Fifteen years of war on terror. Hillary’s earpiece, wheelchair, ambulance, cough, etc. The Fed’s false economy. Zika and (mosquito) population control. Monsanto in your vaccines. A $50 million Sandy Hook Elementary. More staged chemical attacks in Syria? “What is Aleppo?” Putin’s “JFK Moment.” Global warming’s a sin.

There have been so many relevant news issues and events covered in alternative media since we had our last Free From Friday it’s truly enough to make one’s head spin. And of course there are many more things not covered in the above that MHB commenters will surely be able to tackle with aplomb. Please have at it, and thank you for your continued participation and support.

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62 thought on “Free Form Friday XVII”
  1. A great woman dies this past Monday,and I`ll like to take this moment to honor Phyllis Schlafly and I hope that more American women would be like her and take her wisdom to heart.

    ‘Who killed the American Family” and “No Higher Power” are reccomended reading of mines.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth! The last time I noticed, there were 20 comments on this article. Now there are 9. What? And the most recent article about Florida is gone baby!

        1. It’s like there are two sites, or something. I can get here from the email link, but if I refresh the page it’s gone.

          Some pretty funny comments over here, though.

        2. Hey Toni! Been watching for ya!! Have you been reading comments about Kratom? Before they all got deleted that is.
          How many walnuts do you eat daily for the magnesium?
          And…just think we are going to be criminals soon!!:(

        3. Elfmom,
          You’re right. The kratom ban will be yet another way to criminalize the population and further obliterate our autonomy. This is happening even as the media loudly lament the current “heroin epidemic.” What do people think we’re doing in Afghanistan anyway?

          I commented at MHB about the DEA rescheduling kratom when I heard about it. Here’s my original post:

          “I’ve talked about kratom here at MHB before, especially its efficacy in managing pain without opiate addiction. Now, to accompany the ongoing government-backed heroin epidemic, the DEA has published a Notice of intent to list this useful plant as Schedule I, alongside marijuana, LSD and heroin itself. They want to get it off the streets. This is purposeful.

          “As I pointed out in a previous post:

          ‘Here’s another way to tell (kratom) works, it’s routinely banned in countries where opium production is part of the economy. One instance is quoted in the article I linked to: “… (kratom) was actually banned by the Thai government in 1943 precisely because its use as a substitute led to decreased revenues from opium taxes.’

          “Brandon Turbeville has written an article, “DEA Adds Kratom to Schedule 1 List Alongside Heroin,” which explains more:

          “And now, thank God, he has created an Action Alert for people who feel the need to do something:

          Brandon Turbeville is on top of this story.

          I can’t tell if the people’s actions against the DEA concerning kratom will have a positive effect. Past experience in similar issues indicates futility. And, unlike cannabis or opium, kratom can’t be grown in the garden; it will always need to be imported. I think some of the companies selling kratom on the net will go underground to supply their customers. Better get a vpn and become familiar with the dark web.

          I did see your and Ric’s recent comments about kratom, but I can’t find them now. What was the name of the company you found that was cheaper than Kwik Kratom? Did you say the kratom companies were going crazy with orders? Did you talk to one?

          About the walnuts for magnesium, I eat about a handful a day. Make sure the walnuts you buy are fresh; many times they are still sold after they’ve turned bad. I can’t remember the kind of magnesium that Sue recommended, or if it was over-the-counter. I’d like to look into that.

          Anyway, let me know if you hear anything else about this subject, or if you take any action against the rescheduling.

        4. I watch some reviewers on YT and read comments that say so and so are not taking orders anymore due to can’t fill all the orders coming in. GAIA is the one at $4 an oz. GAIA had a notice posted not long ago due to backorders they had to stop taking orders temp. Last I looked and ordered they filled it.
          What is VPN? Heard of Dark Web but don’t know anything about it.
          Hate to be a “buzz kill” but I agree with you on the futility of this. It is Medical Mafia all the way. Very powerful and always get what they want.
          Thanks for links.
          Still want to know what happened to “like” comments feature.

