Media Blackout and Fed Gov’t Censorship Obscure Probable Dangers, Threats to Privacy

brain-cancer-gliomaTake Back Your Power
(July 26, 2016)

Is there a clandestine force working behind the scenes in the United States, censoring truth about the “5G” tech rollout? Watch this — then decide.

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11 thought on “5G Communications and Surveillance Technology Rollout (Video)”
  1. The sun is a broadband electromagnetic energy source with a power density on earth of about 1kw per square meter. Why should anyone fear the narrow-band, lower frequency and thus lower energy output of
    wi-fi, smart meters, cell phones (including 5G), etc. that transmit power in the milliwatts ( or maybe a 1 or 2 for cell phones)?

    1. Because the sun is gamma radiation whereas wifi, smart meters, cellphones, all things “wireless” are PULSED-MICROWAVE Radiation. God put the sun far enough away that it doesn’t bother us. But are you willing to shove your entire body inside a Microwave Oven, close the door & turn it on? Got any kids? Put them in a Microwave Oven, too. How about your cat or dog? Please do & report back.

      The Smart Grid puts every living thing INSIDE a Microwave Oven, a “Pulsed” one at that (unlike regular Microwave Ovens which do not “pulse”). The “Pulsing” of all things “Wireless” is beating up every cell in your body, irreparably shredding your DNA, whether your brain “registers” it or not. (Maybe you have a “thick skull,” haha. 🙂

      People like yourself who are as yet unaware of the danger, are those who will wake up one day with cancerous tumors & ask, “Gee, how did that happen? I eat right. I exercise. I take my vitamins. I get enough sleep” … all the while living inside a Smart Grid Network that does not just “transmit” a few seconds a day as they would have you believe but is pounding your entire premises, including the building itself & everything in it via “surround-sound” > the wall-wiring, the ceiling-wiring, etc., with Pulsed-Microwave Radiation 24/7/365. If the Power Grid is ON, so is the Pulsing-Microwave Radiation. Actually, you don’t even need the Power ON because all the metal wiring can be used as a Pulsing-Microwaving Antenna whether the Power is On or Off; any metal in the premises, for that matter. Also, you’d probably be leaving your WiFi running 24/7/365 as well.

      The anti-Smart-Meter folks spend too much time focusing on the METER itself as it pulses OUTWARD to the neighborhood. Proximity does matter if you are near it. But that’s not the real problem as you could move away from it. The point is the P-MWR which travels IN/ON/THROUGH the WIRES BEHIND the Smart Meters & INTO your premises & throughout every circuit in your wiring (how many circuits in your circuit breaker panel?).

      Smart Grids also POLLUTE the Power Grid’s 60 Hertz sinewave with “Dirty Electricity” (harmonics, transients), which is also deadly. With the Smart Grid, you have 3G (900-Million Hertz) imposed upon a Power Grid built for 60-Hertz; some Smart Grids have both 900-Million Hertz + 2.4-Billion Hertz (2.4GHz). With just the 3G (900-Million Hertz), your premises & every cell in your body is being literally vibrated/oscillated at 1.8 BILLION times PER SECOND, polarizing & depolarizing. It is literally “INDUCING CURRENT” in humans/pets/plants which technically is the definition of “ELECTROCUTION.” That’s how our DNA is being irreparably shredded.

      And worse still are the “newer” 2-Way Smart Grid systems, ie, the “AMI” systems, “Advanced Metering Infrastructure.” Those are “double the trouble.” Of course Obama couldn’t wait, so he dangled the free-Fed-$$-carrot beginning Oct. 2009 to get all the Utilities to “hurry up” & implement the AMI systems.

      Feel free to “experiment” on yourself, your wife, or girlfriend, your kids, your mother/father, siblings, friends, pets. Report back in 3-8 years after all of you have been saturated 24/7 non-stop (some people can feel it the very DAY they turned on the AMI Smart Grids, self-included, & I’m not the only one by a long shot. Many testimonies online). For your experiment, also pay attention to how IRRITABLE the people around you are. P-MWR also directly attacks the Central Nervous System so even those who say they do not feel anything will become very irritable & agitated ANYWAY because their CELLS & nerves CAN feel it. Another “early” sign is tinnitus, ears “ringing.” That’s a sure sign that MWR is present “in the air.”

