[As CDC Director Thomas Frieden threatens Congress that Zika will spread if his agency doesn’t receive more taxpayer money for questionable research on the virus, Miami Beach is officially moving forward with its program of spraying its population with the organophosphate pesticide Naled in an alleged attempt to control the area’s mosquito population, and thus Zika. Unfortunately as we have attempted to relate at MHB (i.e. here and here) the inhalation of such a neurotoxic substance produces effects far more deleterious than Zika, and can resemble symptoms that could be easily mistaken for the virus.-Ed.]

[Warning: Video contains profanity.]

H/t Sentinel Blog

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6 thought on “War Declared in Miami Beach as City Begins Air Drop of Neurotoxic Pesticide (Video)”
  1. The ZIKA fraud began shortly after Dilma Rousseff kicked that Israeli Co. out of the $2.2 billion Olympic security contract. Gangster response destroyed Latin America’s tourist industry, hurt the Olympics, and destroyed her political career. The power of media.

  2. The 9/11 Steele post didn’t show up in my WordPress reader till today. Additionally, got no email notification about it.

    Seems like something peculiar is censoring some of MHB’s output. Of the other sites I follow on WordPress, MHB is the only one to which this problem appears to be occurring.

    Also, the MHB posts are suddenly showing up (when they do show up) with all of the “likes” wiped (disappeared). I have not seen this trend affecting any other WP site.


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