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Pesticide are being used to kill adult mosquitoes, and authorities argue this is to prevent the spread of the Zika virus. It’s not.

Zika shouldn’t be as frightening as ‘Naled’ and other organophosphate pesticides presently being  on a mass scale purportedly for mosquito control.

The CDC is telling people that aerial applications of these insecticides can be done “safely, quickly and efficiently.”

Yet one must ask, “Who is making these decisions to spray civilian populations, without their permission, without properly informing them of the dangers, and who has a vested interest in the financial end of such decisions?

Florida Governor Rick Scott might have some things needing disclosure, as the Florida Bulldog  reports, especially since he is closely tied to entities profiting from the sale of such pesticides.

I did some research on the dangers and side effects associated with exposure to these organophosphate pesticides, with a focus on Naled because it is most commonly used presently, and what I found is beyond disturbing. While the EPA, states, and municipalities are telling the public they need not be concerned about health hazards, think again – these pesticides are extremely hazardous, in the short-term, and can deliver permanent injury with a single exposure.

Naled – (tradename is Dibrom) manufactured by AMVAC Chemical Corporation.
Naled “is an organophosphate insecticide first registered in 1959 to control adult mosquitoes. It breaks down into dichlorvos (chemical compound) in animals and the environment and has many health effects, both chronic and acute.”


One million pounds (Naled) are used annually in the USA – 70% for mosquitoes, and 30% for agriculture. A study done by the University of California on rats found it is 20 times more toxic when ‘inhaled’ than ingested. The insecticide is typically delivered via truck or aircraft-mounted sprayers.

As you recall, the Zika ‘scare’ in the USA started rather recently in the Miami-Dade Co., FL area (first CDC reported case was January 2016), but it has reportedly spread to other areas as well, with state and municipalities suddenly deciding to spray pesticides, despite not having any actual cases of Zika confirmed. This took place initially in Maryland, for instance.

Naled is not only hazardous to human health. It is hazardous to the health of all living things – insects, birds, fish, mammals. Recently several mainstream news articles report the death of 2.5 million honey bees in Dorchester Co, South Carolina following spray on the morning of August 28 – ‘Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes.’ See also here, here, here, and here.

And most damning of all, I found a scientific paper that studied the history and consequences of organophosphate pesticides, titled: “Review: Can Toxic Substances Initiate Psychotic Behavior? Part II. Organophosphate (OP) Substances with Anti-Acetylcholineserase Enzyme Activity”, published Oct. 2015.


This paper reviews the environmental, health, reproduction, social and juridical problems, together with the medical and ethical aspects of their use (organophosphate pesticides, with Naled being listed as one example). This includes information about experiments conducted from 2004 – 2014.

In the text of this paper you will read about many things that are extremely alarming, including organophosphates’ use in biowarfare – actual, not hypothetical, such as the Persian Gulf War, Operation Desert Shield (ODS), the related Persian Gulf War Syndrome (PGWS) the “Mystery Illness”, suspected as having a role in the Fort Hood shooting (2014), etc…

You will read about the use of OPs (organophosphate insecticides) against civilian populations, used as a non-lethal means to undermine the “battle mood” of the enemy, use as a “protesto -and demonstationocide (yes, to control protests and demonstrations in civilian populations), suppress reproducibility (fecundity),etc…

In fact, the toxic potential of these agents has been known since 1957. Military records of use would remain classified. The Geneva Protocol prohibiting the use of such agents in the use of war has been known to be less than honored or abided by.

“This article stresses the need for a moratorium on (or, even better, the prohibition of) the use of OPs in agricultural and veterinarian practices as pesticides.”

Read this paper thoroughly, and think about the dangerous consequences that humans and the environment are being subject to with the liberal use of these agents (Naled) to combat a so-called danger that has not been proven, and in fact has been very poorly studied and yet proven as a reality – Zika is not your worry, the insecticides are!

Please share this with others, and use the knowledge to demand these spray programs stop immediately. The truth is very clear to see. You, your loved ones, and all living breathing things are indeed in harm’s way.

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