      Invest in an RF testing meter & other meters that test the levels of Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields, & ELF, and keep track. If you’re a techie “sound technician,” you can also try recording it, as the AMI Smart Grid definitely has an associated miserable “humming/thrumming” noise that goes with it (more people can hear the noise than feel the EMFs). And if you can afford a $600+ per-week vibration testing machine rented out by a company called Larson-Davis, you can monitor the vibrations/oscillations of buildings & bodies.

      Just hope your building does not have underground powerlines, underground electric-meter/smart-meter-pipes, underground smart-WATER-meter pipes, underground metal plumbing right near where the underground electric-meter/smart-meter-pipes are (bathroom), & underground metal-rebar holding up the entire very thin (6-8″) concrete floor; plus a metal roof, metal stairwell, metal-wall-wiring (already mentioned), etc. If you do, you will be able to feel not only your internal organs being vibrated to death (your eyeballs, your brain, your chest cavity, your gut, your bladder, etc.), but your entire building, the floor, the walls & even the TOILET vibrating as well. That’s all due to those 1.8 BILLION oscillations PER MEASURABLE SECOND I mentioned above.

      Microwave Radiation loves water, it’s how it “cooks” food, by oscillating/vibrating moisture/water molecules in the food. It does the SAME to the human body, pets’ bodies, childrens’ bodies, everyone’s bodies… whichever organs are the most “moist” or contain fluid, like your gut & especially bladder, it will beat the hell out of your bladder the most. And the frequencies themselves over-power the brain & eye frequencies. It makes your eyes hurt like hell deeeeeeply behind the eyes; & causes posterior vs. anterior cataracts (it took 15 months for my left eye to go “frosted” in this Smart Grid “atmosphere”); & in the brain it literally stops blood-flow, ie, hypofusion. And yes, you can FEEL it literally “wiping your brain” (memory). That’s exactly what it feels like when they “crank up” the Intensity/Power Density. It is nothing short of torture, so you might as well lie down & hold on for dear life because you won’t be able to physically function. If you try to walk, you will trip all over your own feet. If you try to do simple dishes, you will be dropping the dishes because of the MWR attacking your CNS.

      You could also begin reading the over 20,000 research studies that have already been done on Pulsed-Microwave Radiation getting-close-to-50-years now. P-MWR is actually a military weapon invented to do harm to the “enemy” which is now us.

      Karl Maret (MD+Engineer) in a slideshow lecture given at the Commonwealth Club circa 2011 or 2012, showed a list of the agencies, along with the ANSI, that persuaded the FCC back in 1969 (I think it was) for the wireless frequency levels. That list was made up of ALL MILITARY DEPTS., at least a dozen or more of them. And at the very bottom was ONE lowly “public health” agency. You can find Maret via google or his “Dove Health Alliance” dot org site.

      Also consider that major insurers such as Swiss Re & Lloyds of London, which “lead the pack” of other lesser insurers, already see the “handwriting on the wall” & have already begun putting exclusions in their insurance policies that they will NOT cover any harm or damage done by EMFs (& they are NOT referring to the SUN).

      Hope all of this helps to answers your question: “Why should anyone fear the narrow-band, lower frequency and thus lower energy output of wi-fi, smart meters, cell phones (including 5G), etc. that transmit power in the milliwatts ( or maybe a 1 or 2 for cell phones)?”

  2. Addressing Jay’s question:

    From an evolutionary/biological point of view, the digital, pulsed, microwave radiation emitted by man-made wireless devices is vastly different from the analog solar radiation that we (and the rest of the biosphere) evolved with. For starters, does your sun’s visible light penetrate through thick concrete walls? Yet your cell phone will do so. You falsely assert a “lower energy output” from these electronic devices, when in fact, science has shown the immensely disruptive power of the pulsed microwave energy that we are all being blasted with owing to the proliferation of this technology.

