Victim Corpses Remain in Mall Overnight

Witnesses Sequestered from Press

Photograph depicts porta-potties, hugs and smiles at scene

As we have sought to document at MHB on a routine basis, ‘active shooter drills’ are now common occurrences across the US. Such “training” is a consequence of the heightened federalization of local and regional law enforcement.

The September 23 Cascade Mall shooting north of Seattle in northwest Washington State took place shortly before 7:00PM local time, and has certain suspect features evident in photos, particularly evidence of tents and porta-potties on the scene, as observed by a MHB reader.

Photo: KIRO 7
Photo: KIRO 7
Photo: KIRO 7

There is an absence of footage of wounded or deceased victims in triage or being given ambulatory services away from the scene. Instead, news media were told victims remained in the mall awaiting the local coroner. The Washington Post reports,

As of Saturday morning, the bodies of the four female victims were still inside the mall, Skagit County coroner Hayley Thompson said at a news conference Saturday. Thompson said when she gained access to the scene, the four female victims would be taken to Skagit Valley Hospital and undergo autopsies.

Such events are reported on by major news media uncritically, thus supporting the call for strengthened gun control measures while ironically stimulating gun purchases by a public that fears such restrictions.

The Cascade Mall shooting’s police spokesperson for the event is Washington State Patrol’s Mark Francis. A press release was issued over 18 hours after the event transpired.

In two hours of eyewitness reports from Burlington KIRO News Channel 7 could only manage to find one interviewee, a relative of a mall employee at around 1:09:00.


As suggested in the video below by an area resident, regional and federal authorities closed sown Interstate 5 upon the event transpiring. This is reflected in ‘Tweets’ from Governor Jay Inslee.

YouTube Censorship?

One of the few videos presently on YouTube seeking to analyze the Cascade Mall shooting begins with some helpful information. This is before the creator launches into a discussion of occult and numerological features of the event.


The apparently small number of witnesses to the event were sequestered from news media and prevented from giving interviews.

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25 thought on “Cascade Mall Shooting an ‘Active Shooter Drill’?”
  1. The old put them on a bus gimmick to avoid making fools of themselves in front of the press.

    They are trying to make this the new normal, round up the witnesses and take them away in a bus.

  2. There was an “Open Comments” feature here a few hours ago. I forget what MHB calls it. Anyway I spent a whole hour putting up things that people obviously didn’t know about. Just after I finished, the entire feature– everybody’s comments — just vanished.

    1. You talking about free-form Fridays.

      Scroll down to Older Posts, click and scroll down.
      You will find it in there. It gets buried when it’s not renewed every week.

  3. “This is the piece of sh*t that shot the mall up in Burlington Washington. A place me and my friends were supposed to be at the time of the shooting. I f*%king went to high school with this perverted piece of sh^t. His name is Arcan Certin, a f+@king degenerate. He’d grab and slap my friends and I’s asses and even caressed my friends chest, along with other women. Has been known to be violent towards girls too. This was a target against women. Rot in hell”

    I messaged Ms. Finnigan as to whether Arcan (who she shares 87 contacts with) was being gang stalked- no response yet!

  4. This article claims he’d been obeying court ordered mental health treatment after a March 2016 arrest and I guess conviction for assault:

    The Senate decided to shelve debate on the Murphy mental health bill till what looks like after the election. Perhaps this incident will help its radical supporters argue for even more than the 14 day inpatient coverage by Medicare/Medicaid that the current House approved version calls for. I say that since the bill’s passage is considered a certainty by those monitoring it, so some other angle is probably being lobbied with this latest theater.

    1. OT – Mr R Winter – did you note the report of an arson attack on a Belgium forensic/crime laboratory/center – reported in NY Times Sept 21 2016 (print edition) – of interest to you?

  5. While it is certainly worth looking for anomalies in these suddenly ubiquitous shooting events, the fact that so many have already been shown to be utterly fake puts the burden of proof on the official story. We all know that the Sandy Hook shooting was fake, but then there was Isla Vista with Elliot Rodger, Charleston with Dylan Roof (introducing the racial animosity angle), San Bernardino with Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, Pulse nightclub with Omar Mateen, Paris Bataclan, Nice truck attack , Brussels airport bombing, and on and on. All of these are demonstrably fake. I now start with the assumption that these shootings are fake until proven real. So far none have passed the credibility test, which would include unambiguous footage of the event.. Why is all the cell phone and body cam footage of these confrontations so inconclusive? What are the chances that none of these shootings have produced images that clearly show what happened? My conclusion is that these events are deliberate, fake, and designed to be divisive and open to radically different interpretations. Beyond that, I am not sure what the ultimate goal is.

    And just in case anyone is still on the fence as to whether the PTB could really organize such preposterous fakery, here is an excellent new video proving without a doubt that the Boston Bombing was an elaborate hoax/fraud:
    Watch it while you still can!

  6. More mall hoaxery, this time in Canada with a machete. This cop looks pretty calm and clean for someone who was seriously injured with a machete. The machete looks brand new, too.

    The photo is a handout from ASIRT, the body expected to oversee the police – that tells us that they are in on the scam.

    Portion of article – “When the officer pulled out his gun, the suspect struck him with a machete, Hughson said Sunday.
    The suspect was then shot by the officer. He was taken to hospital and underwent emergency surgery. He remained in hospital Sunday in serious but stable condition.
    The officer was taken to hospital with what Hughson called “significant and severe” injuries.

    1. Martinez,
      are you guys up there going through the same thing we are down here?

      Are they trying to federalize the police up there like Obama is doing here?

      That would just prove it’s a global agenda much as Merkel following her orders just as the president of France and the president of United States are doing with their open borders policy. Truly disgusting

      1. The RCMP are a federal police force. They deal with rural areas and smaller towns or cities. Most big cities have their own police force. The RCMP have been involved in some dirty business. Like the FBI, they set up patsies for “terror attacks” and then arrest them.

        They also kicked in doors in an area evacuated for flooding and grabbed guns.

        As indicated ASIRT is supposed to oversee the police in Calgary, but they participated by providing a photo of a clean, dry machete.

    1. Rubbish. No one shot, no one died. Look at all these bulls+&t videos. We want to see videos of guy shooting people with red stuff and screaming and all that goes with it. They don’t produce it because none exist because it didn’t happen. Total hoax designed to trigger for your and loathing and civil unrest and police lock down.

      Goon squad, get off our country, now.

  7. There is No way to get around the Floating “sign up for our news letter” prompt unless you “refresh” the page.

    There should be an “X” option available, otherwise most people will not be able to view MHB.

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