        5. Elfmom, thanks for the Gaia info.

          A vpn is a virtual private network. It can ensure security for the user through peer-to-peer encryption of data. Likewise, the dark web is an encrypted network that overlays the regular surface web that users can access through special software like Tor. Among other things, this is where a black market for kratom could exist.

          There are outfits that offer free vpn, but they are often harvesting your personal info in order to sell it. So make sure the vpn company you choose advertises that it does not keep your data. I use

          As you can imagine, the government LOATHES this, as they do any claim to privacy by citizens. This is why the dark web is always a talking point after every “terror” event they roll out.

          Perhaps MHB will reset itself soon. Maybe then all the glitches, including the missing Like button, will be resolved. I think wordpress might be a pretty blunt instrument in the layout department, and I hope the MHB Administrator isn’t having too much trouble.

        6. Thanks so very much Toni! I’ll definitely have to get help with this. Funny your ref to Greta Garbo. I’ve been using that name for myself for a long time. Move to mountains surrounded by wildlife and not much else.

        7. Elfmom, I would ‘Like’ your comment, if I could, and I like your mountain suggestion, too. There are about million places that I’m ready to go right now, all of them more rural than this. But the mountains sound the best.

          Anyway, back in The Valley…

          Los Lobos – The Valley (The Town and The City)

        8. O boom Boom must be getting a massive kick back from all this. First he outlaws all vic’s and oct’s, the heroin floods in from Afghanistan(CIA), 1000’s of people dying every day, women selling themselves and now to “finish” the job for Black money and Big Pharma DEA out laws little leafs from Asia.

          More Deaths but Big Buck for the Cronies……

        9. Ric, ain’t it the truth? Must they impose themselves between us and every little thing?

          They think of us as a client population that exists only to fulfill their totalitarian goals, like we have nothing of our own.

          I want to be Greta Garbo. I want to be left alone.

        10. Toni, I’ve been to the magnesium wars and can say there’s a couple very good books on the element, the best being that one written by Dr Carolyn Dean. She sells a pretty pricey material call ReMag, it’s probably a very good product, just expensive per serving.
          I use magnesium taurate, a magnesium adduct combining the excellent amino acid material called taurine with a magnesium portion to the molecule. I take 2 tablets each supplying 400 mg of elemental Mg. You can also take the recommended Mg-malate, too.
          Both of these are good compounds. Mg has done some very good things for me, most Americans are deficient and they would really benefit from supplements with Mg.

        11. Gil, thanks for the book recommendation and all the info.

          What’s your opinion of the difference between the taurate and malate? Are they helpful for different conditions?

        12. Well I got my white vein wing wing Wong Wong tea leaves today, as Spock would say ” fascinating”.

          Very mellow, Low-key. l feel good, not like drugs, but I guess it’s a threat to big Pharma so I’ll be in prison October 1.

          I feel totally natural, it tasted like tea I don’t understand what the problem is?

          As usual it’s probably by a group of people that abuse anything and everything anyway that has caused a stir or it’s just big pharma and the cia’s heroin cash cow wants no competition.

          We report you decide…haha

        1. You can’t comment on the latest blog about Hillary collapsing and it’s going to get crazy next couple days Hillary’s canceled her complete West Coast tour.

          Are they going to bring Biden in or Bernie Sanders?

          It’s going to get real crazy the mainstream media has got to admit there were no conspiracy theories. I told all of you this is going to be in the next crazy two months for the left and the globalists will do anything to win this election.

      1. I was screaming to high Heaven when I first saw “Disqus” taking over ALL Websites and consolidating comments on 98% of all sites to Disqus only.

        If Disqus was Ordered to turn off their service by the Govt. that would handle about 98% of all comments.

        That’s the Plan Sam……………

    1. thenewnationalist, the double who emerged from Chelsea’s apt is the FIRST double & that’s her only appearance. The SECOND double appeared at Greensboro & elsewhere. They’re blurring things now so you can’t get a good closeup of her. Like the first double she’s younger & more slender, but Double2 is taller, talks at length & even did a good job of fielding short press conference following Greensboro.

