seems complicit in the cover-up by noting on 9/11/01 that steel-frame buildings could only be disintegrated in 10 seconds by controlled demolition. Trump saw World Trade Center Towers on 9/11/2001: Stated on FOX News “bombs were used on WTC” to do a “controlled demolition” of the steel-frame structures (3:52) TruthMakesPeace

    Yet Trump went on to associate himself with 9/11 crime suspect Mayer Rudy Giuliani, even touting him as his possible head of Homeland Security should a Trump regime be inaugurated in 2017.

    In 2013 Trump made a promo video for Israeli TV viewing-only to endorse Benjamin Netanyahu for President, the most right wing supremacist Likud Party now leading the country without established borders called Israel.

    Days ago, as reported in Haaretz News of Israel on September 25, 2016: “Trump Tells Netanyahu: If Elected, U.S. Would Recognize Undivided Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital” – Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu at Trump Tower,

    Both of these candidates promoted the fake reality that our foreign and domestic policies are predicated upon. The way that Trump, who has no record of ordering policies that kill can be demonized to make Hillary Clinton look “reasonable” to the electorate is the most astounding feat that the media is able to accomplish. In effect, we get two old friends acting as opponents to promote the interests of Zionist and corporate war profiteers bleeding the country and the world of resources that we need to make the lives of people everywhere worth living for themselves and their families.

    “Full Spectrum Dominance” (6:04) Published on April 18, 2016 at #TruthTroubadour YouTube: “Beware of those who joke about sending in the drones!” This song was written by Vic Sadot for the 4-10-11 visit of Bruce Gagnon to speak at Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA. Bruce is the founder of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space (See www dot space4peace dot org). Vic Sadot on vocals and acoustic guitar, Rob Sadot on electric guitar, Eric Golub is on violin. Full Spectrum Dominance makes us all the “enemy”!

      1. I think something like this may be closer to what is really going on than anyone can even imagine. I don’t watch t.v. and certainly didn’t watch this debate, but just from the videos that others have shared, I know positively that the Hillary that was on that stage on Monday night cannot be the same Hillary that we have seen allegedly falling down, collapsing, needing help to make it up two steps, wearing bizarre medical glasses, and riding around in her very own ambulance. Something very dark and sinister is definitely afoot!

  5. The smart business decision is to get paid to run for president, and then get paid to lose the election. That’s how the business of sports works, that’s how the business of crime works, and that’s how the business of politics works. If Trump is a smart businessman, then he will make the smart business decision.

  6. Ric your insults are getting a little tiresome, I’m trying to be a good sport about it, maybe you should take your lithium,
    my point is that we don’t have free elections,
    the pre- election debates such as this are without much merit,
    we have 2 candidates who do not represent voters, one is a businessman who got his fame from reality TV shows, rubs elbows with all the worst money launderers and various pimps and criminals, the very same people he will be charged with prosecuting (like THAT is going to happen),
    the other is basically the anti-christ with a solid background in organized crime, murder, sex slavery, treason, etc,
    this is what the two-party system is and has handed to the American people,
    I feel the election has already been decided but they both work for the same handlers and it doesn’t much matter which one of these frauds is elected,
    the pre-election debates (if that is what you want to call it) are a joke and theater, kind of like keeping the masses engaged watching a football event,
    having a debate with no viable candidates is not a debate-it is a show

    1. I get it Sun and I’m not insulting you. Many feel the same.

      I’m showing Just a different angle.

      What is the alternative? What I described? Letting them appoint all their people?

      Do you remember the King O’s “Red Line” and all screaming people stopped it? It happened.

      That’s my point.

      When they see the people gather they take notice. That’s pretty much what Elections are about. People Participating.

      We know the Electoral College argument, but it’s true 99% of the Electors vote the Public vote in their jurisdiction.

      We do Not directly vote our President in. This is a Republic.

      My last remark never showed up and I explained I’m not on you personally. Just the Concept.

      Oh Well, No Hard Feelings.

      1. Peace, peace, peace….
        There is no alternative at this point but to gear up for a restoration of our Constitutional Government,
        it is too late to use the voting box and too early for guns and bullets,
        we either resist and do what is necessary or we devolve into a society that will turn into Soylent Green,
        imagine a totalitarian society where corporate greed knows no bounds and has no care for environmental pollution, imagine a major brownout and all the reactors across the land have no electricity to power their controls for these reactors and cooling functions are offline, etc.,
        I am not actually in favor of confrontation but I see Martial law on the horizon, house to house searches and arrests by next year,
        we are already poised for WWIII with the Russians and Chinese, with military craft lined up against each other at choke points across the globe,
        you can bet if/when Hillary ascends to the throne Iran will be attacked,
        there are many scenarios possible but this one is a high enough risk to send alarm bells throughout the world

  7. Also, as mentioned…the top Twitter trend post-debate was #TrumpWon. When I saw it, it was at about 150,000 uses of the tag. The next closest results were not the Clinton version of the same assertion (i.e. #ClintonWon or whatever), but regardless: the second result (which was so memorable that I’ve forgotten it) was not even half the 150k.

    As per social science methods, I’ve seen some interesting work recently on unstructured data analysis (specifically regarding Twitter and public opinion during the Ebola outbreak). Paper was coauthored by Dr. Gary Wilcox from UT-Austin (school of advertising).


  8. Speaking of trends, anyone see the brief reportage about the elementary school shooting in South Carolina yesterday? Fox carried it for a short time. The bizarre thing was the INTENSE FOCUS on two medical helicopters that landed at the school (as opposed to their absence at Sandy Hook). This was, incidentally, in a seemingly remote part of SC near the Georgia border. Story was that a shooter was in custody. Footage also showed police walking on the roof. Interestingly, I was doing an informal comparison of CNN and Fox at the time. No coverage on CNN. Fox then went rather abruptly back to other mundane stories. This was about 1:30 pm CST. In same time window, there was a FEMA test of emergency broadcast system. Anyone see update of this SC incident? –Paul

    1. What we don’t need is another PHONY synthetic revolution,
      another social distraction or redirection planned and carried out by the Intelligence communities for the express purpose of STAVING OFF a real revolution where the citizens of the United States remove these people in power, and I don’t mean simply putting another smiling Joe in office, I mean free elections, tribunals to recover stolen taxpayer money and prison sentences and firing squads for these traitors and organized crime figures who have cost untold murders deaths and suffering, plundering, poisoning and destruction of the environment-
      at this point it is this or a new age of depravity, slavery for you and your children,
      just the electric grid collapse IN AND OF ITSELF is going to cause the meltdown of nuclear power plants across the country and create new Fukashimas under the present (I hesistate to say it) Satanic Oligarchy,
      this is the first real mad push in our country to confiscate guns, they have already made good honest citizens criminals under their tyrannical rule, and it sure as hell wasn’t about making citizens safe, within a year we will see house to house raids on citizens in numbers


  9. Trump supporter committed for posting about him and how Obama and Clinton ‘should’ be hanged:

    IT also sounds like this woman had sued the state of Pennsylvania and won a major victory for sexual harassment, only to have a higher court overturn it. The state may have wanted to establish her as ‘crazy’ and not credible.

    She is white, of course.

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