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[Editor’s Note: We are not surprised that the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre event has culminated in its participants’ direct intervention in the public schooling process through implementation of behavioral/ mental health programs. This trajectory has been evident since at least early 2013 and reported on at MHB (i.e. here and here). Such measures also involve overt and coordinated maneuvers of the Obama administration harnessing such federal agencies as the Department of Health of Human Services and Department of Education to further make over public education in a fashion similar to Scotland’s cradle-to-grave Getting It Right For Every Child. As noted in late 2014,

Using the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre as its justification, the Obama administration has recently given the psychiatric business and pharmaceutical industry a major gift by quietly introducing a behavioral and mental health program in public schools throughout the United States. The maneuver was initially laid out on January 16, 2013 in President Obama’s executive policy, Now is the Time: The President’s Plan to Protect Our Children and Our Communities by Reducing Gun Violence.

The document is partly devoted to articulating Obama’s proposed gun control measures that failed to move gain legislative traction in 2013. Yet an under-reported section of Now is the Time is applied to “making schools safer” and “improving mental health services” for students.

Obama’s Mental Health Mandate,’ November 4, 2014.

In September 2014, for example, DHS put $99 million toward ‘mental health provider training’ for public schools, while DOE allotted $70 million to create “School Climate Transformation Grants” along shared lines.-JFT]

Miami Herald
September 19, 2016)

For Nicole Hockley, the mother of a child killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, this week marks an important milestone on a journey that began with her 6-year-old son Dylan’s death four years ago.

Tracy Mourning (left) gives Nicole Hockley, Founder and Managing Director of Sandy Hook Promise (right) a butterfly pendant she was wearing. Miami-Dade County Public Schools is launching a district-wide violence prevention program in all of its schools in partnership with Sandy Hook Promise, an organization founded by families affected by the Newtown, CT, shooting four years ago. José A. Iglesias jiglesias@elnuevoherald.com

On Monday, Miami-Dade became the first school district in the country to implement Sandy Hook Promise — a violence-prevention program founded by Hockley and others who lost family members during the massacre — in all of its schools.

The district launched the initiative with an assembly at John A. Ferguson Senior High School in West Kendall, which piloted the program last year. Students passed out name tags and wore T-shirts emblazoned with “Start with Hello,” a call to greet classmates and reach out to isolated students.

“It’s about stopping these acts from ever happening in the first place and a lot of that can be done at a program level by teaching people,” Hockley said.

Sandy Hook Promise aims to foster social inclusion and also trains students and staff to recognize signs of trouble and intervene before students turn to violence. Last year, students at Ferguson High organized activities like “speed friending,” and encouraged classmates to have lunch with someone who was eating alone and to share positive messages written on post-it notes.


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4 thought on “Sandy Hook ‘Violence-Prevention Program’ Launches in Florida Public Schools”
  1. Why are there only 2 comments on this news item? I must be missing something.

    It is highly suspicious that Miami-Dade was the first school district in the country to implement the SHP program. Why not the Newtown, CT. school district, which was ground zero for the alleged events of 12-14-12?

    The specifics of this program as outlined by Nicole Hockley clearly indicate that there were multiple motivations and a diverse agenda blueprint when Sandy Hook was chalk boarded. Weapons, observation, assessment, mental health, government as social engineer and essentially, lord of all.

    Parents, you are irrelevant.

    According to the article, 49 states have adopted at least some of SHP programs. There is no reason to believe that this program will not continue to spread its tentacles across the school districts of this country. Who would dare oppose it?

    The Sandy Hook shock value has had an enormous impact. Young people who have bought into this program exercise little if any discernment. What they saw on 12-14-12 happened. Period. Their parents are a generation of “believers” who confuse critical thought with a potential conspiracy theorist stigma.

    And the monkey does what he sees.

    We also learn that all of the training and activities are funded by SHP. Hockley says demands exceed SHP resources. Lie. This program is bought and paid for by those who planned and carried out 12-14-12, and can be implemented all over the world if they so desire.

    Something here to consider. Sandy Hook doubters come down to two camps; one believes there were no deaths on 12-14-12, the other believes there were deaths. I have maintained the former since not long after 12-14-12. What both camps have in common is neither believe an Adam Lanza was involved.

    I cannot state with absolute certainty that people did not die that day. I am still in the no deaths camp, but to hold on fiercely to this position, regardless of whatever unfolds, is counter productive and foolish.

    Why do I even bring this up? Well, being a Christian I am always aware of Satanic means and motive. The butterfly thing has always disturbed me, as has Sandy Hook second assistant fire chief Mike Burton’s words to my face, right there in the firehouse, “Anyone who believes that nobody died up there (pointing to the old SHES) is an asshole.”

    Nicole Hockley has said that Dylan claimed that he was a beautiful butterfly. Butterfly themes have surfaced frequently in relation to Sandy Hook and its aftermath. In this article Alonzo Mourning’s wife is pinning a butterfly pendant on Nicole Hockley. Nicole has stated in interviews and announced to collegiate audiences that Dylan believed he was “a beautiful butterfly.”

    I believe it is safe to say that Nicole Hockley has been on the front lines of the battle of Sandy Hook, the latest in undeclared American wars.

    You are wrong if you believe I am making too much of the butterfly thing. The butterfly represents PERMANENT change. It is an occultic, new age symbol of their philosophy, and a sign of their devotion to their lord, Satan.

    Those 27-28 people may have been human sacrifices. Don’t laugh. If you close your mind to all possibilities you are most likely hindering the likelihood that Sandy Hook might be exposed for the lie that it is.


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