      Hillary is still appearing intermittently.

  2. Headline:
    Disturbing, Dramatic New Details Emerge About San Bernardino Terror Attack
    September 9, 2016 9:28 PM

    “Remember those eyewitnesses who said 3 Big White guys did the shooting and then it was buried by MSM and the whole Fairytale emerged?
    For some reason “they” feel they need to address this CT over a year later……
    Well. I guess we now the Truth……those 3 big guys dressed in camo were Hero’s and the 90lb Arab girl gunned them down all by herself …Solved!
    Thank you Alphabet agencies for clearing that up for us “Deplorable/irredeemable” people who don’t buy your BS. ” – Ric
    Here it is:
    Disturbing, Dramatic New Details Emerge About San Bernardino Terror Attack
    September 9, 2016 9:28 PM
    SAN BERNARDINO ( — A new report from the Justice Department and the Police Foundation reveal many new, disturbing and dramatic details about the San Bernardino terror attack last December.

    The report revealed that three mystery people tried to rush the two terrorists – but these heroes were gunned down. KCAL9’s Tom Wait says the report also included new information about the bravery and heroism from police and paramedics.

    1. Actually, unless you’ve followed you may NOT know everything about San Bernardino. Yes, of course it was a hoax. But he’s uncovered the PURPOSE of it. He put out a bunch of very short videos about it. Here’s a longer one that told me things I didn’t know. We know at once that we missed almost everything, and we are now in the hands of a pro. This is the chase. There are about 14 short videos in the series. I learned a lot, and so will you. Perot companies, managed by Ross Perot, Jr, own a LOT of San Bernardino. The “chase” was right around them. Maybe a sort of security rehearsal. Infragard involved. Major transportation hub of port and rail; also important water . Infragard public/private partnership to practice protecting infrastructure, assets, goods. (This part not shown on TV)

      PS, I followed his example in looking at Pulse nightclub event in Florida & found the same pattern: they shut down impressive stretch of freeway, investigation of two homes of “shooter” allowed them to shut down areas as rehearsal for protecting warehouse locations, shipping and a canal that cuts Florida East to West. They’re certainly rehearsing how to protect theinfrastructure that’s important to the oligarchs against any domestic unrest. I imm’y think of all the food stored in warehouses in Venezuela that the starving people can’t get to.

  3. I could only access this site by turning on all my AdBlockers and Restricting ALL trackers

    The entire internet is under attack from comments to live shows. Mike Savage got cut off right when he was going to make a point. When He came back up he said” do you think that was a coincidence?” No.

  4. I suppose it doesn’t matter, but I dislike the new Memory Hole format. Web sites are changing to accommodate those who use “smartphones.” I don’t use a smartphone. I use a desktop. The new formats are not especially friendly to those of us using desktops. I also do NOT like the gray background with the white lettering. All in all, this website is no longer friendly to me, and unfortunately, I’ll not be coming here as often as previously. Sorry, Dr. Tracy.

    1. I miss the old format as well, but I never do like change much, so still in the wait and see mode. I also don’t use a smart-phone, so always use my laptop and maybe that’s part of it. It’s a little bit harder having the gray background, but it won’t stop me from reading.

  5. Just had a close friend whom the IRS completely stole every penney in her bank accounts over a tax bill, like a thief in the night, left her penniless-wondering if this is just the start of this kind of crime against citizens

    1. elfmom55, I don’t think she’s dead. She’s appeared briefly in between more major appearances by a double. Like at Greensboro. @ 5:29 Hillary at 9-11; nose in profile. Note the angle from the face; also that it’s not quite straight; fleshy tip makes a slight bump upwards. Imagine a slightly longer, totally straight nose which has a smaller angle away from the face. (Because Double 2 at Greensboro has such a nose). This is a video of the entire Greensboro rally. Under “settings” choose a speed of .25, then go to :46-:49 where you can clearly see the profile of the double. As she continues her entrance you will see some breaking up of her image, which suggests that the woman and her audience were “greenscreened” together. At :53 her nose disappears against the white stripe of the flag & there’s an anomaly w her hand. You can look at all the detail on this vid if you’re interested, but for me it was enough to just look in a relaxed manner at this “Hillary” @ 8.