    From Dr. Magda Havas:
    The literature from the Eastern European countries including the former Soviet Union repeatedly report that pulsed radio frequency radiation is more harmful than continuous wave radiation at the same carrier frequencies. This may be due to the pulse carrying information to the cells and thus disrupting internal communication as suggested by Dr. Ross Adey when he said that “cells whisper to each other” using electrochemical signals. Or it may be due to a higher “maximum” exposure, which occurs with pulsed radiation that is underestimated when “averaging” is used. Either way, there is little dispute that pulsed frequencies are more harmful and, as a result, some countries have more stringent guidelines for pulsed than for CW frequencies.

    In case of interest:

    BioInitiative Report: Color Charts

    Wireless Health Science Firmer Than Ever as FCC Poised to Say “Screw Health” and Approve 5G Wireless Micro-Cell Invasion

    Dr. Magda Havas: WiFi in Schools is Safe. True or False?
    Is Wi-Fi in schools safe? Find out by watching this video. Learn how the Wi-Fi routers used in schools differ from those in homes; learn about studies that have documented the adverse effects of this radiation on rats, blood cells, the heart, cancer; learn about alternatives to wireless routers that are cost effective, energy efficient and that don’t emit microwave radiation.

    FAQ: Radio-Frequency Radiation Issues

    “As early as 1962, G.E. Engineer Allen Frey showed that pulsed microwave radiation (emitted by wireless devices and antennae) affect cell membranes and can breach the blood-brain barrier, thereby allowing toxins to penetrate the specialized blood vessels that ordinarily protect the brain from toxins in the body’s bloodstream.”

    1. Wireless devices are CW. That is they have a continuous carrier wave that has digital modulation impressed on it. The modulation type is usually some type of phase modulation. Radar is usually pulsed carrier. But even pulsed RF at these extremely low power levels is harmless.

      I find it ironic and a little sad that the folks in this film that are so afraid of a watt or two of sub-millimeter band radiation have bodies that radiate about a 100W of sub-millimeter band electromagnetic radiation for as long as they draw a breath.

      1. I think you have your watts and milliwatts mixed up.

        It takes a 12 foot satellite dish to pick up one quarter of a watt to produce a picture .

        That’s 40-year-old technology.

        1. I know were talking analog and everything is analog but just with the digital Pulse inside the analog carrier but I think the Wattage has just got to be higher than what you’re saying.

        2. Of course I was talking about C band geosynchronous satellites not the KU band which wattages reach up to 12 Watts that’s Why the little flat dishes work and you don’t need a 12 foot satellite dish anymore.

  3. It’s not about amplitudes rather frequencies (K band). (health matters) Beyond the FP7 and cloud forming the center of the surveillance grid the sheer number of smart products. transmitters, receivers and the collective increase in near field technologies that may have far field characteristics.

    There are huge implications of any scale above the C-Bands. We have seen it from whales mammal beaching and die offs to birds flying into the ground (kamikaze) and the migration and disappearance of Bees and other insect species. Once they move the cloud, the CROWD will follow. Putting us all in the K/Ka bands will increase death and compromise health but it will also bring to fruition the global information grid enterprise and change the GLOBAL WARFARE status for 5GW. Thus allowing the state actors (ie. ISIS GLADIO to be managed by the same Military DOD architectures that use smart technology. SATCOM to ELF. It’s a numbers game. Higher bands faster transfers. But what a cost.

    What about RFID? I don’t even want to go there with the idea being that putting up massive and dense networks and having similar repeaters every mile will turn this already polluted EM world into real smog. But what a data/spy grid. Fabulous possibilities for the surveyors. The idiot masses can talk CO2 pollution , which is critical for our survival, but completely ignore the real pollution. Millennials especially are dense. They will follow the CROWD (Connectivity management for eneRgy Optimised Wireless Dense networks) into the Cloud. Can we suspect mind-control at device level origins?

  4. That was a press conference? It seems more like a proclamation we’re going to put 5G in whether you like it or not.

    5G can carry much more data but it doesn’t penetrate very well so they’re going to put up three times the towers.

    I think the Air Force uses 24G and even a cloud will disrupt/ attenuate/degrade the signal….thus the chemtrail’s.

    Is definitely part of the problem.

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