Over the past few days certain “alternative” news outlets have reported that the DC Leaks has gone offline, perhaps coincidentally after it released a batch of documents obtained from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. This assertion re-emerged today when documents highlighted Soros’ intent to censor the internet along “open society” guidelines approved by the globe-trotting financial marauder. 


For example, the Daily Caller now reports:

The leaked document was one of 2,500 documents released by “hacktivist” group DCLeaks. As reported by The Daily Caller, the section of DCLeaks’ website dealing with Soros has since gone offline for unknown reasons.


This misleading reportage has recently been repeated by other alternative outlets (i.e. here.)

In fact, as far as we can ascertain the auxiliary section of the site, soros.dcleaks.com is up-and-running as recently as the morning of August 29, the same day as the Daily Caller report above. The hacking group also appears to have two Twitter accounts. The former ‘@DCleaks’ is suspended, yet ‘@DCleaks_ ‘is also still up. 


The dcleaks.com website is also operable at this time.

So what’s going on here? It goes without saying that such documents capable of illustrating one billionaire’s manipulation of national sovereignty throughout the world under the guise of “human rights” need wide public disclosure. It would thus be helpful toward this end if so-called alternative media stopped getting their reports wrong. Such information might not only raise public awareness on Soros’ various forms of sabotage, but also prompt other countries to follow Russia’s lead by banishing Open Society and its affiliated NGOs once and for all.

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20 thought on “DCLeaks Website Up, Soros Open Society Docs Available, Contrary to Reports”
  1. As an admitted contrarian, I have to leave some reservation on DCLeaks, WikiLeaks and Snowden. We have Snowden the movie coming out soon. Seems that Scully and the Potomac will have competition.

    Alex Jones will discuss today, the Buy Sell Trade and free speech we are watching in action as Hillary’s ALT-RIGHT psy-op. The logic of this seems clear to me. It connects the whole Trump-Clinton con election scam which has the same M.O. of change with the conspiracy twist.

    Why sheeple have this eight year memory lapse is curious to me. The hopey-changey thing is reinvented for us. This time we are the alt-right fools who don’t see Hillary or Trump as a another trajectory shift to the NWO agenda 21. Jones will take a lead role in this Trump lovefest and Breitbart (minus Andrew) is just another alt-right compromised CIA infested in-Q-tel affiliate?

    It’s all a fabrication and scripted program imo, like Snowden, WikiLeaks, Panama Capers, etc. brought to us by the deep state and shadow government. I think we can call them Quantum and SPECTRE now. It’s all theater. So who is this George Blofeld character really?

    1. Thanks for pointing out that Snowden is a ridiculous alternative hero that defies reality. It’s amazing how the general population can view anything other than MSM with disdain and consider it radical, while a good portion of alternative media viewers still consider Alex Jones and Breitbart to be reliable, uncompromised sources.
      It seems that once a reasonable audience is cultivated, there is some sort of breach that occurs rendering them unreliable.

      1. “It seems that once a reasonable audience is cultivated, there is some sort of breach that occurs rendering them unreliable.”

        It’s just realistic reality.

        They have to soft soap it to not be dropped by the corporate media, but they call the fraud out.

        Only the Individual site or commenter can boldly scream the cold facts.

        They can’t if they are to survive to live for another fight.

        I hope some can understand that MSM will never allow the alt-view and when the only people who have even small a voice get trashed for not “going far enough” and are now “working” with the Enemy and all hope is lost, don’t participate, it’s all rigged mentality….,

        They Won, you gave it to them for Free.

        I know the don’t vote, the NWO crowd already has it in the Bag crown will Trash me.

        Don’t Paticipate in this Fight, Don’t Complain if we we lose because you sat it out.

        What a message, give up, “they” win.
        1960’s Tune in and Drop Out meme….

        Paticipate just this time, it’s for all the Marbles….,

  2. “The military counter-intelligence agency is looking into 64 suspected Islamists, 268 suspected right-wing extremists and six suspected left-wing extremists in the armed forces, the newspaper said.”


    You can expect more LIHOP bloody events because leaving ISIS-leaning extremists to get military training, and, “watching” them until they strike fear into the heats of the volk in Deutscheland und uber alles is right out of the Gladio playbook.

  3. I’m reading the documents from the Soros Cultural and Social Manipulation Foundation.


    To: Aryeh Neier

    From: Ann Beeson and Bill Vandenberg, for the Democracy and Power Fund (excerpt)…Open Society Foundations priorities, including immigrant rights, climate change, and racial justice.

    …To support a 6-month planning process for The Culture Group, a new initiative to popularize progressive values, ideas, and polices through culture. The Culture Group features a diverse cohort of cultural producers and activists who are looking to link multiple sectors – including music, visual arts, television, film, publishing, online and community-rooted organizing, and issue-based work to unite cultural and political change. The planning process will identify the systematic deficiencies in how advocates and artists work with one another and provide mechanisms to strategically engage media, arts, and culture for social change.

    The Culture Group is led by a team of seasoned social change experts and creative producers including Jeff Chang, Ian Inaba, Liz Manne and Alexis McGill Johnson, and is being incubated under the aegis of Citizen Engagement Lab, a national online/offline organizing and advocacy incubator – home to Color Of Change and Presenté.org – that is

    based in Oakland, CA

    (Excerpt) Major themes that illustrate the relevance of the Fund’s strategies to broader open society priorities include: …The rise of right-wing populism through the Tea Party and the need to counter it. ”

    He uses the phrase: “shaping the public narrative” in regard to the banking crisis.

    Now this power mad freak wants his Open Society Foundation to censor the internet.

    1. Wow. that covers it. I call it E.V.A.N. The electromagnetic Visual Audio Spectrum. From the analog to digital conversion, which was a rapid transition based upon average Congressional performance, to the WiFi/WimaX and surveillance apparatus and data collection, they have all the tools to shape the news, events, narrative, dialectics and society as a whole. Our participation on the GIG may be working very negatively to our interests. The Culture of {[nsert here] crime, social justice, political correctness, mental heath, slavery, poverty, freedom must be important components of transformation but it’s all CONTROL! We need to get smart about the SMART Grid and find an alternate to what will be a total panoptic and dominating system which seems to me to be moving at light speed now.

  4. I believe it was correct that the Soros documents were unavailable for a short period of time. The suggestion that Soros somehow had struck back against the hackers turned out to be incorrect.

  5. Less than a year ago I found many more hits when searching for info about wikileaks being an obvious psyop. In particular regarding 2009.
    Since then it appears they must have been downranked or censored.
    There still are some wellknown altmedia where it is mentioned but many are gone. Wikileaks was believed to be launched to provoke more internet censorship.

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