“History has shown us that when the government needs to save itself it won’t hesitate to STEAL your money.”

Project Clarity
(August 10, 2016)

The following video ‘interview’ of former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul is a scripted presentation that is admittedly a bit stilted. Nevertheless, one needn’t look very far at national and world financial news to conclude the information and analysis are very real. For example, ‘bail in’ documents exist as laws in many Western nations, including Canada and the United States.

This may all appear Cassandra-like at first glance. Yet real economic indicators suggest an imminent economic crisis as central banks increasingly prop up the so-called ‘free markets’ through bond and now even by purchases of corporate debt and stock. At the same time, international events suggest that the US dollar’s days as the preeminent world reserve currency are numbered; on October 1 the Chinese Renminbi will be formally recognized as a foreign exchange reserve by the International Monetary Fund alongside the dollar and euro.

Reports and imagery from the ongoing economic collapse in Venezuela seem remote, yet the economic conditions for such a breakdown in Europe and the US are indeed very real. Of note is a special ‘Emergency Podcast‘ released September 16 by financial analysts Andrew Hoffman and Bix Weir lays out more recent developments in even greater detail.-JFT

From the video’s producer:

I follow a lot of alternative financial experts like Dr. Jim Willie, Peter Schiff, Jim Rickards, Dave at X22 Report, Gregory Mannarino, Greg Hunter, and many others. They all pretty much have the same opinion concerning the state of the economy. They believe the government will go to great lengths to prevent a collapse of the dollar, including raiding your IRA and stealing your money. Many people don’t think the government could legally do this, but they have done it many, many times over the past 200 years. People are just not educated or aware of when it was done and how.

In this video Ron Paul gives many example of when and how the government has stolen money from the people. It is undeniable proof of what is coming. He states, “If you don’t believe it go look it up in the history books”. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen because Ron Paul gives so many specific dates and details about the government doing the exact same things many other times in US history. (see below)

He stays away from many of the conspiracy issues that Dr. Jim Willie and others often touch on and just sticks to US present and past events. He goes over many of the laws the government has already put in place to confiscate your IRAs, pensions, and bank accounts. He gives recent example of other countries that are doing exactly what he says the US government is about to do. He also says that he expects negative interest rates. The thought of negative interest rates seems impossible to most Americans, but all you need to do is look at Europe and Japan. Negative rates already exist there. That means you pay the bank to put money in a savings account. It’s insane!

Ron Paul is one of the most creditable, knowledgeable, and politically connected people in the United States.

Historical Proof:

Government creation of Continentals (dollars) became worthless in within a year.

Again in 1861 President Lincoln authorized the creation of greenbacks as currency. The value dropped 66% over several years.

In 1933 President Roosevelt gave Americans one month to turn in all their gold to the Federal Reserve. People lost 41% of their savings in one day.

In 1971 Nixon unlinked the dollar to gold with the stroke of a pen. Since then the dollar has dropped more than 90%.

Present. Bank bail-ins, pension confiscation, and negative interest rates already happing in Europe and Japan.

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11 thought on “Ron Paul Warns Financial Martial Law Imminent”
  1. We need Glass-Steagall plus a Pecora Commission to jail those as Morgan and Wells Fargo, who are the #1 thieves including prying loose their offshore banking as the Cayman Islands. This will be simply to cancel trillions of toxic assets, including the fraudulent ones, and give jail time for some of the worst offenders.

  2. My comment on this video:
    Do I have to watch this whole scripted thing to find out what they are selling?
    Banks and corporations are more dangerous than standing armies, said Jefferson and many other founding fathers. All this talk about “the government” is bankster propaganda. If crooks steal a cop car and start running people over, it’s not the cop car that’s responsible. The Federal Reserve is the domestic enemy I swore to protect the constitution from.
    Our constitution may be ignored right now, but it was intended to protect us from these gigantic moneyed powers. Claiming “the government” is the enemy, not the banks and war profiteers that have bribed and blackmailed their way in to power. is divide and conquer at it’s finest.
    …. just got to the end of this thing and of course, it was all doom and no real solutions…. (like public banking?).

    1. It’s the government that makes the rules of the game. If a private business sees that a competitor gained an advantage over him by bribing politicians that made laws that put him at a disadvantage, then he sees that he has to play the game too. Remove the broker-of-force (the govt.) and suddenly all businesses have to compete on merit on a level playing field.

    2. A civil war is coming Angel, and my advice to you and everyone on MHB is to start shoring up on nonperishable foods and bottled water. And save your cash it may be it may be toilet paper in the near future but useable.

      There are tremors at the Pentagon and Langley that martial law will be in full effect after this election. If there is one ????

      I dont want to be Mr. Doom & Gloom but there has been an increase in handguns and automatic rifles in the NOVA area I reside in and the demographics are Xers ,Millennial and a Boomers. And 80% are employed by the state or the Fed`s.

      1. How do you see that war, Ted? I just see chaos on the horizon, and then full on communism/tyranny whatever you want to call it. A civil war would require sides of some sort and there don’t seem to be two, really, although racial strife will definitely feature hugely in the coming gloom.

  3. The NYC/NJ bomb scare is being used to help pave the way for martial law, and for censoring the internet.

    The Senate will probably the pass the Murphy mental health bill by the end of the month.

    The only question remaining is what’s behind Hillary’s health problems?

    1. The partner of Michael Chertoff in a security service they own, Chad Sweet, was just on CNN (or perhaps the stock market show next to it on my dial — there’s money to be made here) talking about how citizens would have to get used to lock-downs where they “shelter in place” due to these events. Ah, to have us where they want us! Now martial law (as in Boston after another pressure cook-off) may come to a place near you, much like the latest movie release. I imagine they are girding for a bumpy ride at the election.

      Right now, some of New York’s travails coincide with the UN Security Council meeting and our own UN Ambassador’s screed against Russia for raising an objection to our “accidental” bombing of Syrian troops (“accidentally” paving the way for ISIS to take over the airfield and thus come closer to harming regime in Syria). Meanwhile, on the west side of the City there was, shall we say, s diversion by an alleged Afghan refugee lone (loaned?) wolf.

      You know I have such a pesky memory — I seem to recall that at the moment of the BMB pageant (by Chechens hated by Russians), the Syrian “civil war” had just started and people were beginning to hate Russia again. Hard to make head or tail of it, but see how history rhymes?

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