[A satirical piece? Perhaps. ‘Channel7News is a tongue in cheek outlet a la The Onion. Yet all worthwhile satire has at least one element of truth, and increasing documentary and visual evidence of Hillary’s health problems suggests a dimension of genuineness to this ‘leaked’ inside scoop.-JFT]


The van is now infamous — the backdrop to Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 medical episode that left her woozy, faint, and scrambling to spin the story.


As a lone onlooker recorded the scene, campaign staff and Secret Service personnel loaded the Democratic presidential nominee into a black Chevrolet conversion van that has transported the candidate and her staff over the past several weeks.


Tonight, Channel 7 News received a sneak peak into what sources close to the Clinton campaign call a “hospital on wheels.”


Channel 7 News first began looking into the Clinton campaign’s conversion van when it was reported that Clinton’s Secret Service detail employs two almost-identical vans, with one often serving as a decoy. Clinton does not own either van. Both are maintained by the Secret Service. Federal sources did not disclose the differences between the armored vans, but Channel 7 News’ reporters’ uncovered the shocking truth.

Both vans are bulletproof versions that Explorer Vans built in-house, working with military vendor BAE systems. BAE boasts that they “design, manufacture, upgrade, and support combat vehicles and provide ammunition, precision munitions, artillery systems, and missile launchers to a global customer base.”

Hillary Clinton leaves fundraiser in housecoat
Hillary Clinton leaves fundraiser in housecoat

According to law enforcement sources, Clinton’s customized vans warehouse a state-of-the-art automated external defibrillator (AED), a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia and shocks a heart back to its normal cadence.

Additionally, the van in which Clinton normally rides is fitted with an automatic full bed in the rear, which she uses to rest between campaign stops or while on the road.



The bed converts back to a rear bench seat at the press of a button.


Sources indicate that the bed is designed in such a way as to allow medical professionals, or campaign staff, to stand upright and move around in the cabin while the van and bed are being operated. The bed sits behind the backseat captain’s chairs which do not fold down.


The second van, according to sources, is medically-equipped even further, allowing for emergency medical treatment and health care provision much like an ambulance would provide. This van, it is believed, is not used for travel by Clinton or her staff, so the rear compartments have, until this point, been largely hidden from public view.

However, Channel 7 News has obtained pictures from sources close to the campaign.

In the rear of the second conversion van is a veritable “hospital on wheels,” with seating, storage compartments, sterile conditions, and emergency electronic devices.

Image result for conversion van ambulance.

When fully operational, the second conversion van can allegedly be used as a mobile treatment and diagnostic center in the event that Clinton becomes incredibly ill on the campaign trail. Clinton’s traveling medical staff could perform most procedures from the rear of this van, it is believed.


The “hospital on wheels” has been retrofitted to sport:

1: Defibrillator/Monitor
2: Syringe driver
3: Suction unit
4: High Flow CPAP
5: Syringes and Needles
6: Drugs
7: Additional equipment, e.g. Infusions, Intubation equipment
8: Additional equipment, e.g. CPAP-Helmet, Immobilization equipment
9: Medical gloves
10: Stretcher
12: Oxylog 3000 ventilator
13: Emergency suitcase and backpack

As further issues arise surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health and the presence of travelling medical staff, the answers to these questions may be found in the back of the Clinton campaign’s Chevrolet conversion vans.


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19 thought on “A Look Inside the Clinton Campaign’s “Hospital On Wheels””
  1. Trump has Secret Service protection now, does he not? So does Trump have a mobile field hospital following him around too? If not, WHAT is wrong with Lyin’ Hillary that she has to have one following her? That is certainly not for ‘pneumonia’.

  2. One has to wonder why that one person had access to hillary being loaded into the Scooby-Doo wambulance ? The filming was very stable unlike a Joe nobody who lucked out in being in the right place right time. Was this all a distraction away from her criminal money laundering foundation ?

  3. This second medically equipped van can of course be explained away as precautionary in the case of a hostile incident occurring against HRC on the campaign trail. Perhaps Trump has one close at hand also, and if not why not? Still it appears HRC has some sort of serious medical condition which keeps knocking her down physically if not mentally besides all the other baggage which should in a real world make her unelectable.

    1. This is an absurd theory,
      frankly all this attention to supposed illness, her sexuality, etc. strike me as deflection, this only gives her campaign and her supporters ammunition,
      the only important aspect of Clinton is her criminal behavior

      1. Sun you just won a free trip to Tahati.

        They are playing this like a Fiddle..

        Now she can cough, need a Break or just Cancel and Bone out because she has a Boo Boo.

        Maybe even handing her position to another?

        The MSM with push it and cover and the dummy left will accept it as logical…

        The Blue Pill

      1. Elmom, i’m not directing this at you because you didn’t make the video.

        But if there has ever been a better time to hone in our message it is now.

        I’m sure no one believes she was handcuffed on 911 and making absurd suggestions as this just discredits everybody and opens the door For everyone to be called crazy conspiracy theorists. That’s why I’ve never liked the pictures of this one looks like that one, that one looks like that one nonsense.

        Yep there’s no doubt they did stage a lot of fake pictures that are very interesting but some just go to far and they discredit everything and everyone when they do this. Maybe that’s why they do it or they are nuts.

        Perfect example we got Hillary collapsing on 911, we were all proved correct now they can say “these people think she got handcuffed” and discredit us all.

        As I started up this conversation, the message is We have got to be honed in and concise in our message and just stick to the facts and we will win the conversation because it True/Real.

        Why make up crazy stories when we already have the Facts on our side?

        I hope everyone understands what I’m trying to say I’m not preaching to nobody much less the choir.

        1. Hi Ric. Thanks for not being unkind in your critique. I should have given more thought to the arrest part before reposting or putting in my disclaimer. I normally don’t focus on politics and don’t know why I am now except I am very interested in their End Game here. Whatever it is, it is not going to end well for us. I am trying to piece together little puzzle pieces as to where they are going and hoping some really bright people can say “ah ha THIS is what they are doing”.
          While I am focused on this what are they doing using this as a distraction?
          I will try to be more careful in the future.

      2. Crow Corner

        I believe this was a staged event, but something went wrong. The photo’s clearly show the same people with Donald and Hillary–Number 2 and 3. I no longer believe she was arrested. I’m working on a new video and I will show some things that were overlooked. Probably post it on Tuesday or Wed.

  4. Look, there is something seriously wrong with Hillary Clinton’s health. She either has has later stage stage Parkinson’s or Lewy’s or a series of brain clots affecting the brain. This is not a recent development – the the leaked emails from Colin Powell reveal that she could not climb a podium in 2014.
    I would invite MH readers to examine the post and comments by physicians on this following blog which discuss her condition in detail:
    Apparently also, according to Drudge report, three “friends” of Hillary have come out and admitted that that she has late stage Parkinson’s.

  5. I’m glad at least one commenter knows it was a dummy and not Hillary collapsing. The ideas that she collapsed or was arrested are way off. The woman isn’t even sick!

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