      Here’s Hillary– blue eyes, older woman

      Since Greensboro Hillary has appeared a few times, but the Greensboro double replaced her at Orlando. This time the image was simply kept a bit fuzzy, so that no detailed view of her was possible. She may now be wearing blue contacts, since her eyes appeared to be hazel.

      She does the voice pretty well & some of the speech mannerisms, w/o using the shrill bitchy tone we sometimes associate w Hillary. But the voices aren’t identical.

      Wonder how long she practiced for this role? Clearly a younger woman w/o H’s neck & facial wrinkles, doesn’t have the sag above the outer part of the eye, teeth different (when you can see them).

      Aggroed Lighthacker is turning out videos that attempt to compare the features of the two.

  6. Oh well, this has been a real robust curve, at this time there is normally 70 comments minimal.

    Is it the reconfiguration of the site and many comments vanishing in the process?

    Has everybody just decided to vote for Hillary Clinton? Of course I jest.

    i’m going to chill until I see activity.

  7. I was thinking about that Silverstein guy who owned the World Trade Center.

    I was just wondering if anybody has ever met a family whose last name was “Pot Metal” ” cast iron” ” aluminum” in stead of Gold,Silver, Diamond ,Goldstein or Silverstein?

    Just lazing on a Sunny Afternoon …in the Sumertime. 109 today in NE SVF today.

    Clear Skies, no spraying since 9/1/16

    1. Here in Central Coast CA we had contrails until May 11, which was a huge amount of contrails. Then, since, not a single contrail. However they are still spraying by a less obvious method because the sky is never the normal deep saturated blue w well-defined clouds. It continues “whited out” or very pale blue & almost never a cloud. I don’t know if they are spraying at night, or from higher up, or if it’s possible to spray w/o leaving contrails. The spray-planes were always too high to actually see them (as opposed to their contrails)

      It may be for the purpose of facilitating weather control. Drought continues here. I understand that the amount of particulate in the air prevents the coalescing of moisture into clouds– simply too many different points.

  8. Anyways, well it appears I’m just having these conversations to myself and nobody seems to be blogging.

    I’m grateful they haven’t sprayed in about three months, when I went to Northern California on September 1 and they started spraying wildly, I got to wake up a few people up there. They couldn’t believe they never noticed.

    I’m grateful to all the people who responded around the country when I asked what’s happening in your skies?

    This is like a double-edged sword. I’m grateful they stopped spraying, but it even scares me for I wonder why?

    Is it the conversation that girl had with NASA or is it the presidential election?

    I heard one guy say that was our initial dose and everybody who got the flu shot and got the swine flu shot from Obama will be immune from the next spray

    Interesting theory.

    Do the people who take care of themselves and don’t get flu shots and swine flu shots become the victims?

    Or do the ones that did take the vaccines become victims of their gullibility?

    That’s the $64,000 question.

    Regardless, America is going to see the biggest fight for humanity they have ever seen in their lifetime in the next month and a half.

    The entire mainstream media, Hollywood and all the corporations and banks have De-Clocked and have shown their true colors.

    They all are Children of Cain and think they have this in the bag. I shouldn’t even say, but there it is.

    Signing out.

    1. Ric, people who get the flu shot have increased risk of Alzheimers & other brain diseases.

      I had a friend, now deceased, who within hours of the shot was taken to emergency; turns out it caused acute Guillian Barre. She survived but had limitations for the rest of her life. The treating physician told her he’d seen other cases caused by the flu shot.

      My next-door neighbor gets the shot every year, always swears she won’t do it again, cause she gets the flu from it each year ???

  9. FYI
    Everything you type (online), say on your cell, send in your email is being recorded, NSA spying,
    this is a society-wide expansion of how the Elite control the seats of power, blackmail,
    this represents a form of SECULAR CONFESSION (which is what confession was designed for in organized religion)

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